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Bulletin 719 - Friday, July 10, 2015

Nuevo Leon Mega Solar Park project has been cleared

Mexico's Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) issued a permit to install the Photovoltaic Park in the Municipality of Marin, Nuevo Leon, with a 54.9-megawatt capacity, enough to supply energy to more than five companies and the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL). The project will be developed by the CWG firm and its Spanish partner Dhamma Energy, thus reduciung the electricity cost for UANL and some local firms, such as Energeticos Centrifugados del Norte. The initial investment will amount US$100 million and it will have a second stage, with a capacity to generate 50-megawatt. The plant construction will begin in October 2016, on a 269-hectare area and it is expected to start operations by June 2017, according to CRE's regulation.

Source: El Norte

Japanese industry in Mexico is growing beyond the automotive sector

Japanese firms are starting to consider Mexico beyond the automotive sector, due that the structural reforms are opening new bets to investment, specifically the energy reform, commented Akira Yamada, Japan Ambassador to Mexico. He highlighted that many companies send missions to Mexico seeking for business opportunities, specifically in oil and electricity sectors. Besides, he said that there are many opportunities for Mexico to expand its business with Japan, not only in exports trade, but in several kinds of businesses.

Source: El Economista

Automotive sector, "at full speed" in Queretaro

Due the dynamic of the national and regional industry, automotive companies in Queretaro bet for the added value, with more sophisticated processes, assured Marcelo Lopez Sanchez, Minister of Sustainable Development (SEDESU) in the State. Currently, the industries produce more complex pieces each time, for example, electronic systems, such as trip computers, electronic brake systems, gears, among others.

Mr. Lopez Sanchez remarked that the Queretaro's automotive industry is growing at a rate of 6-7% per year, so an investment of US$500 million is estimated for the sector this 2015.

Source: El Economista

Audi attracted 57 suppliers to Mexico

Alfons Dintner, President of Audi in Mexico, informed that with the construction of the new Audi's Plant in San Jose de Chiapa, Puebla, 57 suppliers' plants have come to Mexico and that will generate around 20,000 direct jobs. The new Audi's plant will start assembling the SUV Q5 in the second half of 2016, with 65% of local integration, and an expected of 90% by 2020. Mr. Dintner also commented that 7 of these 57 suppliers are installed in a park near to the plant, aligned to the "just in sequence" model, where each vehicle on the production line will have a different configuration according to the customer's requirements. The San Jose de Chiapa plant will be the third biggest that the Company has globally, with a 460 thousand hectares of surface.

Source: Manufactura

Aguascalientes will have a new industrial park

Javier Soriano Gonzalez, Director of Quimisor Group, announced the construction of a new plastics processing plant, with an initial investment of US$9.6 million and the creation of a specialized logistics industrial park for this industrial sector, which will require an investment of up to US$29 million. Once that the construction works are finished, the park could get to have an investment of more than US$38.7 million. it will be necessary to generate 150 direct jobs and 300 indirect jobs to build this new industrial infrastructure. 50 new jobs will also be generated for the operation of the new plant once it starts its operations. The first operations will be granted to Quimisor Group. In a subsequent stage, the park will be available to other companies in the plastics industry, which will ensure direct attention to their clients, mainly in the automotive industry.

Source: El Sol del Centro

German entrepreneurs interested to invest in Tlaxcala

A group of German businessmen visited Vesta's micro Industrial Park, located in Xicotencatl II Industrial City, in Huamantla, Tlaxcala; the facilities of Kathrein in Xicotencatl I Industrial City, in Tetla, and the Schlemmer Company, in Papalotla. The executives highlighted the support of the State Government to consolidate their businesses and noted the benefits that Tlaxcala offers to investors, due its strategic geographic location, easy training of human resources and secure environment. Peter Driessen, General Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria, stressed the qualities offered by the State to investors such as administrative simplification and the potential and availability of labor, which makes Tlaxcala extremely attractive for business.

Source: Indice 7

Jalisco is seeking German business partners

In the framework of the 2015 Edition of the Bilateral Business Summit (BBS) in Munich, local companies will seek to establish business relationships with German Industry firms such as Audi and BMW. "Puebla is clearly identified by German companies due to Volkswagen; meanwhile, Jalisco had a less privileged place in its mind. With this event, it is expected that Germans notice that Jalisco is also working on attracting automotive investments", commented Andre Huber, Coordinator of the International Economic Promotion of the Ministry of Economic Development in Jalisco (SEDECO). Exports in the State have reached the US$284 million this year, and it is expected to increase this amount with the results of the BBS.

Source: El Mural

Four automotive companies interested in Coahuila

During its ninth business mission to South Korea, executives from the State of Coahuila presented the advantages and benefits that the State offers to investors to 30 enterprises' representatives, having great interest from 4 of them. Jose Antonio Gutierrez Jardon, Minister of Economic Development, Competitiveness and Tourism, commented that, during a seminar organized by ProMexico, they had various business meetings, and more than four encounters with representatives of automotive companies interested in the Kia Motors' project. Mr. Gutierrez Jardon added that there are firms not only interested in Kia, but also seeking to become providers of plants already installed in Coahuila, such as General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and Daimler Trucks.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Nuevo Leon attracts new multinational investments

With an investment of over US$240 million, two Kia Motor's Korean Suppliers (Seohan and Kraen), Ball Corporation and Schulmberger are expanding their operations in Nuevo Leon in the FINSA Guadalupe Industrial Park. This complex just had an expansion of the Nifco firm, totaling US$80 million investment and generating 700 employments. In addition, the FINSA's CEO Sergio Arguelles disclosed that the Company Carrier is preparing an expansion, which will surely be installed in the Santa Catarina FINSA Complex. A broker informed that Ball Corporation (a cans maker) will invest US$200 million and will generate over 350 direct Jobs; Kraen will invest US$10 million in a 7,400 square meters plant. As for Schlumberger, it is building a new plant with a US$18 million investment.

Source: El Norte