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Bulletin 725 - Friday, August 21, 2015

Clean energy, a great opportunity to invest

The Ministry of Energy projected State´s investments valued at US$107 billion for the next seven years, to allocate them to wind and solar energy. Companies such as Mexichem, Enel Green Power, Acciona, Intergen, Genermex, Grupo Mexico, Autlan, ILIOSS, Iberdrola and AES Corporation seek to break into this business, by having the experience and available capital. These companies project investments for over US$10 billion in several energy projects in Mexico.

Source: El Informador

Baja California seeks for Korean suppliers for the electronics industry

Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, met with the Korean Electronics Association to promote the advantages of the arrival of new suppliers to the electronics industry in Baja California. The Association represents the electronic sector of Mexico and includes companies such as LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Daewoo, among others. Regarding the proposed Asian companies, Mr. Vega de Lamadrid emphasized that efforts to improve and build infrastructure to increase competitiveness in Baja California are a good promotion for new businesses and for the growth of companies established in the region, boosting the creation of more and better jobs for Baja California.

Source: Revista Campestre

Bosal Mexico invests in Arteaga

The State of Coahuila's Governor, Ruben Moreira Valdez, announced the investment of US$32 million by the Bosal Mexico Company. This investment will generate 180 direct jobs in the Municipality of Arteaga. Bosal is a Belgian automaker dedicated to produce emission control systems and will begin operations by March 2016. This plant will be the second one established in Arteaga, Coahuila. The Company employs more than 5,500 people in 34 manufacturing plants and 18 distribution centers in the world.

Source: AMPIP

Employment grows 6% in Tamaulipas

The maquiladora industry in Reynosa grew this year, having an increase of 6% in jobs generation, said Emilio Cadena Rubio, President of Index in Mexico. "From April 2014 to April 2015, imports and exports grew by 2.98% and 10.39% respectively, compared with the same period last year", expressed Mr. Cadena to the General Managers of the maquiladora industry in Reynosa. He explained that less than 1% of employers in the manufacturing sector in Mexico, supports 60% of the jobs created in the country. Recently, there have been important advances for the manufacturing industry to have a greater participation in the decisions taken by the government to ensure a framework of fair competition.

Source: El Norte

Companies seek to establish in Celaya

Around 63 national and international (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish) companies are seeking to invest US$750 million and create 8,000 jobs in Celaya, Guanajuato, reported Fernando Vera Noble, Director of Economic Development. Those companies belong to different sectors such as food, metal-mechanical, logistics, commercial and services. To make the investment, these firms have planned visits over the next three years, in order to make feasibility studies, evaluate human capital, services, roads, transport, etc.; in addition to evaluate the strategic location for their market and their raw material; explained Mr. Noble Vera.

Source: Cluster Industrial

Evercast opens new plant in Guanajuato

The Saltillo Industrial Group (GIS) and the ZF-TRW Company inaugurated the Evercast's new plant in Irapuato, Guanajuato, with an investment of US$120 million. The Company, dedicated to the foundry and machining of auto-parts, is located at the Apolo Industrial Park and it will produce nodular-iron security components such as calipers, brackets and adaptors for the automotive braking systems. Hector Galindo, Evercast's General Director, disclosed that 250 people will be hired by the end of 2015, reaching the 500 jobs by 2016. Miguel Marquez Marquez, Guanajuato's Governor, expressed that the State has achieved US$7.5 billion of investment and generated 50,000 jobs for the automotive sector mainly, during the last three years.

Source: El Financiero

Henniges Automotive builds new plant in Durango

Henniges Automotive Holdings, Inc. broke ground on its new manufacturing plant in Gomez Palacio, Durango. It is expected that the plant begins operations by 2016, generating 1,200 jobs. This is the fourth plant of the company in Mexico and it will occupy a space of 30,000 square meters, being the largest factory in Mexico, and the second largest worldwide. The Gomez Palacio plant will produce sealing systems for the automotive industry, such as dynamic seals for windshield and windows; anti-vibration systems, such as bushings, exhaust pipe suspension systems and central bearings, will be also produced here.

Source: Chiquini

Vitro will expand its production of flat glass

The Mexican Company Vitro, a glass maker, announced that will invest US$85 million to expand its production capacity of flat glass, facing the optimistic expectations for the automotive and construction markets. This expansion will involve the construction of a new float glass furnace that will be operational by 2017. This furnace will be added to the current capacity of other three furnaces. In addition to this expansion, the float glass furnace that operates in Mexicali, will enter in a maintenance phase in mid-2016 that will be used to expand its production capacity as well.

Source: El Economista

MANDO arrives to Coahuila

With an investment of US$170 million and the generation of 3,000 jobs over a period of five years, MANDO arrives to Arteaga, Coahuila to produce suspensions, brakes and transmissions systems for the automotive industry. The Company will initially invest US$100 million, creating 1,200 jobs and will bring a portfolio of 8 providers that will invest more than US$100 million. MANDO will supply KIA and General Motors, according to sources of the automotive sector.

Source: Vanguardia