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Bulletin 732 - Friday, October 16, 2015

New investments will arrive to Tamaulipas

The Starbucks Company, a family pizzeria and the Omnibus de Mexico bus station will arrive to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas to generate a greater economic benefit and more jobs, the Mayor Carlos Canturosas Villarreal said. The Mayor stressed out that the investment is manifested through the establishment of new businesses and the expansion and growth of the existing ones, such as the maquiladora plants. "Currently, 19 out of the 34 maquiladoras that are located in Nuevo Laredo are in expansion, both in its production as in its administrative area. Investment, business, employment, everything is growing, is taking its course and all this creates stability, peace and confidence, which is good for everyone", said the Mayor.


Source: Milenio Tamaulipas

Bosch is seeking for new Mexican suppliers

The German company Bosch will expand its supplier base in Mexico from 20% to 33%, in order to promote special projects for the domestic market, such as reducing pollutants from trucks in Mexico City. Marco Galindo, National Manager of Diesel Sales at Bosch Systems Diesel, said that the dollar strength resulted positive for the company, due that most of the products made in Mexico are exported, obtaining more resources to invest in special programs.

Source: El Financiero

Blindajes Epel invests in a new plant in the State of Mexico

The Mexican Company Blindajes Epel (Epel Armors) inaugurated its new plant in Naucalpan, State of Mexico, with an investment per US$12.5 million and a generation of 1,250 indirect jobs and 250 direct jobs. This plant has a production capacity of 800 armored vehicles per year, on a 5,600 square meters surface. Ernesto Mizraji, Epel's General Director, said that the company is known as the one with the biggest production in Mexico. At these new facilities, vehicles could be armored with 30% lighter materials that offer the same safety. The armoring that the new plant has is usefull only for the models: Toyota Land Cruiser, Suburban, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Tahoe of General Motors.

Source: El Economista

More companies arrive to Nuevo Leon

The Municipality of Pesqueria, in Nuevo Leon, continues receiving local and foreign investment. At least seven companies are already established: five from Korea, one from the U.S. and another one from Mexico City. The one from the U.S. is Trinity Industries, which acquired 200 hectares of land and will start construction soon. The other companies are Kia's suppliers: LBS, Dy Auto, Kumgang Chemical, Top Metal and Hanil Tube, all them within the Pesqueria Technology Park. At this place, the Korean company Koam (producer of speakers, control buttons and circuits) is being established and will invest US$17 million. All these supply companies occupy a more than 130,000 square meters surface.

Source: El Norte

Lear Corporation to invest in a new plant in Zacatecas

The Lear Corporation company, car seats assembler, announced the installation of a new plant in the City of Fresnillo, Zacatecas, with an investment of US$14.2 million and a creation of 1,400 jobs. It is expected to start operations by 2017. Oscar Dominguez Villa, COO of the Company, explained that there may be potential for growth if proper working conditions are presented. The amount invested will be used to build in an area of 12,000 square meters, and to buy sewing machines, cutting and other accessories necessary for the operation of the plant.

Source: El Financiero

Brazilian company to establish a new plant in Mexico

The Brazilian company ProRescue, manufacturer of flats over for armored vehicles, announced that it would establish a new production plant in Mexico by 2016, with an investment of approximately US$3.5 million. This plant would be the second one in the world and it would start operations by 2017, said Gerardo Corona, ProRescue´s Regional Manager. He added that the company assesses the establishment of the plant in Chihuahua or in Nuevo Leon, so the project is expected to be concluded during the first half of 2016. The plant would begin operations with a production of 250-300 run flats kits (each kit consists of four tires) per month, but an installed capacity of about 3,000 kits per month is expected.

Source: El Economista

Autlan to invest US$300 million

The Autlan Mining Company, main producer of metal alloys for the steel industry in North America, will invest US$300 million within the next five years. The opportunities offered by the ferroalloys, mining and energy industries will be taken as a result of this investment. The Company, that is located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, confirms its interest in focusing on the extraction of precious metals and other raw materials, the electricity generation and ferroalloys. Its participation will include innovative processes and products, in addition to cost reduction, increase in productivity, greater operational safety, less environmental impact of its production activities and reduction of its dependence on foreign minerals supply.

Source: Manufactura

Honda inaugurates its transmission plant in Guanajuato

With a US$300 million investment and an initial production capacity of 350,000 units per year, the Japanese assembler Honda inaugurated its transmission plant in Celaya, Guanajuato. This new plant will assemble CVT transmissions, which will have greater fuel efficiency and a smoother driving, as no speed changes are perceived, explained Hiroshi Shimizu, General Director to Honda Mexico. The total investment for this plant will be per US$470 million, and other US$170 million will be allocated for the expansion. This new complex will generate 1,500 direct jobs. Mr. Shimizu said that, from 2016 on, a new aluminum smelting process will be incorporated in this plant, increasing its capacity to 700,000 units per year that will have a 67.5% of local components integration.

Source: Manufactura