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Bulletin 749 - Friday, March 4, 2016

American Company to establish a plant in Nuevo Leon

The American Company Trans-Matic Precision Metal Forming, will start the construction of its first plant in Mexico. It will be located at the Finsa Santa Catarina Industrial Park, on a 16,000 square meters land that cost US$5 million. The building measures 5,000 square meters. The Firm is dedicated to the deep draw metal stamping, progressive die stamping and services for assembly and value added. According to Finsa, Trans-Matic plans three operative phases to be developed within the next five years. For the second stage, they plan to purchase an additional land of 3,000 square meters and in a third stage, 8,500 square meters will be added. The Company has important clients such as: Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Ford, Valeo, Visteon, Sensata, Arvin Meritor, Allegion, Emerson-Climate, Maxwell Technologies, Caltherm, Spectrum Brands, MTD and Husqvarna, among others.

Source: Reforma

Lear strengthens its trust in the Southeast

The Lear Corporation's new plant in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, will be soon inaugurated at the Amistad Industrial Park, although it has already started operations. The Company has another new plant located in the Municipality of Arteaga, with which it strengthens its bet for the Coahuila's Southeast Region. According to Marco Alberto Ramon Aguirre, President of the Amistad Industrial Park, the plant will have 450 employees once it starts operations at 100% of its capacity. The industrial building measures 14,000 sq.mts. Mr. Ramon Aguirre informed that the company invested about US$5.4 million, without considering the resources allocated in the machinery and equipment, with which the metallic systems for the vehicle seats will be manufactured.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Ciudad Juarez supplies electronics to the world

The relationship that Ciudad Juarez has with the world of electronics is such that 1 out of 4 people with a formal employment in the City, is focused on producing an electronic device that will be launched to the market, thanks to its manufacturing capacity and strategic location. According to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Ciudad Juarez registered 408,607 formal workers in December 2015, of which 25% belonged to the electronics industry (101,827 employees). Some of these firms and their production are: Tatung, with the newest TVs; Lexmark, printer cartridges; Cisco, satellite receivers; Electrolux, home appliances components; Honeywell, sophisticated systems to control devices, lights and home access remotely; Foxconn, electronic items such as the iPhone, iPad and other Apple products; as well as an endless range of components of final products such as switches, harnesses, capacitors, actuators and alarm sensors.

Source: El Diario

Grupo Lala to invest in Sonora

Grupo Lala is working on the establishment of its milk producer plant in Sonora, with an investment of US$18.9 million. Eduardo Tricio Haro, President of Grupo Lala, met with the Governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich Arellano to present the project. This is a last-generation plant that will be established in Ciudad Obregon, in the South of Sonora. It is expected that the new plant be inaugurated within a year, expecting to generate well-paid employments and to bring to Sonora the opportunity to have the best milk in Mexico, expressed Mr. Tricio Haro. On the other hand, Grupo Lala reached a growth of 7.1% in net sales, during 2015, compared to the 2014 figures, going from US$2.4 billion to US$2.6 billion.

Source: El Norte

Vasconia to increase its production in 2016

Vasconia is seeking to double its aluminum production within the next five years, investing US$13.5 million for the expansion of its plants, said Jose Ramon Elizondo, Vasconia's General Director. He highlighted that they will mainly work in the industrial part, where they serve to companies of the manufacturing sector such as the automotive. "Around 85% of the market is served by imports. Competition in Mexico is fierce, the market is widely open", expressed Mr. Elizondo. Grupo Vasconia recorded income per US$79.3 million during the first half of 2015, representing a 23% upper than the registered in the same period of 2014, of which 60% belongs to its Almexa division.

Source: El Financiero

Ball invests in Nuevo Leon

Ball Corporation inaugurated their first plant in Mexico, with an investing of US$320 million. The plant is located in the Municipality of Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, occupies a 41,000 square meters surface and is expected to generate 400 direct jobs. The company, based in Broomfield, Colorado, will have two product lines: one for metallic packaging and the other for beverages and foods, since their main customers are brewers and carbonated beverage producers, stated Daniel W. Fisher, President of the Beverage Packaging Division of Ball in North America, during the inauguration of the plant at Finsa Industrial Park. Ball is leader in producing cans for beverages, foods and sprays, but they also supply instruments and sensors, and microwave technology, among other products and services for the aerospace industry.

Source: El Economista

Orbis expands its operations in Guanajuato

The American company Orbis expanded their production of padding and fabric division, due to the dynamics and needs of the Guanajuato's automotive cluster. The only padding manufacturing unit of textile material is in Guanajuato's facilities, because any of the nine plants settled in the U.S and Canada have this new production, stated Alberto Soto Ontiveros, General Director of Orbis Plastic Molding Mexico. More than 85% of the production of platforms, plastic containers and BullPark, as well as interior padding are allocated to the automotive sector; the remaining production is allocated to the food industry, mainly to the beverages and industrial sectors, which Orbis seeks to serve with a more aggressive strategy. On the other hand, the firm generates more than 250 jobs and it is expected to reach 10% annual growth, at least. Orbis expects to keep growing not only in the local market, but also in Central and South America; in addition to keep delivering their exclusive products to the U.S. and Canada.

Source: El Economista

Gazel Mexico invests in Puebla

Gazel Mexico, a natural vehicular gas trading company, announced an investment of US$23 million for the opening of three vending stations of this fuel in Puebla, an entity that did not have this kind of infrastructure. During the inauguration of Chalkani, the first one of these service stations, Luis Felipe Echavarria Escobar, General Director of Gazel Mexico, explained that the Company plans to install two additional service stations, where near of 3,000 carriers will save over 50% in fuel. With such investment more than 100 direct jobs and 600 indirect will be created during the construction stage and the operations kick off, stated Mr. Echavarria.

Source: El Economista

Erich Jaeger arrives to Coahuila

The State of Coahuila was chosen by the German automotive firm Erich Jaeger, in order to establish their first plant in Latin America, thanks to their skilled labor, the automotive cluster, stability, the proximity to the U.S border and the good conditions for industrial activities. The company that produces hi-tech electrical connectors, will invest US$6 million and generate 400 direct jobs and it is expected to start operations by August. Meanwhile, Fernando Puron Johnston, Mayor of Piedras Negras, acknowledge the effort made by the Governor of Coahuila, Ruben Moreira Valdez, in terms of economic promotion and coordinated work with the President Enrique Peña Nieto, in order to build the infrastructure that required by Coahuila to promote the economic development.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Grupo Herdez to invest US$55 million in 2016

Grupo Herdez will allocate US$55 million of capital investment in 2016, of which 60% will be directed to their frozen food business and the remaining 40% to manufacturing and distribution. Andrea Amozurrutia, Head of the Grupo Herdez’ Financial Planning Department, stated that the objective in a short term is to consolidate their frozen food business (Nutrisa and Helados Nestle), which currently represents 15% of the Company’s income, but it is expected to reach an increase between 20% and 25%. For its part, Nutrisa will focus on the opening of new stores; meanwhile Helados Nestle expect a bigger penetration into the traditional channel by increasing the number of freezers.

Source: El Economista

Queretaro achieves 34 automotive sector projects

Francisco Dominguez Servien, Governor of Queretaro, announced that they already have a portfolio of 34 projects for the automotive sector, which will represent a generation of 12,000 jobs and an investment per US$377 million for this year. He mentioned that seven automotive firms were established in the Entity and seven more expended their facilities last year. Governor Dominguez also highlighted that Queretaro finished 2015 with more than US$1.02 billion of Foreign Direct Investment, which represented 13.8% more than the preceding year.

Source: Cluster Industrial