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Bulletin 726 - Friday, August 28, 2015

Hisense establishes in Mexico its largest plant outside of China

The Chinese Company Hisense, with four years selling flat screens in Mexico, will be soon one of the major players in the high-tech manufacturing sector. Hisense is China’s number one selling brand of TVs, besides tablets, smartphones and white goods. Recently, the company bought the Sharp’s plant in Tijuana and the use of the brand across America for more than US$23 million. David Gold, CEO of Hisense Mexico, said that "the objective is to bring the total portfolio, including mobile phones, tablets, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioning. We want to export to Canada, U.S., Central America and Latin America from Rosarito, in Tijuana". It is estimated that within the next three years 3,000 jobs will be reached. "Hisense is the fourth largest screens manufacturer. With the factory in Rosarito we can exceed the 20 million screens, with this, Mexico becomes the second most important production plant of the brand and the largest plant outside of China", said Mr. Gold.

Source: Milenio

Bancomext allocates over US$3 billion to the automotive sector

Arturo Sojo Quiroz, Director of financial intermediaries, said that from December 2014 to July 2015, Bancomext granted more than US$3.1 billion to support the automotive sector, out of which US$2.247 billion were allocated to programs for local and international factoring, while US$917 million to credit lines, benefiting more than 50 companies. The funding granted by Bancomext to the automotive sector grew 31% over the previous year, equivalent to US$781 million. About the funding proposal to Renault to establish production facilities in Mexico, Victor Manuel de la Cruz de los Santos, Director of the automotive sector of Bancomext, said that there is not a definite date yet, so this is still being discussed by the board of the French company.


IEnova seeks to install a pipeline in the Samalayuca-Sasabe region

The Nova Energy Infrastructure Company (IEnova) will participate in the tender to provide the service of transporting natural gas by pipeline to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), in the section Samalayuca-Sasabe. If IEnova wins the bid, it would be responsible for the overall implementation of the project, including obtaining permits, land acquisition and property rights, engineering, construction, financing, operation and maintenance. The pipeline Samalayuca-Sasabe will transport natural gas from Waha, Texas, to meet the fuel requirements in the power generation for the CFE in the states of Chihuahua and Sonora, as well as in the North and Northwest regions of the country; it will connect with the Sasabe-Guaymas pipeline, currently under construction, and the San Isidro-Samalayuca pipeline, currently under bidding process. The project will require an estimated of US$961 million investment.

Source: El Norte

Oil industry companies seek for the second bid

Fourteen companies were approved to participate in the second bidding of the Round One for the exploitation of shallow waters in the Gulf of Mexico, reported the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH). The companies that participate individually are: Chevron, CNOOC, Spanish Oil Company, Dea Deutsche Erdoel, Lukoil, ONGC Vides, Plains Acquisition, Statoil and Shell. The participating companies under a consortium agreement are: Eni International and Exploration House; Panamerican Energy with E&P Hydrocarbons; Firewood with Petrobal; Petronas Carigali with GALP Energy; Talos Energy with Sierra Oil and Gas and Carso Oil and Gas. The second bidding call in Round One includes nine fields in shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico to be awarded by five contracts with certified reserve 2P.

Source: Manufactura

Investment of US$665 million arrives to Chihuahua

The State of Chihuahua received US$665 million of FDI during the first half of 2015, reported the Ministry of Economy. Data submitted by the Economic Handbook of the Ministry of Economy indicate that FDI levels are very similar to those of 2014, where Chihuahua received a total of US$1.15 billion. This amount represents the 5% of the national total, ranking fourth in attracting investment, after Mexico City (44%), the State of Mexico (7.5%) and Jalisco (5.4%). Nationally, the FDI grew 45%, as reported by national media.


Industrial Engineering Conference to be conducted in Chihuahua

The National College of Industrial Engineers (CONAII) Chihuahua division will conduct the CONAII’s National Conference. Dr. Renzo Herrera, CONAII’s Chihuahua President, pointed out that this Conference is geared for Industrial Sector Professionals and that will be held on September 10-11th at the facilities of the National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) in Chihuahua City. Manuel Russek Valles, Minister of Economy, expressed that more than 70 conferences and conventions of various industry sectors will be conducted by year-end.

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Multinational companies seek to invest in Mexico City

The Executive Council of Global Enterprises (CEEG) will invest US$2.5 billion for development projects in Mexico City, which will generate more than 3,500 direct and indirect jobs. This investment represents the creating of 1,400 direct jobs and 2,148 indirect jobs for the City. The investments are aimed at the sectors of food, retail, electrical-electronic, energy, pharmaceutical, logistics and infrastructure, metallurgical, chemical and non-financial services, incorporating innovation.

Source: CNN

Novartis triples investment in Mexico

Novartis Mexico will seek to increase US$50 million its investment for the innovation and development area of clinical research, over a period of five years, said Alexis Serlin, President of Novartis in Mexico. Currently, the investment amounts US$3 million per year and it is expected to triple to reach the US$10 million per year. Economically speaking, it's an investment that brings benefits six to one, ie, that the US$50 million could be raised to US$300 million, due to all the industries that are involved. This will allow the development of more Mexican researchers, encouraging them to study molecules and diseases.

Source: Manufactura

Guanajuato receives U.S. investment

The American company SRG Global will expand its plant in the Castro del Rio Industrial Park in Irapuato, Guanajuato, in order to double its production by 2017. The expansion will be made in an area of 20,000 m2. The plant will have a state-of-the-art chromating line, considered one of the most modern lines in this kind of technology. The investment in this new facility is per US$75 million and will help to reach the 500 jobs generated. Some of SRG Global customers include Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Honda; in addition to Tier 1 suppliers as Kasai, among others. The Governor of the State, Miguel Marquez Marquez, said that Guanajuato has become an attraction pole of the most important investments in the country for this sector, as 3 in 10 dollars of foreign investment are allocated to the Entity.

Source: El Economista