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Bulletin 694 - Friday, January 2, 2015

Green light for Vuteq Mexico’s second plant

Featuring an investment of US$20 million, Vuteq Corporation will have a second plant in Mexico, located at Parque Industrial “La Amistad” in Piedras Negras City, Coahuila. Setting the goal to begin operations in March 2015 with 150 out of 400 prospect employees.The plant will be built in a surface of 18 thousand square meters and it will manufacture precision machined components, glass transformation, plastics and thermoformed parts for automotive interiors. The first stone was laid by Taro Fukuda, CEO of Vuteq Corporation; Jun Tazawa, President of Vuteq Industries Mexico; Rubén Moreira, Governor of Coahuila and others municipal officials. In addition, the first plant of this company in The Industrial Park Logistik II, Villa de Reyes in San Luis Potosí is also under construction, with a US$20 million investment. Once the production line is running, it will output car glass and plastic components for the automotive industry mainly for GM and Toyota.



Terrafina announces new industrial developments

Terrafina, the industrial real estate specialized firm, has announced the construction of a new industrial facilities in Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico City; Apodaca, Nuevo Leon; San Luis Potosi, SLP and Chihuahua, Chihuahua, which in turn adds 518 thousand square feet to its portfolio. These developments will be located within established industrial parks with occupation levels ranking from 98% to 100% and a focus on export manufacturing, logistics and distribution. The Trust expects to obtain two-digit rates of return from these purchases in the range of 10-12%, which will increase its portfolio.

Source: T21

Mexico, ahead in Latin America exports

Mexican exports recorded the largest USD growth from all Latin America countries in 2014, emphasized an investigation conducted by the American Development Bank (BID), thus growing even above the international average.

Mexico reached US$397 billion in exports, which represent a 5.0 percent increase. “The increase in Mexico’s export has been the most relevant, since this field stands for up to 40% of the region’s market”, reads the document. This growth was driven by a 6.0% increase in sales to USA market, which represents the 80% of Mexican exports.


Source: Manufactura

More industrial parks will be developed by Vesta

Vesta announced that within the next three years will invest US$170 million in developments in Guanajuato for industrial lease to serve companies who aren´t planning to build. Lorenzo Berho Corona, CEO of Vesta Mexico explained that this investment will start in January 2015 with the construction of two industrial units in Puerto Interior Guanajuato, with a 20 thousand hectares surface, each. In addition, Vesta has invested US$32 million during the last six years in Guanajuato. “Nowadays, our industrial buildings are home to 12 companies, generating 1,700 jobs; recently we have concluded two big operations: the acquisition of 47 hectares inside Guanajuato´s Puerto Interior and 36 hectares inside San Miguel de Allende´s Industrial Polygon. This enables Vesta to build up around 380 thousand square meters of new spaces”, said Mr. Berho.


Source: El Economista

Camstar strengthens Siemens PLM

Siemens PLM has set the purchase of Camstar, which positions it ahead in the race to offer a complete MPM service. “This acquisition complements the Siemens’ industrial digitalization strategy by widening its scope of integrated products and solutions for automated production in the electronics, semiconductor and medical supply industries. This action will help industries to develop innovations with a truly integrated digital company. Camstar solutions complements Siemens’ current industrial offer into one of vertical integration”, said the firm in a press release. For Gartner consultant, this acquisition means for Siemens PLM fill current gaps in the markets of high technology, semiconductors, and medical devices. Siemens enlarges its competitiveness in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) with offers for each manufacturing industry and the global market. Camstar also complements the Simantic IT and Enterprise Manufacturer Intelligence offer.


Source: Vanguardia Industrial

Automotive cluster in consolidation

With Kia Motors coming into Nuevo Leon and the establishment of BMW in San Luis Potosi, the arrival and development of supply chain is imminent, which will amply benefit the Southeast, Laguna and North regions with investments from the Asian market to propel the automotive cluster within these states. Jose Antonio Gutierrez Jardon, Secretary of Economic and Competitiveness Development (SEDEC), stated that over the past months, 25 Korean companies have been welcomed in Coahuila for market research. For example, Yura Corporation will be installed at La Laguna region and it will generate 4,000 jobs. The investment for the automotive sector will be generated in Southeast, La Laguna and North region. The SEDEC holder pointed out that they have been promoting cluster regionalization, “because at any rate, the automotive industry seeks chain supply within a 500 kilometer ratio”, said. He made reference to companies located in Acuña City which supply Audi in Puebla and others OEM´s to be installed soon. Finally he talked about the next opening of Japanese companies in Acuña City, suppliers of Takata and others.


Source: Zocalo

Energy sector will attract US$50 billion

“We expect between 2015 and 2016, about US$50 billion foreign funds in this activity”, said Francisco Funtanet Mange, President of the Confederation of Industrial Chamber (CONCAMIN) during a press conference. Pedro Tello Villagran, Analyst of CONCAMIN, emphasized regarding to deepwater fields that are projects of long term maturation, therefore considered that the companies interested will not stop investing, due to the situation of falling prices. Mr. Funtanet said that investors are focused on Mexico after the energy reform and said it will be a big trigger for economic growth and industry. He also accepted that due to the volatility in the oil markets and the exchange rate, economy will increase up to 3.6 percent by 2015.By this year, 678 thousand jobs will be created, he said. In this way, the industrial sector will contribute with 406 thousand jobs and 700 thousand jobs will be created by 2015.


Source: El Financiero

Fiber Macquarie industrial property acquired by US$58 million

Fiber Macquarie Mexico (FIBRAMM) reached an agreement with Ridge Property Trust II in order to acquire an industrial property located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, valued in US$58 million, excluding transaction costs and taxes. The property has two buildings, with a 59.2 thousand square meters area. Jaime Lara, FIBRAMM´s General Director commented: “We have established aggressive growing goals and we expect to invest remaining capital in investments that generate additional value for the industrial and commercial and headquarters segments during the next nine months”. To Fiber Macquarie, the lease will generate $ 5.2 million of net operating income (NOI) by 2015.


Source: Manufactura