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Bulletin 743 - Friday, January 22, 2016

Important investments coming to Durango

Important projects of foreign investments will be concretized in the Municipality of La Laguna, Durango, during 2016, assured the State of Durango's Governor, Jorge Herrera Caldera. The Company Henniges, specialized in automotive sealing, has established its facilities in the Municipality of Gomez Palacio, with an investment of over US$65 million, a creation of 1,000 direct jobs and more than 3,000 indirect. Ricardo Navarrete Gomez, head of the Ministry of Economic Development, pointed out that GST, a Korean Firm specialized in producing materials for automotive airbags, uses hi-tech production processes, which will help Gomez Palacio to be the one and only location with this technology in the American continent. This project could reach the 2,000 jobs in the short term, requiring high-skilled workforce.


Source: El Sol de Durango

Hisense acquires Sharp's plant in Baja California

The Chinese firm Hisense acquired the Sharp's plant in Rosarito, Baja California, with an investment of US$23.7 million. With this purchase, Hisense gained the right of using the Sharp's name, as well as its resources. Now, this company will be on charge of producing all the flat screens and distributing throughout the Americas, except Brazil. It is expected that this purchase generates an income increase of US$2 billion. Sharp will keep its name and will be focused on producing high-resolution screens (43"-75"), while Hisense will focus on average-sized screens (32"-64").

Source: Manufactura

Jalisco expects four new industrial parks

It is expected that four new industrial parks will be established in Jalisco this year, due that large international firms are interested in investing in the State, assured Jorge Suarez Navarro, President of the Association of Industrial Parks. He commented that there are appropriate conditions to allow the clusters' growth, in order to increase the competitiveness and efficiency level and be able to provide the industry of services with the required infrastructure. Mr. Suarez remarked that this sector will be very dynamic this year, by adding this new industrial parks to the current 35 already established in the State.

Source: El Informador

Tokai Kogyo invests in Aguascalientes

Tokai Kogyo, auto-part and molding manufacturer and supplier of Mazda, Honda, Nissan and Infiniti and Toyota shortly, will invest US$34 million in Aguascalientes. Yuichi Kimura y Atsushi Matsumato, Tokai Kogyo's Vicepresident and Tokai Kogyo Mexico's President, respectively, announced that their joint venture with the TK Minth Company in Aguascalientes has concluded, so they decided to invest in that entity, by allocating funds in two stages and creating 350 jobs, once the project finishes. Mr. Kimura recognized the Mexican skilled labor force and the low level of rotation, which generates great expectations with the expansion of the current investment.


Ford announces investment for a new plant in San Luis Potosi

Ford Motor Co. will announce the investment for a new plant in the State of San Luis Potosi, by the first quarter of 2016. A new model will be assembled at this new facility. The Company announced an US$2.5 billion investment last April, in order to expand its operations of engines and transmissions, in the North and Center of Mexico. The investment for the new plant will be per US$1.5 billion, approximately, and will have a production capacity of about 350,000 units annually. Mexico is one of the World's biggest automaker, it exports more than 70% of its production to the U.S.

Source: El Universal

Bridgestone to increase production at the Morelos plant

Bridgestone has put into operations a high-voltage electrical substation in its plant, located in Cuernavaca, Morelos, with a US$4.11 million investment. Daniel Benvenuti, Bridgestone's President and General Director to Mexico and Central America, informed that the objective of this investment is to increase its tires production, going from 21,000 to 25,000 units daily. This electrical substation will also help to improve the power supply in residential areas nearby the plant, as well as in shopping malls located in the Municipalities of Jiutepec and Cuernavaca. Besides, it will enhance the resources utilization and will generate financial savings in its daily production.


Source: El Financiero

Two companies to invest in Yucatan

The Companies Leoni and Envases Universales de Mexico (Grupo Modelo's supplier), will invest US$111 million in Yucatan in 2016, in order to establish their production plants and to supply the U.S., Central America and part of Europe markets, said Ernesto Herrera Novelo, Minister of Economic Promotion in the State. Leoni, which is a German firm devoted to produce wires for vehicles, as well for the aerospace, medical and telecommunications industries, will invest US$19.44 million for the construction of a new plant in Yucatan. Jose Consencao, Leoni's COO in the Americas, stated that the recruitment stage and the start of operations will be conducted by 2017. The Company expects to have a workforce of 2,600 employees, by 2018. Alberto Galvan Rodriguez, Director of Envases Universales de Mexico (specialized in produce aluminum, steel and plastic packaging), highlighted that they will invest US$88.88 million to be established in Yucatan and to generate 180 direct jobs, expecting to start operations by February 2017.

Source: El Financiero

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi arrives to Guanajuato

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi has arrived to Leon, with the recent opening of the first Japan's General Consulate in Leon, Guanajuato, in order to serve the Japanese community and the companies established in the Bajio region, where 3,500 Japanese citizens and 360 firms are settled, 96 of which are located in Guanajuato. The presence of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi is due to the financial and services requirements that the companies request, informed Yasuhisa Suzuki, Japan's General Consul to Leon. This banking institution will support the automotive and auto-parts industry, in order to allow that the Japanese SMEs approach to their clients established in Guanajuato or in any other region, through the leasing option. The Bank offices will be finished by the end of February, and it is expected to start operation by March 2016.

Source: El Economista