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Bulletin 746 - Friday, February 12, 2016

Neapco's new industrial building is under construction

The new industrial building of Neapco firm is constructed at the Cerritos Industrial Park in Silao, Guanajuato and it is expected to start operations by 2016. The Company will move from La Angostura Industrial Park in Saltillo to this new facilities in Guanajuato due to the growth that Neapco had in that region. This construction represents an investment of US$79.3 million, a creation of 445 jobs and a 10-fold increase in its production. The Company specializes in producing transmission systems and is Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier for trucks of BMW, Ford, GM and Chrysler. With this new plant, Neapco will also be a global supplier of plants located around the world, thus requiring 400 specialized technicians.

Source: Vanguardia

Filtran inaugurates plant in San Luis Potosi

Filtran's plant was recently inaugurated at the Logistik Park Industrial Complex, located in the Municipality of Villa de Reyes, in San Luis Potosi. The Company produces filters of fuel, oil and air, and for automatic transmission as well. Filtran is a supplier for Nissan in Aguascalientes; General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, expecting to become a BMW's supplier. Filtran is present in the U.S., Europe, China, Japan and Mexico. Within the next five years, the Company expects to generate over 50 new jobs and to invest about US$5 million for the local economy, even with the support of other firms, which are part of the Filtration Group.

Source: Plano Informativo

Kia boosts supply in Coahuila

More than 15 suppliers, including Yura Corporation, and more than 10,000 employments will arrive to Coahuila, with the Kia Motors investment in its new plant in Pesqueria, in Nuevo Leon, informed Jose Antonio Gutierrez Jardon, Minister of Economic Development, Competitiveness and Tourism. He added that most of the companies have expansion projects, such as Freightliner (Daimler Trucks), with a 30% increase in the production and a very important investment in process, which was announced last year and that is expected to be conducted within the next months.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Lear inaugurates new plant in Coahuila

Lear Corporation will inaugurate its mega-plant (35,000 square meters) at the Server Industrial Park, located in the Municipality of Arteaga, Coahuila, next February 16th, said Gilberto Martinez Calderon, General Minister of the Workers Union of the Industry and Trade. Mr. Martinez added that the plant currently has 200 employees and will close this year with about 700 workers. It is expected that 1,200 jobs be created within the next 3 years. This plant produces the metal seats of the vehicles, which are sent later to a plant in the Municipality of Piedras Negras, in order to make the assembling and sewing of the seats. Minister Martinez informed that Lear Corporation generated 1,800 jobs in the Southern Region, with its plants located in Saltillo, Ramos Arizpe and Artega.

Source: Vanguardia

Audi to start assembling in Puebla

Audi will start the assembling of the Q5 model, at its new plant located in San Jose Chiapa, Puebla, next September. The first models produced at this complex, the only one in America, will be distributed to Germany, and later to the U.S.. Audi built this new plant on a 400-hectare surface, with an annual production capacity of up to 150,000 vehicles. The complex has a bodywork construction area, a painting workshop, an assembly plant and a pressing area. The plant attracted 57 other supplier plants that join to 123 Tier 1 companies, with which Audi has negotiations in Mexico, in order to integrate a 180-supplier base. It is expected that Audi generates 3,800 direct jobs and more than 20,000 indirect jobs in this plant.

Source: Manufactura

Guanajuato attracts new investment projects

The State of Guanajuato has a portfolio of about 80 investment projects, mostly related with the automotive industry, informed Guillermo Romero Pacheco, Minister of Sustainable Economic Development. The 80% of the projects belongs to the automotive sector and the 20% remaining belongs to other industries such as the metal-mechanic, chemical and agro-food sector; in addition to sectors of leather, footwear, fashion and supplying. The direct investment goal, during the administration of Governor Miguel Marquez, was set in US$5 billion. Currently, such figure has exceed the US$7 billion and it is expected to reach the US$10 billion of new investment, both local and foreign, by 2018. At present, Japan is positioned as the main commercial partner of Guanajuato, followed by the U.S., Germany and Canada. For the last years, countries such as Slovenia, Turkey, Korea, Spain and France have begun to have a commercial participation with the State.

Source: Cluster Industrial

New Automotive plant to be built in Aguascalientes

The Governor of the Aguascalientes State, Carlos Lozano de la Torre, headed the supervision of the construction of the COMPAS automotive plant, conducted by Nissan and Daimler. Governor Lozano, expects that the establishment of this new plant brings economic certainty to Aguascalientes for years to come. This project represents an investment of US$1 billion, the creation of more than 15,000 jobs and the objective of producing up to 230,000 units of next-generation premium compact vehicles for the brands Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti, per year. Mr. Lozano added that the new plant is located on a surface measuring 110 hectares and it is expected that the construction starts by November 2017.

Source: El Sol del Centro

Ford plans to establish a new plant in Mexico

The automaker Ford plans to build a new automotive plant in Mexico, aiming to increase production in the Country. According to The Wall Street Journal, Ford plans to construct a new assembling complex in San Luis Potosi and expand the plant located in Mexico City. The Journal stated that the automaker will add 500,000 units to the annual capacity in Mexico, from 2018, which would represent doubling the production of last year. This action reflects how Mexico has become in a very attractive location for the automakers globally.

Source: El Financiero

Schneider Electric invests in Mexico

Schneider Electric will invest US$17.3 million in Mexico this year, in order to increase its capacity, replace equipment, as well as enhancing aspects related with the security and productivity matters, assured Enrique Gonzalez Haas, President of Schneider Electric in Mexico. These funds will be used in a service center located in Mexico City and the installation of a software that will improve its administrative process to benefit its customers. Mr. Gonzalez explained that it is expected that 365 launches be conducted in Mexico this year, aiming to redefine its portfolio. He also remarked that Schneider Electric had a double-digit growth and achieved a balance between exports and sales in the local market, representing a 50%, each.

Source: 20 Minutos

Bosch inaugurates a new plant in Ciudad Juarez

The cars of the future will be assembled with components manufactured by robots that work in perfect synchrony with the hands of Ciudad Juarez citizens. The German automaker Robert Bosch recently inaugurated a new plant measuring 21,000 square meters, with an investment of US$160 million. Computerized sensors will be produced at this plant and they will allow that airbags open up at the time needed. In addition, the Company manufactures 50 other products, from computers that control the engine operation to sensors that allow that the vehicle makes the needed adjustments in order to have the least possible impact at the moment of a collision. These sensors will be supplied to Ford, Chrysler and Nissan.

Source: El Diario

Gestamp to produce bodywork of Audi

The Spanish auto maker Gestmap will start producing, next April, car body for the Audi Q5, by investing US$75 million for the expansion of its second plant located in Puebla. Gestamp's General Director, Erwin Polo Feldmann said that this project has generated 450 additional jobs. The new plant has a 42,000 square meters area, where 17.2 million of pieces will be produced yearly. It is expected that the factory starts operations by July 2016. Gestamp has two more plants located in Aguascalientes and Toluca, State of Mexico, where near of 500 workers are focused on chasis production and many other auto parts.

Source: El Economista