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Bulletin 716 - Friday, June 19, 2015

Derkwoo will install its first plant in Queretaro

The Derkwoo Electronics Company, auto-parts manufacturer, will install its first plant in Mexico, with a US$2.6 million investment, it will generate about 80 direct employments and will be located in the municipality of San Juan Del Rio, Queretaro, informed Marcelo Lopez Sanchez, Minister of Sustainable Development in the State. Mr. Lopez Sanchez acknowledged two comparative advantages of this location: logistics connectivity and skilled labor development for different technologies. He also commented that, from these factors, San Juan del Rio shows favorable conditions to be consolidated as Queretaro's most important development hub and it will be able to compete with other municipalities such as El Marques and Colon that have been constantly attracting investments.

Source: El Economista

Japanese enterprises will be installed in Jalisco

Jorge Aristoteles Sandoval announced the installation of two Japanese companies in the Colinas del Lago Industrial Park, adding up to twelve companies settled in this industrial complex. The newcomers are Stanley Electric and Yasunaga Company, manufactures of engine auto-parts and automotive lights. Both investments amount US$73 million and it is expected that the companies start operations by 2017. In a first stage, more than 300 jobs will be created. Currently, 89 out of the 280 hectares of Colinas del Lago Industrial Park, were purchased by foreign entrepreneurs of the automotive sector. So far, 12 factories have been installed in the Industrial complex, with an investment of US$300 million and the creation of 2,000 employments.

Source: El Informador

Coahuila's Governor announces new investment for the State

Coahuila's Governor Ruben Moreira Valdez and Woo-Won Son, CEO at Mando Corporation Mexico, announced an investment of US$206.6 million, which is expected to bring about 1,300 new direct jobs. Together with Mando, five of its suppliers will arrive: Daeil, Taesan, Jingsung, Tsr, and Kodaco. It is expected that the industrial complex's construction begins next July, to be finished by mid-2016 and start production by late 2016.

Source: Cluster Industrial

Mitsui Chemical confirmed investment in Aguascalientes

The President of Advanced Composites, Seiji Oshima and Mitsui Chemical's CEO, Tsutomu Tannowa, confirmed a US$5.3 million investment to expand a new plant and turn into Mitsui Chemical Mexico, generating 200 new jobs. The plant will be located at the San Francisco Industrial Park, where the first Advanced Composites plant is located too. Once the new facilities are finished, they will be called Mitsui Chemical. Tsutomu Tannowa informed that this expansion will be aimed to meet the production goals of polypropylene compounds, which are delivered to customers as "pellets" to be transformed into automotive products such as dashboards, fascia boards and body plastics for various vehicle models.

Source: AMPIP

Foreign investment increasing in Mexico

Foreign firms such as Mahle, Chromalloy, Sid Richardson, Cyprium Mining Corporation and Thyssen Krupp, prepare investments that surpass US$500 million for expansions and new plants in different cities in the country. Mahle will open two new production units to manufacture automotive components, one of them at Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila and other at Celaya, Guanajuato, with an investment of US$59 million. They will generate 140 jobs and expect to have 500 occupations by 2018. The American Company Chromalloy will double its productive capacity of gas-turbine engines for the aerospace sector and will raise its workforce from 85 to 250 people. The Canadian Corporation Cyprium Mining prepares a US$400 million investment to optimize its operation processes and double its flotation plant capacity in the Municipality of Aldama, Chihuahua. Thyssen Krupp disclosed an investment of US$71 million yearly until 2020, in North America, in order to expand the capacity of its plants in Mexico and the U.S. to comply with new purchase requisitions, build new facilities and expand the existing ones in Mexico. Meanwhile, Sid Richardson is planning to construct a plant of carbon black to cater to the new tire manufacturer settling in Mexico, but the location has not been decided yet.

Source: El Norte

Veracruz abides Mexico's largest foreign investment project

A new plastics supplier factory to serve automotive coating and products wrapping companies, will be located in the Municipality of Nanchital, Veracruz, at an estimated worth of US$5.2 billion, which makes it the largest ongoing automotive investment project at the moment, surpassing the US$3.5 billion projected by GM. This is Latin America's main petrochemical project, "Etileno XXI" which reports a 93% of construction progress and is therefore, bound to start operations within a few months, after four years of having laid the first stone, and after seven years of having been leased by the Brazilian petrochemical Company Braskem and the Mexican Firm Idesa. During its four-year construction period, more than 95% of the 7 to 12 thousand workers hired by Etileno XXI were Mexican. However, due to its high level of automation, the plant's operation will only require about 300 people.

Source: El Financiero

Neturen's new plant under construction in Aguascalientes

Neturen Mexico Company laid the first stone of its new plant in Aguascalientes. The State's Governor, Carlos Lozano de la Torre and Yasuyuki Nakao, General Director of Neturen Company attended the ceremony. Mr. Yasuyuki Nakao informed that the firm's investment will add up to US$36 million once every stage has been completed and 200 new direct jobs will be created. Machinery and heat treatment services for the automotive industry, parts and machinery tools, will be manufactured in this factory.

Source: El Sol de México

Automotive investment brings Vesta into the Bajio region

The arrival of investment projects to the Bajio region has spurred Vesta Company's decision to build one third of its Industrial parks portfolio in the area, with a US$36 million investment. The new buildings will occupy more than 82 thousand square meters surface. Juan Sottil, Vesta's Finance Director, explained that they have focused in this region due to the high potential generated by the arrival of new firms, especially in the automotive sector.

Source: El Financiero

Alcoa Corporation, generating employment in Coahuila

Alcoa recently announced a US$37.7 million investment for the new plant in Ciudad Acuña, which will generate 1,700 new jobs. With this new addition, the number of investment projects underway in Coahuila rises to 87 and counting, currently valued at US$3.6 million. According to the Ministry of Economy, more than half of these funds came from FDI, which is the largest amount recorded in the last 25 years. Besides, Coahuila ranks second in exports in Mexico. The State's Governor Ruben Moreira pointed out that during his administration, 98,335 jobs have been created. Only from the January to May 2015 period, 21,268 employments were created.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo