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Bulletin 742 - Friday, January 15, 2016

Baja California is promoted in Washington and Canada

Representatives of the Industrial Development Commission in Mexicali (CDIM) and the Valle Imperial made a tour to promote the City of Mexicali abroad, in order to attract investment to this border region. Alfredo Garcia Estrada, President of the CDIM, commented that the cities of Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, Washington welcomed the group and conducted nine meetings. Mr. Garcia Estrada pointed out that they met with representatives of: ProMexico, the Chamber of Commerce of Mexico and the U.S., the World Trade Center Seattle, as well as companies belonging to the strategic sectors such as the aerospace, household, renewable energies, commerce, among others.

Source: MexicoXPORT

Ciudad Juarez attracts most of the foreign investment

The City of Juarez was positioned as the main economic engine of Chihuahua State, by concretize the 75% of the investment projects and job creation statewide. Manuel Russek, Minister of Economy, said that several of their expectations for 2014 were exceeded this year, by achieving a 15% of the national total in foreign investment with US$1.09 billion. The main sectors that attracted foreign investment were: the manufacturing industry with US$984 million; the services sector with US$43.9 million and the mining industry with US$34.4 million, during the period January-September 2015.

Source: Norte Digital

Bachoco acquires a plant of the American Foods Group

Bachoco acquired a "fully cooked" plant, with an investment of US$11 million. This plant belongs to the American Foods Group, located in Oklahoma, U.S. This acquisition includes all the plant's assets, which specializes in producing chicken-based food and has a processing capacity over 300 tons per week. This purchase will allow Bachoco to keep optimizing and improving its production and operations in the U.S., assured Rodolfo Ramos, Bachoco's General Director. It is expected that the whole process be concluded by February 2016, when the legal requirements be met.

Source: El Financiero

New investments coming to Guanajuato

Hector Lopez Santillana, Mayor of Leon, Guanajuato, informed that ten investment projects are still to be confirmed. These projects would represent an investment of US$500 million and the creation of up to 4,000 jobs. Mr. Lopez Santillana commented that for several years, the local economic politics was focused on developing Leon as a city of services, nevertheless, Las Joya Industrial Park was developed during the last administration, and the second one is under construction. He also assured that, today is no longer necessary to offer strong incentives to foreign companies in order to be established in Guanajuato, but granting them an appropriate environment, which has been generated in the State, as well as support for training people.


Source: Cluster Industrial

Michoacan to supply automakers

The Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO) will boost the creation of an industrial park in the Municipality of Morelia, Michoacan, where the metal-mechanic sector will expand, by the transformation of mineral extracted in Michoacan, to convert it into assembly pieces for the automotive industry mainly, said Antonio Soto Sanchez, head of SEDECO. He also explained that this is a long term plan that will be developed during the current state administration, in order to generate constant results by creating jobs and establishing new automotive manufacture companies in Michoacan.

Source: Capital Michoacan

Chinese Automotive Company interested in the Progreso Industrial Park

Francisco Javier Solis, Minister of Economic Development of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, announced that an automotive firm, headquartered in the People's Republic of China, is interested in establishing an assembly plant at the Progreso Industrial Park, located in the Municipality of Nuevo Laredo. Mr. Solis added that he recently met with some representatives of two more companies interested in settling at this park. The Minister plans to travel to Seoul, South Korea, by mid-February, in order to meet with a group of entrepreneurs interested in investing in Nuevo Laredo, due to its skilled labor force. On the other hand, it is estimated that the construction of the Progreso Industrial Park begins next month.

Source: Hoy Laredo

Queretaro to have six new industrial parks

Queretaro will have six new industrial parks in 2016 and it is estimated that 12 new firms start operations by the first half of 2016. The new industrial clusters will be located in the Municipalities of El Marques, Colon and Ezequiel Montes. The total investment will be of about US$58.8 million. Marco del Prete Tercero, Head of the Ministry of Sustainable Development (SEDESU) in Queretaro, remarked that due to the State's economic growth, for the last years, it remains attractive for the local and international industry. For this reason, a 5% growth is expected by 2016.

Source: El Economista

Tytal plant to be established in Nuevo Leon

Trailers and Aluminum Tanks (Tytal) will start the construction of a railroad tank cars manufacturer plant to transport fuel. The plant will be located in the Municipality of Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon. The Firm has two more plants in this location, where hoppers, tanks and trailers for vehicles of cargo transportation are produced. Gerino Ramirez Treviño, Legal Director of Tytal, said that they recently achieved the Quality Assurance Certification by the Association of American Railroads (AAR). He also commented that this is the first Mexican company that gets this certification. At the present time, the group has 500 employees in their Tytank firms, which specialize in producing pipes of stainless steel and carbon, since 2000; the firm also manufactures aluminum pipes through Tytal, since 2007.

Source: Reforma

Würth Elektronik seeks to grow in Guanajuato

Würth Elektronik decided to expand its facilities in the Municipality of Irapuato, Guanajuato, aiming to cater the industrial growth and to develop new projects for its clients. At the new area, which measures 4,500 square meters, products for electric and hybrid cars will be manufactured and the firm will invest in advanced systems of autonomous driving. The plant will save up to an 80% of the required electric light, because they will implement photovoltaic cells and will have cisterns that collect river water to make it useful. With this expansion, 150 jobs will be created, added to the current 165 jobs.