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Bulletin 734 - Friday, October 30, 2015

Automakers to break a record in 2015

It is expected that the automotive industry concludes this year with a generation of 720,000 jobs, which involves a recovery of 69.2% in respect of the crisis of 2009, having an historical trend after the millionaire investments in the automotive sector for the last years. Oscar Albin, President of the National Industry of Auto-parts (INA), assured that the job generation will keep growing during the next years, due to the arrival of important investments of companies from Germany, Japan and the U.S., all of them interested in supplying the Mexican manufacturers. This year, Mexico will have produced near of 3.5 million of cars and it is expected that 5 million units be produced by 2020, highlighted the INA┬┤s President.

Source: El Economista

The Mexico-China Fund to invest in Mexico by 2016

The Mexico-China investment fund will allocate US$1.2 billion in infrastructure and energy in Mexico during 2016, said Fernando Aportela, Undersecretary of Finance and Public Credit. The Official informed that these funds will be added to the first US$1.2 billion investment that this group committed itself to invest last November. Moreover, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) inaugurated its first office in Mexico and Mr. Aportela highlighted that it will start operations by 2016, strengthening the relationship between both nations. For his part, Qian Wenhui, President of the ICBC's Supervisory Board, remarked that the firm will be the first Chinese bank operating in Mexico, interested in investing in energy and infrastructure.


Korea, seeking for more presence in Mexico

The lack of a free trade agreement between Mexico and South Korea will not be a barrier to increase the exchange of goods and services. Recently, Samsung has invested in electricity; Kia is building an automotive plant in Nuevo Leon with an investment of about US$2 billion; Hyundai began selling vehicles in Mexico since 2014; along with other companies that have spent decades operating in the Mexican market, such as LG or the steel maker Posco, among others. It is expected that the cumulative investment of Korean companies in Mexico reaches the US$6 billion by 2016, said Bahk Sahng-hoon, General Director of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Latin America. Until 2014, 250 Korean firms were counted in Mexico, with cumulative investments per US$4.3 billion. Mexico is the most attractive country to Koreans to invest, as a result of the structural reforms, said Kim Young-Seok, Director of the Institute for International Economic Research of the export-import Bank of Korea (Eximbank of Korea). He added that the Eximbank has a special item to support companies that develop projects in Mexico. At least 70 large Korean companies recorded an accumulated investment of US$2.54 billion; 129 SMEs have US$312 million investment and other firms total US$2.6 million.

Source: El Universal

Bosch will invest US$150 million annually in Mexico

The Company Robert Bosch Mexico announced investments of about US$150 million in the country per year, generating 1,500 jobs yearly. Rene Schlegel, President of Bosch Mexico, said that even with the crisis of its customer Volkswagen, their sales have not been reduced, so the investment plans of the company will continue in Mexico. However, Mr. Schlegel acknowledged the importance of Volkswagen as a customer of Bosch and assumed that what happens in the VW plant in Puebla will have a numerical impact to the firm he leads. In the other hand, he added that Robert Bosch invests in the research of four systems and sometimes in the combination thereof, as the engines that can have different fuels to achieve a greater efficiency.

Source: El Economista

Grupo Olsa to build a new plant in Queretaro

Grupo Olsa, an Italian firm specialized in automotive lighting, will start the construction of its new plant in Mexico. The Company will invest US$50 million in this new plant, which will be located in the Municipality of Corregidora, in the State of Queretaro. The initial phase, which will be concluded by February 2016, will measure 15,000 square meters and will produce automobile taillights, informed Emanuele Pedrana, Director of the Company in Mexico. The Company's project is to establish a 25,000 square-meter plant, to generate 1,300 jobs and to reach sales of US$60 million by 2020. In Mexico, the Company has clients such as Nissan, Honda and Chrysler. Internationally, its main clients are BMW and Volkswagen Group.

Source: El Economista

Boysen to open new plant in Mexico

The German company Boysen, an auto parts manufacturer, announced the opening of its new plant in Mexico, by the end of 2016. The production of this plant will meet the demand of the local and the U.S. markets. Boysen has 17 plants worldwide, 3,100 employees and is the European company that dominates the emissions technology. In recent years, the firm has grown rapidly and aims to generate US$2.26 billion by 2020. Boysen built a research and development center in Nagold, Germany where 40 engineers are dedicated to develop this technology. Boysen already produces emissions technology for two models of MAN trucks. In addition, the company won the contract for the production of this technology for Daimler trucks and intends to expand its technology business for trucking emissions. The 90% of Boysen's businesses come from its contracts with BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz, from cars of the premium sector.

Source: El Economista

Faurecia, to establish new plants in Mexico

Faurecia, auto parts manufacturer, prepares the inauguration of three new plants in Mexico by 2016. Likewise, it is expected that the work force in Mexico equals China's by 2017. Two of these new plants will be located in the State of San Luis Potosi, the first one will produce car interiors and the second one will produce seat components. The third one will be an emissions control plant that will be located in Puebla.

Source: Vanguardia

Schneider to inaugurate new plant in Nuevo Leon

Schneider Electric will inaugurate a new plant in the Municipality of Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, by the last quarter of 2016 and it will be specialized in assembling, manufacturing and painting processes. Because of this, the Company reinforces its presence in the Country and shows its commitment to Mexico. Schneider has been operating in Mexico for 70 years and it has 12 manufacturing plants in Baja California, Tlaxcala, Nuevo Leon and Mexico City. The firm is a French company dedicated to power management and automation, and has presence in over 100 countries around the world.

Source: Manufactura