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Bulletin 736 - Friday, November 13, 2015

New Western Wind Power Capital in Jalisco

The Italian Company Enel Green Power will built the Palo Alto project in the Municipality of Ojuelos, Jalisco, by investing US$250 million. The project consists in a wind farm that will allow the generation of renewable energy for the next 20 years, announced Nicola Melchiotti, regional vice President of the Company to Mexico and Latin America. During the first stage of this project, 43 turbines will be installed to generate wind energy for the next 20 years. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, Minister of Energy, for his part, highlighted that this new work strengthens Ojuelos as the Western Wind Capital.

Source: El Economista

Turck expands its operations in Coahuila

The German Company Turck, expanded its operations in Coahuila, with an investment of US$30 million to develop the Mirus 1 project of Turck Mexico, which will generate 1,300 jobs for the coming years. This project is specialized in industrial automation for the automotive, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries; as well as for the food and beverages sectors. The plant will manufacture detection equipment, sensors, connectivity, industrial networks and interfaces. The facilities were built on a 4.6-hectare surface, out of which 2.5 are for buildings. It also has social, sports areas and parking.

Source: Cluster Industrial

Hamaden inaugurates its first plant in Mexico

The Asian firm Hamaden, an auto parts manufacturer, inaugurated its first plant in Mexico, with an investment of US$35.8 million and a creation of 340 jobs. The plant is located in the Interpuerto Monterrey and it is expected to start operations by 2016. Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz, Governor of Nuevo Leon, informed that they have received about US$4.5 billion of FDI during this year, which represent 20% of Mexico┬┤s foreign investment, achieving that the State becomes a good place to invest. In addition, Governor Moreira expressed that it is expected to reach the US$6 billion of foreign investment in Nuevo Leon, by the end of 2015.

Source: Somos Industria

New industrial parks arrive to Guanajuato

The developer Lintel Group, has confirmed the construction of three industrial parks in Guanajuato. Two of them will be located in the municipality of Apaseo el Grande, and one more in the City of Leon. The park of Leon will have a 160-hectare surface and will be located at the Santa Rosa de Ayala region. Mayor Hector Lopez Santillana, said that the Government and investors will meet the commitments regarding to the park entry and the roadways access improvement. The State and Local Government and Lintel Group, in joint collaboration, must resolve the infrastructure issues, in order to the park to be a reality, the Mayor said.

Source: AMPIP

Windarmex to invest in Tamaulipas

Windarmex Company will invest US$30 million for the construction of wind towers for clean energies generation in the City of Altamira, Tamaulipas, assured Governor Egidio Torre Cantu. With this investment, 300 new jobs will be created. It is estimated that the construction begins by early 2016. On the other hand, Governor Torre informed that an investment by the Ministry of Energy was recently authorized, in order to conduct a similar work at the Bicentenario Park in the City of Victoria, where a Spanish company seeks to build towers for wind turbines.

Source: Milenio

Audi Mexico inaugurates stamping building

Audi Mexico has inaugurated the stamping facility in its new plant located in San Jose de Chiapa, Puebla, where the Audi Q5 production will start next year. The press line of Audi Mexico processes steel and aluminum and is adapted to the corresponding shaping processes. An important item, is the press XL, that is controlled by 14 independent electrical servomotors; and provides a precise conformation to the pieces. This press line will produce up to 60 aluminum sheet and steel coils per minute. Besides, concerned about the environment, the energy generated during this process is stored and is re-used later. Audi Mexico will inaugurate its number 13 plant around the world by the second half of 2016 in San Jose de Chiapa. With the start of the Audi Q5 production, the plant will reach a work force of 3,800 jobs.

Source: Audi

Seven Hyundai's suppliers will arrive to Mexico

The Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO) of Baja California will receive representatives of companies from Taiwan and Korea, by the first quarter of 2016. These companies will supply Hyundai with wiring, lights, electronics, parts and components. For its part, Hyundai recently announced the construction of a new plant in the Municipality of Rosarito, Baja California, which will generate 1,200 jobs in a first stage. The first supplier companies (Tier 1 and Tier 2), will have a minimal investment of between US$2 and US$5 million, explained Carlo Bonfante Olache, Head of the SEDECO. He added that the State will reach the US$3 billion investment by 2016, which represents US$600,000 more than the 2015 amount. Furthermore, as part of the strengthening of the automotive industry development, an automotive training center will be established in Tijuana in 2016, with an investment of US$5 million.

Source: Vanguardia Industrial

Baja California seeks to attract Asian investment

Executives of the Ministries of Economic Development (SEDECO) of Baja California and of Economic and Industrial Development of Tijuana (DEITAC), conducted a business mission to Korea and Taiwan, with the objective of attracting Asian investment to Baja California. Christian Tagliapietra, Vice President of DEITAC, expressed that the purposes are to attract new projects by promoting the industrial careers that the State offers, to identify viable development projects in the Entity and to follow up to the contacts generated during the last visit. The main topic of this business trip was the current connection between industries and universities, and the international agreements between the institutions. Mr. Tagliapietra highlighted that their focus is to boost the automotive, electronics and plastic sectors, and this is why they presented the region's logistic advantages for merchandise transportation through the Port of Ensenada, in order to attract investment to Baja California.

Source: Siglo 21