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Bulletin 721 - Friday, July 24, 2015

Queretaro, with 30 investment projects knocking on the door

The municipality of Queretaro registered 47 investment projects, amounting US$645 million. According to Queretaro's Economic Development Department, there was a 36% progress in attracting those projects, by the end of June. The Director of Queretaro's Economic Development, Alejandro Maccise Aguirre, commented that the locality has consolidated 17 investment projects for a total of US$193.5 million during the first half 2015. Furthermore, the official confirmed that there are 30 more projects, with an investment of US$451.6 million that could be executed within the next months.

Source: El Economista

New IBIDEN's plant inaugurated in San Luis Potosi

Recently, the new plant of the diesel particle filters manufacturer, IBIDEN, was inaugurated in San Luis Potosi. With an investment of US$109 million and the generation of 300 jobs, the 24,000 square meters building is located at the Logistik II Industrial Park in this city. Hiroki Takenaka, IBIDEN's President, said that they decided to install in San Luis Potosi, due to its access to the U.S. market, its weather and its skilled labor. These IBIDEN's facilities will be the Headquarter in Latin America, which will strengthen the automotive cluster of SLP and the Mexico's Central region.

Source: AMPIP

Korean companies will arrive to Coahuila

Eight suppliers of the Korean Mando Corporation have confirmed their establishment in the State of Coahuila. These companies plan to start operations by mid-2016, with an investment of US$150 million and the generation of about 1,200 employments. Jose Antonio Gutierrez Jardon, Minister of Economic Development in the State, informed that the official announcement of these arrivals will be released next August.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Manufacturing sector boosts Baja California's economy

The State of Baja California ranks second national place in manufacturing industry, as a result of the creation of 4,856 jobs from March to April 2015, to reach a total of 21,871 working places from April 2014 to April 2015. The exports index had a 3.4% monthly increase and a 25.4% per year, placing Baja California in the fourth place for both categories. The manufacturing sector represents more than 20% of the gross domestic product in the Entity, ranking third as the State with greatest exports volume in the country.

Source: Industrial News

20 companies to establish in the new Micro Industrial Park in Chihuahua

The National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), announced that 20 companies are interested in being part of the new Micro Industrial Park, located in the State of Chihuahua. This new Industrial park is part of Index' efforts for a national industry value chain integration. The project, which will adopt a "manufacturing bunker" concept, will have a surface of 10 hectares including an engineering design center. It is expected that this new industrial park will be completed by the end of the year.

Source: Net Noticias

Mexico, expects important investments

The Movement of French Enterprises (MEDEF) and Coparmex signed the Framework Agreement for Economic Promotion, with the aim of exchanging experiences on policies of initial vocational training and employment, and initiatives for innovation, technological development and education. From structural reforms, the telecommunications sector has also received investments of over US$5 billion. Pepsico, Mondelez, Heineken and Constellation Brands, among others, have invested large amounts of money in Mexico to transform the farm produce and commercialize it. Bafar Group will invest US$650 million over the next four years for the construction of an industrial complex in the State of Michoacan and the improvement of its operations, said Eugenio Baeza, General Manager of the company. The head of the Ministry of Economy (SE), Ildefonso Guajardo, said that the expansion project includes a power cogeneration plant with an investment of over US$16 million. This will generate more than 5 thousand jobs in the Michoacan and an increase in the meat production capacity for the Mexican industry.

Source: El Informador

Ternium and Nemak to be KIA's suppliers in Nuevo Leon

Ternium and Nemak will be among the 20 local companies that will supply KIA in Mexico, according to Sean Base Kim, KIA's President in the country. Mr. Sean Base Kim presented the steel press that will shape the Forte model. This machinery has the capacity to produce 15 units of steel per minute, and at least about 100 workers, between supervisors and engineers, are responsible for its installation. KIA invested US$75 million in this press and it is expected to be installed within the next two months. Meanwhile, Maximo Bedoya, Ternium's President said that the highly-specialized steel testing phase in the KIA's plant in Korea, finished last year. Ternium expects to supply at least 50% of the raw material required for KIA's production.

Source: En Movimiento

More good news to Mexico from France

After the Mexican government visited France, an agreement to double their bilateral trade per US$11 billion over the next two years was established. More than 60 agreements on health, aerospace, automotive, education were signed to operate faster and more efficiently these areas, as they are the main pillars of economic development for both nations. The National Bank of Foreign Trade (Bancomext) and the Societe Generale, French financial institution, signed a document to hire a credit line for US$100 million to support the trade development between these two nations. Finally, an agreement between Bancomext, Promecap and French companies interested in investing in Mexico was signed with the aim of encouraging investment in the aerospace sector, in order to develop the supply chain for large aerospace companies settled in Mexico, such as Airbus Helicopters.

Source: Mexican Business Web

SunEdison inaugurates solar module plant in Chihuahua

The company SunEdison inaugurated its assembly plant for solar modules in the city of Chihuahua, to meet the growing demand for clean and efficient energy. Peter Eschenbach, SunEdison's General Director in Mexico, revealed that this plant has reached its maximum production capacity, reaching a production of up to 1.3 million solar panels a year, equivalent to 450 megawatts of capacity. The factory has 1,100 employees that work in five production lines assembling three panels per minute, totaling 27,000 modules per week. SunEdison also works in the market of roofing systems for businesses and homes, and collaborates with a local partners network for sunroofs commercialization and installation. Currently, the company is developing a new initiative for residential consumers, with the aim of boosting sales and making solar power more accessible, said Mr. Eschenbach.

Source: Executive World Express