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Bulletin 724 - Friday, August 14, 2015

Aerospace Summit to be held in Queretaro

For the fourth consecutive year, the next edition of the Mexico's Aerospace Summit will be held in Queretaro's Congress Centre on September 3rd and 4th, 2015. This forum will promote business in the State, expecting to receive more than a thousand executives from the aerospace industry in Mexico and worldwide. In this regard, the FDI Intelligence (a division of the Financial Times Ltd) disclosed that Queretaro and Chihuahua dominate attracting foreign investment projects for the Aerospace Industry in Mexico. The agency states that these projects represent an investment of US$3 billion and allow the creation of over 7,400 jobs in Queretaro. As for the State of Chihuahua, it reports that is another of the most successful Mexican entities, ranking eleventh worldwide having 13 projects from 2009 to March 2015. Currently, the Ministry of Development Sustainable (SEDESU) in Chihuahua has an investment portfolio of more than US$500 million in aviation projects, 100 of which must be set for next October.

Source: OEM

New clusters to establish in Ciudad Juarez

At least four clusters will be built in Ciudad Juarez in order to develop its potential in strategic branches of the economic activity, such as the medical industry, the medical tourism, the automotive sector and energy exploitation. Carlos Yates, ProMexico's Director in Chihuahua, said that in order to bring a vehicle assembly plant is essential to have an organized automotive sector within a cluster. Mr. Yates said that a medical industry cluster is also being organized and it has great potential and experience in the City. There are companies that manufacture products with the latest technology used in advanced health procedures. For his part, Felipe Galan Uribe, Manager of Energy of Economic Development in Ciudad Juarez, said that several works are conducted to create an energy cluster. He also reported that there is a possibility to extract shale gas from the undergrounds of Chihuahua. Lorenzo Soberanes Maya, President of the Medical Association of Ciudad Juarez, said that the organization for a medical tourism sector cluster is in progress. It represents a billions of dollars market and seeks to attract U.S. patients that are located in the City.


Automotive sector to increase the industrial IT business

The IT market value will triple within the next five years, as a result of the infrastructure development and the growth of cars manufacturing in Mexico, according to estimations of Rittal, an industrial solutions global provider. Currently, this business is US$15 billion worth yearly and it could reach the US$45 billion for the next five years. Rittal seeks to be positioned as a leader in Mexico, due that its sales presented an increase of 42% in the first semester of 2015, informed Guillermo Hernandez, Rittal's General Director in Mexico. The Company expects to reach a growth of over 20% for the next five years, by participating into the biggest infrastructure projects or manufacturing plants in the Country.

Source: El Financiero

French companies arrive to Queretaro

It is expected that eight French companies of the automotive, aeronautical and IT sectors, come to Queretaro to settle here this year, expressed Flore Saintagne, representative of the Communication and Employment for the Franc-Mexican Chamber in the Bajio region. He explained that those companies have good contacts of suppliers and clients in the aeronautical industry. Ms. Saintagne disclosed that, there are around 30 French capital projects that analyze Mexico as a possible investment destination for 2016.

Source: Somos Industria

Durango has the largest investment project in timber industry

The largest investment project in the national timber industry in recent years is located in Durango, said Ricardo Ociel Navarrete Gomez, Minister of Economic Development of the State Government. This MDF's plant will have an annual processing capacity of 200,000 cubic meters of wood, making it the largest factory in Latin America. The construction takes a breakthrough, so it is expected that this mega plant starts operations by 2016. With an investment of US$132 million, this project will trigger the creation of centers for forest products collecting in marginalized areas of the Sierra de Durango region. Besides that, it will boost the development of the productive chain of the local furniture industry. With this investment, MASISA Durango consolidates as one of the world's largest forest derivate products companies, said Mr. Navarrete Gomez.

Source: El Sol de Durango

Manufacturing activity increases in Mexico

The Manufacturing Orders Indicator (IPM) grew 0.7 points in July 2015 compared to the same month in 2014, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). By subsector groups of the economic activity, the seven categories that constitute the IPM showed annual progresses with deseasonalised figures. INEGI stated that the IPM showed a level of 52.7 points in deseasonalised figures in July, which meant a monthly increase of 0.19 points, accumulating 71 consecutive months above the average of 50 points. Regarding the annual comparison using original data, the expectations for the manufacturing sector related to the exports and inventory of finished products, recorded a 1.2 points growth, individually. While expectations related to the investment in plant and equipment rose 0.8 points, mainly in July this year.

Source: Manufactura

The construction of a wind power company authorized in Oaxaca

The Ministry of Energy reported that the Zapotecan community of Juchitan de Zaragoza, Oaxaca, gave its consent to the company Energía Eólica del Sur for the construction and operation of the proposed wind power generation project. It will have a total capacity of 396 MW and an estimated production of 1,310 GWh with an estimated cost of US$932.5 million, representing one of the most important investments for the wind industry in Oaxaca in the recent years. The benefits of the project include the implementation of a strategy of energy sustainability to support the community by promoting the use of clean energy and the energy efficiency.

Source: La Jornada

Kostal inaugurates new plant in Queretaro

The German company Kostal started operations of its second plant in the State, with an investment of US$40 million. This factory is located at the Queretaro Industrial Park and will generate about 250 jobs. The plant occupies a 12,000 square meters area, where processes of plastic injection and special paint for automotive industry components will be conducted. Marcelo Lopez Sanchez, Minister of Sustainable Development for the State, remarked that the number of German companies has increased from 54 to 124 during the last six years, representing a 130% growth.


Source: El Economista