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Bulletin 752 - Friday, April 1, 2016

Guanajuato achieves its first industrial park

The first industrial park in the capital of the State of Guanajuato was inaugurated, with an investment of US$10 million. Vynmsa Guanajuato Industrial Park anticipates the development of 13.6 hectares for a first stage, of a total of 74 hectares to build in three phases, expecting to reach an approximate investment of US$50 million. Up to 1,500 jobs will be generated during the first stage and it is expected that about 4,000 jobs be created during three stages. According to Alejandro Gonzalez Quezada, Vynmsa's President, this is about a "Triple A" first-rate industrial park, the first one in being fully developed by this Company. It is estimated that the third stage may be concluded within the next 3 or 4 years and it will host about 20 companies, mainly belonging to the manufacturing and automotive sectors. Mr. Gonzalez stated that Vynmsa will lay the foundation stone of a new industrial park in the Municipality of Leon, due the accelerated growth of the region. This project will be called Vynmsa Leon Industrial Park and will measure 21 hectares in a first stage and 20 more in a second phase.

Source: El Financiero

New Maquiladora plant arrives to Tamaulipas

The Secretariat of Economic Development and Employment (SEDEEM) in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, confirmed the arrival of a new maquiladora plant that produces windshield water systems. This industrial building will achieve an investment per US$300 million and will join to the 173 plants established in this border. Vicente Valdez Gutierrez, Head of SEDEEM, said that the foundation stone will be laid at the Villa Florida Industrial Park and will generate about 1,500 new jobs, over three stages. In addition, Mr. Valdez Gutierrez stated that three new plants will be established at the Prologis Industrial Park, generating near of 5,000 new jobs.

Source: Cluster Industrial

Evercast to install a second moulding line in Guanajuato

The Evercast plant, of the Grupo Industrial Saltillo (GIS), located in the Municipality of Irapuato, Guanajuato, will install a second moulding line by end of 2016, which will help to reach the maximum capacity of 50,000 tons of production, informed Hector Galindo Bañuelos, Evercast's Director. The GIS and ZF-TRW invested US$120 million in this plant, which is dedicated to the foundry and machining of auto parts of nodular iron for braking systems. Mr. Galindo said that the plant finished 2015 with a production of 4,500 tons, expecting to reach the 22,000 tons by 2016; 37,000 by 2017 and to reach the maximum capacity of 50,000 tons by 2018. Of the US$120 million investment, US$80 million have been used; while US$25 million will be invested for the second production line during this year and other US$15 million will be invested by 2017.

Source: Vanguardia

Tire Industry to invest in Mexico

The Tire Industry in Mexico expects to reach investments of about US$1.5 billion from this year until 2017, in order to meet the national demand, as a result of the opening of new automotive companies in Mexico. Elizabeth Ventura, new President of the National Association of tire Distributors and Renewal Plants (ANDELLAC), highlighted that this industry shows a rapid growth and stated that the current demand in Mexico is of 34 million pieces, when there is a real production of 27 million units, of which 16 million are exported. Mrs. Ventura said that a production of 5 million cars is expected in Mexico, reason why this industry is preparing with new investments by 2020, especially investment of Goodyear and Michelin. Besides, she expressed that the industry dynamism will allow a growth of 11% for the tire sector. Andellac's President, noted the necessity of producing up to 38 million units by 2020, with which the national tire industry will face the arrival of new automotive firms.

Source: El Economista

Chinese firms arrive to Hofusan Park in Nuevo Leon

Holley Group and Futong Group, companies that will invest around US$400 million in the Hofusan Industrial Park, made a business trip to China, where Fernando Turner Davila, Minister of Economic Development (SEDECO) of Nuevo Leon and Hu Hai, President of Hofusan, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with officers of SEDECO, in order to promote that most of the companies that be established at this Park come from China. Hofusan Industrial Park will be developed on an 850-hectare surface in the Municipality of Salinas Victoria. The first stage consists in the development of 200 hectares for the industrial park, where the plants of Holly Group and Futong Group will be established, expecting to start operations by 2017, informed Samuel Peña, Undersecretary of Investment and Industrial Development.

Source: El Economista

HUF invests in its plant in Puebla

HUF Mexico, manufacturer of different automotive components and keys for BMW, Rolls Royce and other firms, will expand its plant in the State of Puebla, with a US$37.84 million investment, in order to break into the electronics sector with brake system sensors. Carlos Almeida Marques, General Director of HUF Puebla, said that, after eight years of operations, the production in the State represents 10% of the total sales of the consortium. It is expected that this expansion be ready by the end of 2016, generating up to 600 jobs, Mr. Almeida stated. This new area will produce injection sensors for brakes of tires for General Motors, one of their main customers. Mr. Almeida added that 90% of the production is exported to the U.S., China, South Africa and Europe mainly, while the remaining production is supplied to the automotive companies established in Mexico.

Source: El Economista

A Spanish firm is attracted by Manufacturas Zapaliname

A Spanish firm that produces brakes is interested in establishing their operations in Mexico. Thus, the cities of Saltillo, Coahuila and Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, are being evaluated, due that their market will be both Mexican as American. The General Director of Manufacturas Zapaliname, Miguel Hernandez informed that representatives of the Company visited "La Angostura" Industrial Park, and although this is their very first visit, they show very interested in this location. It is expected that the executives come back within the next 2 or 3 months, with the objective of continuing the evaluation of these municipalities, in order to invest.

Source: Vanguardia

French companies arrive to San Luis Potosi

Four French firms belonging to the automotive and metal-mechanic sectors seek to be established in the State of San Luis Potosi within the upcoming months, informed Gustavo Puente Orozco, Head of the Ministry of Economic Development in the State. Such companies will be part of the supply chain both for the automakers BMW and GM, with presence in the State, as for other companies. Mr. Puente stated that in addition to the approaching of the State Government with the French Industry, they are also working with companies from European countries such as Italy, Germany and Norwegian.

Source: El Financiero

Baja California to receive Asiatic investment

ANT Precision and Quanshen, Taiwanese companies, announced investments per US$31 million for the State of Baja California. ANT Precision will establish a plant in Ensenada, with an investment of approximately US$6 million and a generation of 82 direct jobs for a first stage, in order to serve the growing market of manufacturing companies in the U.S. and Mexico, by offering tooling processes, fixtures and the production of specialized harnesses. The Quanshen firm, for its part, will expand its operations by investing US$25 million and creating 300 additional jobs this year, as well as the acquisition of an industrial building to produce golf clubs.

Source: Industrial News

Two new industrial parks arrive to Guanajuato

At least two industrial parks will arrive to the State of Guanajuato, with the objective of offering more spaces for the sectors of food, automotive, auto parts and the manufacturing sector in general. Initially, the plan of the state government included the development of 7 industrial parks by 2018, but this figure will increase to 12 works, informed Guillermo Romero Pacheco, Head of the Ministry of Sustainable Economic Development (SDES). These two new industrial parks will be located at the outskirts of the State's main corridor, integrated by the Municipalities of Leon, Silao, Irapuato, Salamanca and Celaya. Another park will be established in the Municipality of San Luis de la Paz, in Northern Guanajuato, which is on the border with San Luis Potosi, where BMW and their main suppliers are settled. The Municipality of Comonfort, which is on the border with San Miguel de Allende, Celaya and Apaseo el Grande, where Toyota plant will be located, could also have an industrial park.

Source: El Economista