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Bulletin 739 - Friday, December 11, 2015

Gentherm to build new plant in Guanajuato

Gentherm, an automotive parts manufacturer, announced the construction of a new production center to be located in Celaya, Guanajuato, in order to expand its production capacity to serve the growing automotive market in North America. Currently, the Company has two other production centers in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila. This plant will have a 1.3-hectare surface and will generate 1,500 direct jobs. Heaters for car seats and other industrial products will be produced in this facility. This will be the third Gentherm's plant in Mexico and it is expected to start operations by the third quarter of 2016.

Source: Manufactura

Simec to invest in a new plant in Tlaxcala

Grupo Simec steel Company, announced the establishment of a new plant in Mexico, with an investment of US$600 million and a production capacity of 600,000 tons of special steels. The new facility will be located in the State of Tlaxcala and it is estimated to start operations by late-2017. The plant will produce large-diameter round bars and wire rod, among other products, in order to replace the production of the largest steel companies in the Mexico, AHMSA and ArcelorMittal, which have been affected by the steel imports, mainly from Asia. Recently, ArcelorMittal announced about a 90% reduction in production and a reduction of 2,500 job positions. AHMSA, for its part, started a 20% decrease in production and the dismissal of around 4,500 people last June.

Source: El Economista

Interpuerto Monterrey to reach US$1.3 billion investments

The Interpuerto Monterrey development, located in Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, is about to reach the US$1.3 billion investments, by the end of 2015, due that the establishment of two more projects was announced and it is expected to start operations next year. Mauricio Garza Kalifa, Interpuerto Monterrey´s President, informed that they are about to close negotiations for the establishment of a new U.S. company of the food sector and another Japanese automotive project, which represent a total of US$150 million investments. In addition, Mr. Garza Kalifa expressed that they expect to reach the 25 hectares constructed, with the projects confirmed for the next year, achieving a 25% growth. On the other hand, the executive announced that the Customs, that will be part of a Strategic Customs Area, is under construction and it is expected to start operations by mid-2016.


Source: El Norte

Ten companies to arrive to Guanajuato

The Major of the Municipality of Leon, Guanajuato, Hector Lopez Santillana, informed that ten companies will arrive to establish in the Municipality by the beginning of 2016. These firms will invest up to US$500 million and will generate about 3,000 jobs. One of these companies will invest US$181.7 million. The firms belong to the automotive, metal-mechanic and plastics sectors. It is expected that the companies begin operations by the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017.

Source: Cluster Industrial

Hino to produce new models at the Silao plant

Hino Motors, Toyota Group's trucks division, said that the assembling of three new models will be incorporated at its Silao plant, by 2016. This is a version for a bus and two medium-sized truck. The bus model is the rear engine chasis 1425; meanwhile, the model 1727 units of the 500 series, will be the first ones with a 6x2 and 6x4 configuration which will be assembled at the facilities in Guanajuato. With this three models, the production will increase from 1,000 to 1,100 units next year. Hino Motors expects to sell 5,000 units by 2020, which will represent a 10% market share.

Source: T21

Harman to expand its plant in Queretaro

Harman Company will expand its facilities after four years of operations in its Queretaro plant, which is considered as the most important for the firm in the automotive sector, due that it represents a 40% of the national and international market, informed Arturo Sanchez, Harman's Human Resources Coordinator. At this plant, the Company manufactures radios and amplifiers for Premium cars of 16 brands around the world such as Audi, General Motors and BMW. Currently, the firm has 1,500 employees and it is expected to reach the 1,800 jobs by June 2016. Mr. Sanchez pointed out that a 100% of the production is for export, mainly to the U.S., Germany and Hungary.

Source: El Financiero

Vesta lays the foundation stone in Vesta Park Puebla I

The Real Estate Corporation Vesta has started the construction of its new development named VestaPark Puebla I, located in the Municipality of Huejotzingo, Puebla. The foundation stone laying ceremony was conducted with the presence of Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas, Puebla's Governor; Lorenzo Berho, Vesta's General Director and Carlos Alberto Morales Alvarez, Major of Huejotzingo. The project has a 23-hectare surface, where a 1,100,000 square feet area is estimated to be developed in six buildings, with an investment of US$50 million within the next three years. The first buildings will be available by late June 2016. The main purpose of the VestaPark is to serve the automotive sector suppliers that may require to be located near by the Audi's new plant in the Municipality of San Jose de Chiapa, Puebla and contribute with the development of the modern industrial infrastructure in the State.

Source: Vesta

Tokai Rika to invest in Nuevo Leon

The global auto parts company Tokai Rika will allocate a US$34 million investment for the establishment of its first plant in Mexico. In a first phase, the project includes the acquisition of 15 hectares in the Interpuerto Monterrey and an industrial building of 25,000 square meters. Mauricio Garza Kalifa, General Director of Interpuerto Monterrey considered that the strategic location and its connection with the main two railway lines, make that the Interpuerto Monterrey become in an ideal place for investments. Tokai Rika has plants in Brazil, China, Indonesia, Thailand, among others; but its headquarters are located in Nagoya, Japan since the beginning. Besides, since 2000 the firm has gained four ISO certifications, including the ISO 26262 in 2013.

Source: MVS