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Bulletin 745 - Friday, February 5, 2016

Navistar starts new project in Nuevo Leon

Navistar, tractor manufacturer, will start a new project in its plant located in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, as part of its growth in Mexico. The foundation stone placement of the "One Roff Navistar" will be headed by the COO, Persio Lisboa and other Navistar's executives. During the event, information about the new arranged agreements between Navistar and GM, will be released. Last November, in a meeting with the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO), it was informed that at least 20 Navistar's suppliers could relocate their plants, which will generate large amounts of foreign investment and the creation of thousands of employments for the State, in addition to costs reduction.

Source: El Horizonte

Automotive Industry breaks record in production and export in Mexico

The Automotive Industry registered an historical record in vehicles production and export in Mexico in 2015. According to Eduardo Solis Sanchez, President of the Mexican Association of Automotive Industry (AMIA), 3,399,076 vehicles were produced in Mexico and 2,758,896 units were exported, representing an increase of 5.6% and 4.4% on 2014, respectively. He also informed that the local production recorded a 6.9% growth with 222,941 units manufactured in December 2015 and a 5.9% growth with 206,651 vehicles exported, compared to December 2014. It is expected that the sector exceed the 5 million units produced by 2020, pointed Mr. Solis Sanchez. He added that those figures contributed with a favorable trade balance in this sector with US$44.46 billion from January to December 2015.

Source: T21

Queretaro attracts US$500 million of investment

Eight automotive, aerospace and logistics companies will be established in the Municipality of Colon, Queretaro, this year, with an investment of US$500 million and a creation of 2,200 job positions, informed Alejandro Ochoa Valencia, Major of Colon. On the other hand, Mr. Ochoa announced that there is another project of an industrial park that will host Mexican companies and also added that the AeroTech Park will expand its facilities, where supplying firms will be set.

Source: El Economista

Fujikura grows in Coahuila

Fujikura, a Japanese Firm, will allocate a new investment per US$27 million that will generate 2,400 new Jobs in the Municipality of Piedras Negras, Coahuila. Ruben Moreira Valdez, Governor of the State, explained that this project is possible thanks to the collaboration of the Government and the support of President Enrique Peña Nieto. This new investment, adds a competitiveness element for Coahuila, which will attract more investments. It is expected that the foundation stone be laid by mid-February 2016, said Governor Moreira.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

San Luis Potosi keeps a dynamic investment capture

It is expected that at least 12 companies, most of them foreign-funded, be established in San Luis Potosi, during 2016, in addition to the expansion of one more company, informed Gustavo Puente Orozco, Head of the Ministry of Economic Development. He added that at least 3,500 jobs would be created, as a result of these investments. Most of the companies belong to the auto parts and methal-mechanic sectors. On the other hand, Mr. Puente informed that the next project is to travel to Europe, in order to search for direct suppliers of GM and BMW, where a list of 80 companies could be generated.

Source: Cluster Industrial

Four new plants arrive to Jalisco

The Minister of Economic Development in Jalisco, Jose Palacios informed that four auto-part manufacturers from Japan will arrive to the Colinas de Lagos Industrial Park (for its second stage), in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, this year. A total of 15 plants will be established at this park, with US$193.8 million investment and the generation of 5,000 jobs. Ricardo Betancourt, President of Grupo Lintel, said that about US$1.11 million will be invested in this second stage of this industrial park, which measures 100 hectares. The investment for the whole park will be per US$50 million. It is expected that the complex be finished within the next two or three years and it could host up to 45 firms, in addition to attract FDI of up to US$3 billion. On the other hand, Jason Taylor, Advics' representative, said that they will move to this plant by next February and will start delivering their production to Nissan Aguascalientes, by April 2016.

Source: El Mural

Kia attracts new investment to Nuevo Leon

Thierica, a U.S.Company, joined the Kia Motors project, with a US$5.2 million investment to start the operations of the Display Products plant (Thierica's subsidiary where plastic auto-parts are produced), located in the Municipality of Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon. The Company will paint those pieces with a pearly paint known as “Piano Black” that has a similar gloss to this musical instrument, stated Ubaldo Garza de Leon, Display Products' Manager. Besides, the Company is in negotiations to supply Thierica with these autoparts, instead of bringing them from Korea, in order to eliminate logistics costs. This plant began operations last December and even when it operates with robots, mainly, it generated 35 jobs. For a second stage, this plant will have 150 employees by 2019, by doubling its current installed capacity, with a similar investment amount.


Source: El Norte

Japanese firm to arrive to Guanajuato

Alberto Mendez, Major of the Municipality of Comonfort, Guanajuato, informed that a Japanese and a French Company will be established at the Marabis Industrial Park, where about 20 firms could be set at this park and generate new jobs. This industrial park will have a 100-hectare surface and will be located at the South of Comonfort. The Japanese Company will occupy 20 hectares and it is expected to start the establishment by April, generating near of 250 direct jobs, for a first stage. It is also expected that the Firm begins the auto-parts production by January 2018.

Source: Cluster Industrial

Bosch and BRP arrive to Ciudad Juarez

Robert Bosch and BRP Corporations will expand their operations in Ciudad Juarez, next February and April, respectively, informed Manuel Russek Valles, Minister of Economy of the State of Chihuahua. He said that the investments will exceed the US$300 million and will generate over 1,000 jobs, each. Mr. Russek expressed that the companies increased labour benefits and wages, in order to attract personnel, but he remarked that it is necessary to redesign the strategy, including a higher wage level, a good work climate and a housing scheme, especially for workers brought from other cities.

Source: El Diario

New industrial park is under construction in Guanajuato


The foundation stone of the Colinas de Apaseo Industrial Park has been laid. This park will host Toyota´s suppliers, in addition to other companies of the automotive, logistics and plastics sectors, in order to benefit municipalities such as: Apaseo El Alto, El Grande, Celaya, Juventino Rosas, Salvatierra and Tarimoro. Up to US$63 million will be invested in 290 hectares of industrial lands, generating over 8,000 direct jobs. Governor Miguel Marquez stated that the State is considered as “The Diamond Heart of Mexico", as a result of this growth, due that the Entity has the most important road and rail networks, logistic infrastructure, geographic location, which ease the merchandise transfer, generating a strong growth to attract investments.


Source: El Sol de Mxico

Leoni inaugurates its plant in Guanajuato

The German firm Leoni, a cable manufacturer, inaugurated its new plant at the Amistad Industrial Park in the Municipality of Apaseo el Grande, with an investment of US$17 million. Wolfang Lösch, Vice President of Leoni´s Business Group, said that the Firm will serve its clients by offering high quality cables and technological solutions that may meet the demand of the automotive industry. Mr. Lösch pointed out that the Municipality of Apaseo el Grande is very near of the plants of its customers, which gives a decisive competitive advantage to Leoni. Guillermo Romero Pacheco, Head of the Ministry of Sustainable Economic Development (SEDESU) of Guanajuato, for his part, assured that the arrival of this Company strengthens the trade links with Germany.

Source: Somos Industria