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Bulletin 731 - Friday, October 9, 2015

INFAC Corporation arrives to Coahuila

The Korean company INFAC Corporation arrived to Monclova, Coahuila, where it will invest US$15.9 million and create 250 work places. The Governor of the State, Ruben Moreira Valdez is committed to provide all the support for the establishment of the company, while Jay Choi, CEO of INFAC America, is committed to offer employment opportunities. Moreover, Governor Moreira said that his administration is ready to welcome companies that strengthen the automotive cluster in the State and contribute to the welfare of its workforce.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Mexico to close 2015 with a cars production record

For the fifth consecutive year, Mexico will bring the number of cars production record at 3.4 million units, said the President of the Mexican Association of Automotive Industry (AMIA), Eduardo Solis Sanchez. The automotive sector is the main generator of foreign exchange in Mexico, with more than US$50 billion, informed Eduardo Solis. "One of every four dollars that Mexico exports, comes from the automotive sector, in addition of being the first auto maker in Latin America and ranking fourth in export," Mr. Solis said. He added that an auto plant arrives in Mexico for several reasons, such as the network of agreements it has with more than 40 countries, the strengthened supply chain, among others. Mr. Solis also stressed, that it is expected that Mexico exceeds the 5 million units produced, thanks to the existing production volume, added to the investments arrival by 2020.

Source: Manufactura

Ingredion invests in North America

Ingredion, a Mexican global provider of ingredient solutions, announced investments in the food technology research and development. Last year, the company stated to inject US$100 million to increase its production capacity of high specialty ingredients at its plants in North America and Asia Pacific. In March 2015, Ingredion acquired Penford Corporation, a specialties ingredient producer for food and non-food applications, based in the U.S. In June, the firm acquired Kerr Concentrates, a producer of fruit concentrates and natural vegetables, purees and essences. Through its Ingredion Idea Labs innovation center, located in Queretaro and other centers around the world, the company has the capacity to create solutions in application, formulation and sensory analysis. With this, the firm meets consumer needs for nutrition, clean labeling and ease of preparation, in addition to the developing of applications aimed at reducing sugar and fat. "What we want is to continue as leaders in innovation and development of new products, by optimizing costs, maintaining product quality and enriching the nutritional profile with healthy products", said Felipe Torres, Director of Innovation and Strategy of Ingredion Mexico.

Source: Milenio Jalisco

Canadian forging plant to be established in Nuevo Leon

Hector Soto, Director of San Luis Potosi's Automotive Cluster, informed that a Canadian company, dedicated to the forging process within the automotive industry, is seeking to settle in Nuevo Leon. It is expected that the negotiation concludes this year. "The purpose is to support ourselves as clusters, no matter if the company decides to settle elsewhere, the important is that the region and the country are strengthened. If we work by our own, we will not get anywhere", expressed Mr. Soto. Moreover, the President of the Mexican Association of Automotive Industry (AMIA), Eduardo Solis, revealed that he would meet with representatives of a Canadian company to talk about a new investment opportunity in the country.

Source: El Horizonte

Daimler invests in Aguascalientes

Executives of the automotive company Daimler announced a US$1.2 billion investment and a generation of 3,600 direct jobs, thanks to the installation of its plant in Aguascalientes. Two premium models of new generation vehicles will be produced at the Cooperation Manufacturing Plant Aguascalientes (COMPAS), for the Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz brands. Starting in 2020, the plant will have the capacity to manufacture up to 350,000 vehicles a year, which will enable Aguascalientes to become one of the main automobile production centers.

Source: El Economista

New companies arrive to Guanajuato

The City of Irapuato, Guanajuato is going through a very good moment, driven by the automotive sector in the area and with the establishment of Ford Company. A total of 25 Japanese companies, seven Italian companies and one U.S. company, all belonging to the automotive industry; in addition to a bakery Spanish company, showed interest in this municipality to settle in Guanajuato. Eliane Hernandez Hinojosa, Director of Economic Development in Irapuato, reported that 7 of these 34 companies are in the process of building their plants and it is expected to start the production by mid-2016. The Italian companies, dedicated to the manufacture of auto parts and machinery maintenance, plan to establish in the State to supply automotive OEMs. The Japanese companies Asmo and Nukabe are already established and will begin their production by 2016.

Source: Cluster Industrial