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Bulletin 700 - Friday, February 13, 2015

Italian firms turn to Mexico

At least four Italian machinery and equipment manufacturing companies are looking to get into the Mexican market, whereas three more companies already have a distributor in the country and are seeking to promote their image within the domestic industry. During the event Expo Manufactura 2015, these seven companies expressed their interest in the local market, labeling it as “interesting” because it has plenty of automobile, home appliances and electronics production. These seven companies are: R.T.M. Group SRL, Saporiti SRL, Mario Di Maio SPA, Delia SRL, Frigosystem SRL, Mandelli Sistemi SPA and SPA Pietro Carnaghi.


Source: Manufactura

Korean investors interested in buying lands in Nuevo Leon

Kia Motors has initiated a dialogue with the owners of "Las Aves" Golf Club, in Pesqueria municipality, with the intention to buy the land and build there some of its projects. Jose Gloria Lopez, Pesqueria´s Mayor, said that Asian investors are interested in building their own housing developments and even a mall. However, they are still in talks to define the place to build them. One of the requirements of the Koreans, is to secure an area within 5 kilometers from the Kia Motors factory because they want to keep its workers near to the company and to avoid that other residential units may affect the production’s transit". "Some investors are requiring at least 600 hectares to build their homes there. I suggested them to buy "Las Aves" which is already in negotiations”, explained the mayor. Mr. Gloria Lopez reported that they are in talks with and Workers' National Housing Fund Institute (INFONAVIT) and Ministry of Agricultural, Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU), who recommended to bet on vertical developments, if the goal is to become a "new residential city."


Source: El Horizonte

VW plans to invest US$1 billion in Puebla

This year, Volkswagen Mexico might invest US$1 billion in the municipalities of Coronango or Cuautlancingo in Puebla, for its plant expansion, which will be defined within the next six months, said Rafael Moreno Valle, Puebla´s Governor. He recently met with Andreas Hinrichs, President of the Volkswagen Board of Management in Mexico, to continue the ongoing negotiations. He also mentioned that they have been supported by Ildefonso Guajardo, Federal Secretary of Economy, and Francisco Gonzalez, ProMexico´s representative, since the Government has introduced a number of infrastructure projects to expand the automotive sector in Puebla, where the German automaker is located. In recent years, Volkswagen has invested US$750 million in the new model Golf 7 production, launched in 2014, and joined the Audi facility project in San Jose Chiapa, with US$1.3 billion.


Source: El Economista

Autoparts sector attracts Swedish executives

Swedish automotive companies want to benefit from the importance the Mexican automotive industry is achieving, explained Fredrik Sidahl, FKG´s President. This association brings together 370 companies from Sweden. "Our reason for coming to Mexico is simple. At any given moment, companies can no longer grow in Sweden and they seek where to expand, so this is a great opportunity," said Mr. Sidahl. Swedish manufacturers specialize in safety products, such as belts, brake systems and harnesses; sensors systems and automotive body structures. During an event to sign an agreement between FKG and the National Auto parts Industry (INA), Mr. Sidahl said that Swedish companies are looking to join to the Mexican value chain, in view of the growth that the industry has been experiencing. "We can establish various kinds of cooperation agreements, whether a local producer partnership, or a local investment so we can take advantage of the facilities provided", he said.


Source: Reforma

Safran will expand its production lines in Queretaro

Safran will open new production lines at one of its plants installed in Queretaro, and it might also receive new investments, said Marcelo Lopez Sanchez, Minister of Sustainable Development in Queretaro, after meeting with Pierre Fabre, CEO of Snecma. This French multinational has five plants in the Aerospace Park with investments of US$500 million and nearly 1,600 jobs created. The expansion of these production lines is due to a technological change in the turbines, for which they will be making adjustments to continue providing these products, from Queretaro to the world. Mr. Lopez said that these undertakings do not yield assets’ growth, although the expectation of future projects in the State remains.


Source: Plaza de Armas

Automotive industry could keep breaking record until 2021: INA

The National Autoparts Industry (INA) foresees another record-breaking year in production and exports, trying to keep positive numbers at least until 2021, when the new plants in Mexico go into operation, prospects Oscar Albin, President of INA. Until November 2014, the Mexico’s auto-part industry was valued US$75.6 billion, with the forecast to close the year at roughly US$82 billion, a 6% increase over 2013. The INA´s representative foresees that in 2015, the sector will amount to US$85 billion, with the U.S. as its main consumer, receiving up to 90% of the production. The full operation of the new plants of Nissan Aguascalientes 2, Honda and Mazda will support the increased production. By 2016, there is the challenge of achieving a US$100 billion production, with the operation of Kia and Audi, as well. The INA has signed an agreement with the Scandinavian Association of Automotive Suppliers based in Sweden, presided by Fredrik Sidahl, who mentioned that: "Mexico is a major hub of development in the automotive industry", although it has many automakers, it has few level 1 and 2 suppliers, in contrast to the Scandinavian countries. After the signing, Oscar Albin said that Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish investments, totaling US$1 billion, could arrive in the coming years, which would help the Mexican industry expansion.


Source: Vanguardia

Phillips will inaugurate a new plant in Coahuila

After four months of having started operations at its new facilities located in the Industrial Complex Davisa Arteaga, the formal inauguration event of Phillips´ new plant will take place next March 5th. The Governor of Coahuila, Ruben Moreira and the mayor of Arteaga, Jesus Duran Flores will be attending this ceremony hosted by the Company’s Chairman and President, Rob and Bob Phillips, respectively, among others. Filiberto Coello noted that in October 30th, 2014, the new plant had 380 workers and now there are 420. However, by the end of this year, the workforce will reach 500 workers.


Source: Vanguardia

German company arrives to Guanajuato

The German Company Leoni, is ready to install its new plant at the Amistad Bajio Industrial Park, located in the municipality of Apaseo el Grande, Guanajuato, aiming to supply coaxial and data cables to the Bajio region automakers. The startup of operations is scheduled for next June, with a USD$7 million investment to build this new complex within a 6,300 square meters area. This new plant would be the number four in Mexico, added to the ones in Chihuahua, Sonora and Durango.


Source: Cluster Industrial

Spanish entrepreneurs travel to Mexico to conclude negotiations

A delegation of Spanish entrepreneurs from Castilla y Leon, will travel to Mexico on March 4th, in order to identify business opportunities in the automotive and agricultural sector. According to the Confederation of Business Organizations of Castilla y Leon (CECALE), the last details of this entrepreneurial mission to strengthen the binational business relations, are under revision. The delegation, led by Santiago Aparicio, President of CECALE, is to visit the municipality of Leon, Guanajuato, where local authorities seek to construct entrepreneurial ties within the mentioned sectors. In a four-day period, the businessmen will get to know about Guanajuato´s companies and the demand profile of this region.


Source: America Economia