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Bulletin 728 - Friday, September 18, 2015

Industrial sector stands out in Tamaulipas

Over 21 establishments of sectors such as energy, automotive, medical, among others, are getting established in Tamaulipas, as a result of the promotion and competitive advantages that the State Government offers to the private sector, expressed Monica Gonzalez Garcia, Minister of Economic and Tourism Development. She pointed out that the industrial sector represents more than an 82% of the total of jobs, having a 7% growth annually. With this, a foreign investment record has been reached in the last five years. “We are currently promoting 24 companies to support their plans of expanding their operations in the State, by working together with the Energy Agency, for them to be part of the investment portfolio and to continue the generation of job and growth opportunities”, Ms. Gonzalez Garcia stressed. In addition, she also highlighted that Tamaulipas has reached economic benefits per US$1.56 billion in local services and wages, by making synergy with the private sector.

Source: Monitor Economico

State of Mexico receives new investments

The business group Sibra Capital announced an investment of US$350 million for the construction of the Megapark logistics park, in the municipality of Tepotzotlan, State of Mexico. The park will be divided into 80 hectares where eight warehouses and a shopping center will be built in an area of 400,000 square meters and will generate 8,000 direct jobs. For its part, the Fibra Prologis business group, also announced an investment of US$303 million for the Park Grande Industrial Park.

Source: El Diario

Mexico's Auto Industry Summit is getting closer

MEXICONOW will take the 2015 edition of the Mexico's Auto Industry Summit to Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico on December 9-10, 2015 at the Poliforum. With an audience of over 1,000 automotive industry executives, the main objective of this seminar will be to analyze the present and future business conditions of the Automotive industry in Mexico and let attendees to hear from industry experts and OEM's about the opportunities to participate in the industry value chain. The attendees will also have the opportunity of participating in B2B Meetings and Plant visits to some of the assembly plants in the Bajio area. Among the main speakers are Keishi Egawa, President & CEO of Mazda Motor Manufacturing de Mexico; Eduardo Solis, President of the Mexican Automotive Industry Association; Jun Umemura, Vice President of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing NA, Inc.; Oscar Albin, Executive President of the Mexican Association Of Automotive Parts Manufacturers; among others. Please visit for details.


Kia's suppliers invest in Coahuila

Two new Korean investments will arrive to Torreon, Coahuila within the next two months, with the establishment of two Tier 1 suppliers of the Kia Motors plant, said Eugenio Treviño, President of the National Chamber of Industry (Canacintra) in Torreon. These two companies will generate about 3,000 jobs. Recently, Yura Corporation invested US$78 million to provide Kia with harnesses production, generating 4,000 jobs in La Laguna. The State of Coahuila is the third automotive export entity in Mexico and the second most important Kia´s supplier.

Source: Cluster Industrial

New companies arrive to Chihuahua

At least six new companies will be inaugurated in Ciudad Juarez within the upcoming months and will generate 10,000 jobs. Jorge Russek Valles, Minister of Economy to Chihuahua, said that three other companies will settle in the State, amounting a total of nine firms that belong to the automotive, electronics and aerospace sectors, which names cannot be disclosed yet. Mr. Russek noted that the Ministry is trying to establish a process that helps to boost the national industry, from the experience of the people involved in the manufacturing sector.


Mexico, automotive industry leader in Latin America

Mexico will lead the automotive manufacturing in Latin America, as many of the countries in the region closed the year with negative numbers in this sector, said the Latin American Association of Automobile Dealers (ALADDA). Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador registered a drop in total sales during the first seven months of 2015. Only Mexico had positive results, with an increase of 20.9% in sales during this same period. Brazil reported a drop of 21% in vehicles commercialization, accumulated from January to June 2015. The Argentine automotive market had a reduction of 15.01%. In Chile, sales were down a 20.31%; Colombia had a 5.48% reduction in commercialization; Peru fell a 7.47%; and Ecuador had a decreasing of 19.37%.

Source: El Horizonte

Mexico could receive additional investments soon

Alberto Torrijos, partner of the Deloitte consultant, said that in a short term, Mexico could receive a couple of announcements from two Asian companies who have not established a manufacturing complex in the country yet. Armando Ortega Bravo, Director of the ITESM's Center for the Development of the Automotive Industry (CEDIAM) in the State of Mexico, said that it is possible that new plants to be established in the country, but it is increasingly less probable, because the most recognized brands competing for the U.S. and European market are already settled in the country. However, he noted that a good possibility could be that new brands come to Mexico through a joint venture with an OEM already established, before establishing a plant by their own.

Source: Excelsior

BMW Group prepares workforce for its new plant in SLP

With its production plant in San Luis Potosi still under construction, BMW has already inaugurated its training center for workers, where the company is able to instruct 25 mechatronics technicians, 15 mechanical engineers and 10 mechatronics engineers specialized in the automotive industry. Executives from BMW informed that they have not signed supplying agreements for this plant yet, but its objective is to take advantage of the capacity of 84 Mexican firms related with the automotive sector. It is estimated for the new plant to reach a production of up to 150,000 units yearly.

Source: MexicoXPORT

Interceramic to invest in a state-of-the-art new plant

The Mexican company, Interceramic, plans to invest about US$70 million for a new plant that will have a state-of-the-art technology to supply floors and coatings to the Mexican and Central America markets, said Victor Almeida Garcia, Interceramic's President and General Director. The growth that the Company has had this year is based on important investments, teamwork, a renewed image of the premises, the innovation and technology as well. Mr. Almeida Garcia expressed that the company still analyzes where in the country the new plant will be established, due that there are several entities that offer incentives for the company, including training for its workforce.

Source: Omnia

Conference to analyze manufacturing trends

The conference "U.S.-Mexico Manufacturing: Back in the Race" will be held on October 9, 2015 at the El Paso Marriott. The conference is hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, El Paso Branch. In this event, industry experts and researchers will discuss trends, such as manufacturing clusters, next-shoring, just-in-time inventory and Mexico's transition to high-skilled manufacturing; the stronger U.S.-Mexico cooperation, including improvements to border infrastructure. Also, the workforce challenges-addressing possible skills gaps in manufacturing and changes to workforce productivity in recent years and the rising business costs - including high utility rates, benefits of Mexico's energy reforms to manufacturers, and cost-reduction strategies and innovation. For more information and registration, please visit

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas