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Bulletin 737 - Friday, November 27, 2015

Navistar's suppliers seek to establish their plants in Nuevo Leon

The Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO) in Nuevo Leon met with Navistar International Corporation's executives to discuss about the re-location of its U.S. plants in Nuevo Leon, with the objective of generating jobs and a costs reduction for the Company, informed Fernando Turner Davila, Head of the SEDECO. At least 20 Navistar's suppliers are interested in re-locate their plants, which will generate higher foreign investment amounts and the creation of thousand jobs. Samuel Peña, Undersecretary of Foreign investment in Nuevo Leon, said that, as part of a strategy, Navistar has expansion projects and is seeking to reduce costs by relocating its suppliers. The Company produces over 60,000 cars and trucks in Nuevo Leon yearly, 85% of them are exported to the U.S. and Canada.


Source: Monitor Economico

Three companies to arrive to Guanajuato

It is expected that eight automotive companies establish in the Municipality of Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato. Victor Manuel Garcia Cervantes, Director of Economic Development of the Municipality of Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato, announced that 3 of these 8 firms have confirmed their arrival and that one of them is the Italian firm Kodanruber. With the establishment of these three plants, 600 jobs will be generated and it is expected that these 8 factories create near of 2,000 more jobs, by the cluster's completion. The companies committed to integrate their labor force with people from Juventino Rosas. On the other hand, it is estimated that the construction of these industrial buildings starts between this December and January 2016, in order to begin operations during the first months of 2016.

Source: Cluster Industrial

General Motors increases investment in Mexico

General Motors Company announced a US$800 million investment, additional to the US$5 billion that it will invest in Mexico in the upcoming years, in order to strengthen its business in the fast growth global markets, by developing a new familiar car and continuing ranking first in vehicle exports in the Country, said Mary Barra, General Motors'CEO. GM celebrates 80 years of presence in Mexico, which has made of the country one of the biggest automakers around the world.

Source: CNN

U.S. automaker seeks to invest in Puebla

Leobardo Soto Martinez, General Minister of the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM), informed that a U.S. automaker company that produces vehicles charged with solar panels, seeks to invest US$700 million to establish a plant in the Municipality of San Jose Chiapa, where Audi's plant is under construction. Minister Soto Martinez commented that the company is interested in operate in this region because of its connectivity with Veracruz and Mexico City and the supportive conditions that the local Government offers to Audi.

Source: El Economista

Italy to invest in Mexico

Matteo Renzi, President of the Italian Republic's Council of Ministers, said that Italian companies are interested in increasing their investments in Mexico, especially in the energy sector. Related to this, Mr. Renzi highlighted that this interest has been increased as a result of the structural reforms. President Enrique Peña Nieto and Mr. Renzi followed up to the agreements reached during a first meeting, in which several economic cooperation instruments for the energy and aerospace sectors and judicial cooperation were signed. On the other hand, the bilateral trade between Mexico and Italy reached the almost US$7 billion in 2014, which helped Italy to become the third Mexico's trade partner in Europe, after Germany and Spain. Currently, over 1,500 firms located in Mexico have Italian funds, such as Fiat-Chrysler, Ferrero and Pirelli.


Source: El Economista

Next Energy Company to invest in Nuevo Leon

Next Energy Company will invest US$100 million, by 2016, for the expansion of a wind farm located in the Municipality of Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon, and for the solar panels technology integration to increase its renewable energy offer, assured Hector Martinez Vivas, Company's General Director. In 2013, Next Energy, Comexhidro Viento and Conduit Capital invested US$50 million for the construction of the first wind farm in Nuevo Leon. Currently, the Santa Catarina Wind Farm, located on the Monterrey-Saltillo highway, has eight wind turbine of 443 feet high and an installed capacity of 22 megawatts, with which could supply electricity during 20 years and generate savings for the municipalities. All this allows that Next Energy to be able to supply electric power to public services of the Municipalities of Santa Catarina, Monterrey, San Pedro Garza Garcia, Apodaca, Escobedo, San Nicolas de los Garza and Los Ramones.

Source: El Economista

Sekisui Plastics to establish a new plant in Mexico in 2016

The Japanese Company Sekisui Plastics announced the establishment of a new production plant of synthetic resin in Mexico, by 2016. The factory will be built in the State of Guanajuato and will start operations by August 2016. Most of its production will be resin foam, a material with the property of absorb impacts, for this reason, it is used in auto parts such as fenders and the packing boxes of electronic devices.

Source: Cluster Industrial

Backaldrin Americas inaugurates plant in Mexico

The Mexican Company Cremeria Americana and the Austrian Company Backaldrin International, formalized their alliance by inaugurating the first Backaldrin Americas' flours plant, located at the Toluca 2000 Industrial Park, in Toluca, State of Mexico, with an investment of US$2.4 million. The objective of this trade pact between these two firms is to produce and distribute self-rising flours for the Mexican baking industry and the whole continent. It is expected to start operations next December, pointed out Heral Deller, Backaldrin International's CEO. The industrial center has a production capacity of 3,000 tons of flours yearly and is seeking to position 300 Backaldrin products in Mexico and the Americas.

Source: Manufactura