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Bulletin 701 - Friday, February 20, 2015

Foreign companies exploring Coahuila, looking to invest

Antonio Gutierrez Jardon, Secretary of Economic Development, said that around 18 companies are surveying the State as a possible investment destination. Most of these companies are of Asian origin, having also a Canadian origin firm, all of them from the automotive and renewable energy sector. "Taiwanese companies have had the opportunity to invest in Coahuila. Mr. Gutierrez Jardon mentioned that there is a strong dynamic with Asian industries and local companies: “They are analyzing where to invest, they are Tier One OEMs, which supply directly to assembly plants”, he commented.





Source: Vanguardia

Automotive Cluster to generate new jobs in Torreon

A new Automotive Cluster will be consolidated after the arrival of the Korean company Yura Corporation and another oriental company aiming to install a production center in this city, which will generate 8,000 new jobs in the short term. That number could increase to the extent that other investments can be consolidated within the same economic sector. Speaking optimistically about the investments prospected in the automotive industry, the Mayor Miguel Angel Solis Riquelme estimated that by the end of 2015, the first 6,000 new jobs may have been already taken. For this, Yura may soon begin the construction of its new facility in Torreon, expecting to start operations within the next few months.


Source: El Occidental

Dina to install an innovation center in Jalisco

With a US$70 million investment, the company Dina will install an innovation development center in the municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco. It was initially planned to be built in Ciudad Sahagun, Hidalgo, but since some members of the management council of this company live in Jalisco, “they turned to that State and saw what it was offering”. Dina’s expansion plans include the manufacturing of new units that require very specialized certifications by Canada and the U.S. government, particularly the Transportation Agency", said Ian Paul Otero, Director of the Center for Economic Development and Tourism for Zapopan.


Source: El Economista

French company will invest in Jalisco

The electronic and electromagnetic components manufacturer EFI Automotive, is bound to arrive to this state, with a US$15 million initial investment and 250 jobs generation, disclosed authorities. Jose Palacios Jimenez, Head of the Ministry of Economic Development, said: "The human capital of Jalisco is one of the best in the world, also strategically location is within the automotive corridor, as it helps to shift their products to different customers that they have in Mexico, but also attend U.S. market. “During its first phase, the new plant surface will be 3,500 square meters and within the next six years it will reach 7,500 square meters. Mr. Palacios noted that this firm will be installed at the Siglo 21 condominium, located in the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zuñiga and will begin operations in mid-2017.


Source: Terra

French investment in Jalisco rising up to US$25 million

Aristoteles Sandoval, Governor of Jalisco, announced that chair executives of the EFI Automotive Company have confirmed that their investment will increase from US$15 to US$25 million within the next six years. This facility will be their second plant in America and the sixth one in the world, pointed out Pascal Auburtin, EFI´s Director in the U.S.


Source: El Economista

Japanese company arrives to Guanajuato

With an investment of US$10 million, the Japanese firm Fukoku has put the first stone of its facilities in Guanajuato, expecting to generate 70 direct jobs in its first stage. The production of rubber seals for the automotive industry will be directly distributed to the plants of TNT and Calsonic in Aguascalientes, J-TEKT in San Luis Potosi, and Denso in Silao, Guanajuato. This new factory will be located at the Marabis Industrial Park, in the municipality of Abasolo, Guanajuato, which is mainly agricultural and livestock community. The Mazda´s arrival to Salamanca have set Abasolo on the map for auto part investors. The event was attended by Miguel Marquez, Guanajuato´s Governor; Marla Estrada, deputy Mayor; Shoji Machida, Fukoku´s CEO in Japan; Masahiko Tsubota, Fukoku Mexico´s President; Franco Herrera, Investment Attraction Secretary of the State; Mitsuo Takayama, President of Suntak Project Management; and David Pascual Alemani, Marabis Industrial Park´s President.


Source: Somos Industria

Maquiladoras arriving to Tamaulipas

Two more maquiladoras of the automotive and electronic industry, will arrive to Reynosa, Tamaulipas, which will generate new employments to meet the labor sector´s demand, assured Omar Elizondo, Minister of Economic Development and Employment for the State Government. He commented that foreign investments are coming to Reynosa. “With these two new projects, up to 1,000 jobs will be generated”, added Mr. Elizondo. Both companies are planned to be installed by the second half of 2015.


Source: Tres Culturas

OECD consulting for the NAICM Project will cost over US$2.2 million

Assessment costs and expenses of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for the New Mexico City International Airport (NAICM) added more than US$2.2 million. Considering the involvement degree by the OECD´s satff as well as local support, international professionals and experts, travel expenses and other logistical issues that the project requires. The document sent by the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) was signed on January 9, and it details that the OECD will undertake analysis and corporate evolution of the current institutional framework for procedures and regulations, which is applicable to procurement practices and concessions for the new airport. The work will be developed upon the entry into force of the Agreement for the Promotion of Integrity, Transparency and Good Procurement Practices in Development and Construction, it will be effective through November 2018, but could extend its stay up to 2020 at an additional cost.


Source: T21