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Bulletin 741 - Friday, January 8, 2016

Henkel invests in Guanajuato

The German Company Henkel invested US$727,200 to expand the facilities of its adhesives plant, located in Salamanca, Guanajuato. This plant will produce the Teroson PV 8500D sealant for the vehicles manufacturing. The Firm seeks to benefit the automakers in the Bajio Region of Mexico through its Adhesive Technologies Division, achieving savings in the products transportation. It is expected that, with the production of this sealant, the Salamanca's plant's production volume reaches a 2% growth, pointed out Rodolfo Milan, Operative Director for the business of Adhesives Technologies for Latin America. The market that Henkel pretends to reach is located in Guanajuato, where six automaker plants are established such as: Mazda, General Motors, Honda, Volkswagen, Ford and Toyota.

Source: Manufactura

Lintel, with industrial parks available

Lintel has developed ten "Class A" industrial parks at the Bajio Region, with an investment of US$600 million. Eight of them are located in Guanajuato, one in Jalisco and one in San Luis Potosi. Currently, 120 companies are established in an industrial park developed by Lintel, such as the French automaker Faurecia, the Italian firm Guala Dispensig and the Japanese company Hino Motors. Claudio Brehm, Director of Commercialization for Lintel Bajio, said that they have 2,500 hectares of industrial parks in Mexico, where the companies established will invest about US$2 billion. He commented that those parks will generate between 3,000 and 5,000 jobs each, once they start operations.

Source: Cluster Industrial

Luk inaugurates its Plant 2 in Puebla

Luk inaugurated the Plant 2 "Transmission Components" in Puebla, located at the Ciudad Textil Industrial Park on a 61,759 square meters surface, of which 19,400 are industrial facilities, where an initial generation of 350 jobs is expected. Schaeffler Automotive invested US$58.8 million to enable and put into operation this plant, said Gabriel Rivera Sanchez, General Director of Shaeffler Mexico. Torque converters for automatic transmissions will be manufactured in this factory and will be mainly exported to General Motors, Mazda and Ford in the U.S. and Japan, in addition to companies established in Mexico.


Nissan to invest in Sentra's new version

Nissan Mexicana will invest US$23 million to produce the new generation of its Sentra model, which is also manufactured in China, Japan and Russia. This model will be commercialized in the U.S and Mexico by 2016 and the second quarter of 2017, respectively. To produce this Sentra's new version, Nissan Mexicana invested US$9 million in order to modify tools and machinery of the plant, while the amount remaining was invested in suppliers. It is expected that the Sentra's total production reaches the 290,000 units per year, 80% of which will be to export.

Source: T21

Kia Motors invests in a Quality Integral Center

Kia Motors Mexico will start up its Quality Integral Center at the Pesqueria plant in Nuevo Leon, with a US$10 million investment. The quality of 300,000 vehicles produced in this complex, will be examined and guaranteed at this Center, which will be internationally accredited. The quality control area will evaluate the internal and external appearance of the vehicles, as well as their electrical operation, braking system, etc., which will allow to deliver the highest quality products to the consumer. Fernando Diaz, Manager of Information and Quality Testing, said that all the quality tests are the same ones that the Kia Motors Georgia's plant has. Besides, a driving tests runway will be constructed in this plant, where the operation, error correction or technical errors will be verified, as well as the engine performance, braking system, acceleration and deceleration in curves, among others respects.

Source: T21

Canadian investment triples in Queretaro

The FDI that Queretaro received from Canada, registered a potential growth with an increase of 215% over the first nine months of 2015, according to data of the Ministry of Economy (SE). The General Direction of Foreign Investment (DGIE) of the SE informed that the Canadian FDI flow in the State, went from US$3.8 million to US$12 million from the first to the third quarter of 2015.
In Queretaro, Canadian companies have investment opportunities in sectors such as automotive, aerospace and mining, mainly.

Source: El Economista

Ford to establish a new plant in San Luis Potosi

Gonzalo Benavente Gonzales, Director of Economic Development of San Luis Potosi, informed that San Luis Potosi is one of the possible Entities to establish the Ford Motors Company. If the construction is confirmed, they will be receiving fiscal stimulus due that it is a firm that would be generating new jobs. Mr. Benavente said that in case that the Entity does not have enough hectares of land that Ford Motors may require, the industrial zone of the Municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez could be exploited. Details of negotiations between the State's Government and Ford Motors Company have not been disclosed. The establishment of this firm would strengthen the San Luis Potosi's Automotive Cluster.

Source: Vanguardia

Audi announces its investment plan for 2016

Audi announced an investment of more than US$3.27 billion at global level during 2016. The subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group informed that the main objective of these new investments is to implement more efficient processes on its manufacturing operations. The firm indicated that 50% of the investment will be allocated to German plants located in Ingoldstadt and Neckarsulm. Besides, Audi will expand the recruitments of experts in technology in order to implement cutting-edge processes. Rupert Stadler, President of the Company, informed that the funds will be for the vehicle development too, especially for the ecological line, including the developing of the new generation of the Q5 truck. "The Audi's first vehicle produced in series with electric drive will be launched by 2018. By 2020, Audi will expand this line once that 60 different models are included", said Mr. Stadler.

Source: Excelsior

New companies coming to Tamaulipas

Monica Gonzalez Garcia, Minister of Economic Promotion and Tourism of Tamaulipas, informed that it is expected for the 2016 to be a great year, with the establishment of 20 new companies in the State, in addition to 14 other projects. These firms would be connected to the port of Matamoros and related to the Maquiladora and the automotive sector. Last year, those sectors boosted employment in Tamaulipas, in Matamoros mainly, and they also generated a strong growth in Reynosa, expecting to follow the same path during 2016.

Source: Optimus Informativo

New companies arrive to Guanajuato

Fernando Vera Noble, Director of Economic Development of Irapuato, assured that at least 20 companies will arrive to this city. Those firms will leave an economic benefit of US$200 million and will generate about 3,000 new jobs. The companies belong to the automotive, metal-mechanic, plastics, food and services sectors. Mr. Vera Noble informed that the goal is to exceed anything done during the last administration, in order to contribute even more with the economic development of Guanajuato, especially of Irapuato, which is an important part for this.

Source: Cluster Industrial