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Bulletin 714 - Friday, June 5, 2015

Automotive boom boosts KCSM's railway investment

The boom in the automotive industry and the energy sector is the main reason for Kansas City Southern de Mexico (KCSM) to estimate an investment of US$1.3 billion over the next six years. The company has allocated already over US$634 million in the last two and half years. Jose Zozaya, KCSM's President, said that they're also preparing various infrastructure projects and purchase of new equipment to meet growing customer demand. KCSM team will give detailed monitoring of the special economic zones, such as the State of Michoacan, where the company has a major presence.

Source: El Economista

Guanajuato, with 100 new investment projects

At least 100 new companies are interested in investing in Guanajuato, said Guillermo Romero Pacheco, Minister of Economic Development of the State. Capital investment might come from Japanese and European companies, with projects related to the auto parts, automotive, metalworking, plastics, food, personal care, textile sectors, among others. Mr. Romero Pacheco said the arrival of new companies to the "Las Colinas en Silao" and the "Santa Ana del Conde" Industrial Parks is already underway, and will support the creation of new jobs in the area.

Source: Monitor Economico

Interport Monterrey receives new investments

Interport Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, prepares for the arrival of two new investment projects for two distribution centers, one of them from a Japanese-Korean alliance and the other one from a Korean company, said Mauricio Garza Kalifa, CEO of Interport Monterrey. The port has a 350 thousand hectares area, it has a customs port and an In-Bond Facility. It currently houses Tubacero, a pipe manufacturer for the energy sector, Hamanakodenso and Tokai Rica, these two from the automotive industry. Its connection to the Bajio zone and its rapid access to the U.S. make it a strategic hub for the industry. Mr. Garza Kalifa is planning a second phase of development during 2016 and 2017, as negotiations continue with about 15 companies, mostly from the automotive industry.

Source: T21

The Mando Company arrives to Coahuila with 1,100 employments

Coahuila's Government finalized the strategic alliance with North Korea, negotiating a new Mando Corporation's plant, an automotive sector's company that will invest US$248 million and will generate 1,100 direct employments. Governor Ruben Moreira said that, along with the company, five out of its main suppliers are coming to the State, which would multiply the work places and the investment. Mando is a Magna type company that manufactures auto parts and components for the automotive industry, and is provider for General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen, BMW, Suzuki, Hyundai, and of course Kia Motors, one of the main reasons Mando had, to choose Coahuila.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Robert Bosch invests in new plant in Sonora

The new Robert Bosch's plant has formally started operations last May, with a US$3 million investment, and it's located at the Vie Verte Business Center Industrial Park in Hermosillo City. With this opening, near of 130 employments will be offered to the citizens. This export manufacturing plant will produce items for security systems which will meet the demand of the North American countries.

Source: Industrial News

Amistad Group negotiates more investments for Coahuila

Amistad Group is currently negotiating with four companies, some of them part of the automotive and stamping sector, in order to attract investments to Southern Coahuila, which will generate 1,200 employments. Two of those investments amount up to US$15 million each, and the stamping factory represents a US$7 million asset. Altogether, they would generate 1,200 work places. There are six projects for North Coahuila, with an investment of US$ 55 million and a 3,500 employments generation.

Source: Vanguardia

Flextronics will expand its Jalisco plant

Flextronics Company's executives laid the first stone of their North plant's new building in the Municipality of Zapopan, which will require a US$34 million investment and will generate 5 thousand employments by 2018. This investment includes the construction of the plant and its equipment, as well as setting up the electric power generation plant, in which US$9 million will be invested, explained Gabriel Macias, Operations VP for Flextronics Mexico.

Source: El Economista

Mexico, to lead Bombardier's harnesses production

The Canadian Company Bombardier plans to convert Mexico into a global harnesses production center, to be used in construction of trains. The Subway system in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Toronto, as well as the Toronto's Light trains, the Vancouver's train and the train projects for Kuala Lumpur and Saudi Arabian, have or plan to have harnesses manufactured by Bombardier Mexico. 60% of these exports correspond to harnesses for automotive sector vehicles, and remaining exports go to the electric, aerospace and railway industry. Bombardier analyzes the possibility of producing harnesses in Mexico, to be used in European trains, instead of being produced in Austria and Poland, stated Alfredo Nolasco, representative of Bombardier in Mexico.

Source: El Economista

Silicon Valley companies will invest in Jalisco

Six companies established in Jalisco, based at Silicon Valley in San Jose, California will invest about US$100 million this year, creating about 3 thousand new jobs. These companies are HP, Jabil, Sanmina, Intel, Cisco and Flextronics, and have fulfilled their commitment made at the first work tour of Jalisco's Governor Aristoteles Sandoval and entrepreneurs to San Jose, California. With concerns that the U.S. government began providing incentives to attract Mexican companies to prevent movement of local companies, they gathered with the economic cabinet of the Government of Jalisco and decided to promote investment and employment in the State, so they planned the work tours last May. If every IMEX company (maquiladora and export manufacturing) installed in Jalisco is considered, the total investment would be about US$300 million, and at least 5 thousand new jobs would be generated.

Source: Axopolis

Investment "will land" in Queretaro

The National Center for Aerospace Technology in Queretaro (CNTA) will begin operations by the first quarter of 2016 and will provide technical services to aircraft parts manufacturers and promote research. The project is headed by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) and will have a US$12 million investment from public funds, informed Juan Carlos Ituarte, Undersecretary of Queretaro's Economic Development Department. US$6 million out of the US$12 million, will go to construction, US$4 million for equipment and the remaining US$2 million for staff training. Once the project is completed, “we'll try to engage the private sector”, stated Mr. Ituarte. Meanwhile, Luis Lizcano, General Director of the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industry (FEMIA), estimates that this year, exportations by that could reach US$500 million, 18% more than in 2014.

Source: Reforma

Mitsui to build Auto-part plant in Coahuila

The Japanese manufacturer Mitsui & Co. Ltd. will build a tire factory in Northern Mexico through its affiliate Android Industries, which will have the capacity to satisfy the demand of 300 thousand vehicles. The factory will be built in the city of Saltillo and it is expected to begin operations in March 2016, according to the report.The investment's amount is still undisclosed. Mexico is the seventh largest producer of light vehicles and ranks fifth in auto parts, according to the Mexican government. Mexico exports more than 80% of its production to international markets.

Source: CNN