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Bulletin 713 - Friday, May 29, 2015

Korean and American investments for the 360 Industrial Park in Coahuila

The 360 Industrial Park, currently in construction at Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, is negotiating automotive investments from Korean and American parties and final decisions on these projects are expected by June this year. Jorge Del Bosque de la Peña, entrepreneur and project partner, did not specify the amount of the investment and number of jobs this project would generate, but an important capital injection is underway to complete the construction of the headquarters of this new industrial park, that will also offer logistical support to its client companies. The complex is almost ready and it is expected to start operations within the next three months.

Source: Vanguardia

Maquiladora plants will expand in Cd. Juarez

Ten maquiladora plants are in expansion process, which includes the construction of industrial buildings and integrating new production lines. Israel Beltran, Industrial Promotion Director of the Ministry of Economy Northern Zone, said that Lear Company is integrating new production lines, and the BRP firm will finish the construction of a new building to assemble all-terrain vehicles, offering 1,000 new jobs to locals. He also said that other companies such as Delphi are also being expanded. According to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), until March 2015, 50,044 out of the 251,630 jobs of the transformation sector, correspond to the auto parts sector.

Source: El Diario

Goodyear returns to Mexico due to high demand in America

The rebound in vehicle sales in the U.S. and Mexico, and the increased automobile production, were the main reasons for Goodyear to decide to install its plant in San Luis Potosi, since a demand for 70 million tires is expected in the Americas over the next five years. Martin Rosales, President of Goodyear Mexico, explained that the new plant will supply premium tires to Audi, BMW, KIA and to vehicles that will be manufactured at the new Volkswagen and Ford platforms. The factory´s production capacity is 6 million tires, most of them to serve the Mexican market. Last year, Goodyear sales increased 70% in the country, reaching participation levels of 50% in the medium segment. In Mexico, in addition to the plant, the company plans to remodel its 300 distribution centers within the next three years. The plant in San Luis Potosi will generate 1,000 direct jobs and 5000 indirect jobs in supply chain.

Source: El Universal

Audi accelerates expansion plans in Mexico

"Our brand has been number one in Mexico for five years, and we want to keep the honor for much longer", said Walter Hanek, Audi´s Director in Mexico, who acknowledged that they intend to expand the dealer network to provide more outlets. The territorial expansion includes cities like Hermosillo, Sonora; Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, and Chiapas. According to the executive, sales of Audi cars have recorded an annual growth of 22% through April this year. He explained that unlike other emerging markets, the Mexican economy expectations open the opportunity to expand the market and increase the number of customers.

Source: El Universal

Investment in electronic sector exceeds goal

Companies in the electronics sector in Jalisco, invested this year more than they had planned. According to Juan Alonso Niño Cota, Coordinator of the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco (CCIJ), during the first tour to Silicon Valley last October, investment worth US$93 billion was allotted for several projects during 2015, with the commitment of generating a total of 2,064 jobs. Mr. Niño also mentioned that, during the second work tour to the same region, together with the Governor Aristoteles Sandoval, corporations which have settled in Jalisco, announced that they will end 2015 with investments of up to US$157 million and a total of 3,903 new jobs. This represents a 68.8% increase over the projected investment and 89% additional jobs. The CCIJ´s Coordinator disclosed that the investments come from Flextronics, Intel, Cisco, Jabil, Sanmina, IBM and HP.

Source: El Mural

The Manufacturing sector keeps growing in Baja California

The manufacturing sector in Baja California continues with a positive trend, increasing the value of its production, its number of new jobs, as well as the productivity of the sector, said Carlo Bonfante Olache, Minister of Economic Development. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the value of production in March was US$603.3 million, corresponding to a 9.7% increase compared to February, and 21.2% compared to March 2014. Production value grew 18.4% on average during 2015 first quarter, ranking as the largest increase in the northern border and fourth nationally. Bonfante added that productivity has risen over the past months, recording an average of US$6.217 per employee per month. If this trend continues, the increase in productivity will boost real wages in the manufacturing industry in the State.


NAL Mexico starts operations in San Luis Potosi

The firm North American Lighting Mexico (NAL Mexico), a manufacturer of car headlights, opened its new plant in Colinas de San Luis Industrial Park, in San Luis Potosi, with an investment of US$51.7 million. It has a 20-hectare area and it will create 500 direct jobs. Car headlights will be produced to supply Honda, General Motors, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota. The plant will be the largest in this industrial park, it has already received 16 automotive companies and leverages the infrastructure, logistics and strategic location to stay connected with its customers.

Source: T21

Johnson Controls' new expansion opening soon

An expansion of operations of Johnson Controls´ new plant, located on Alpha Boulevard in the Santa Maria Industrial Park, is bound to be inaugurated in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, as four production lines with a total of 56 high-tech injection molding devices, have been installed. 40 skilled technicians will be hired during the first stage, with an initial investment of about US$10 million. Johnson Controls is an American company that provides products and services to optimize energy efficiency for the automotive and construction industry, in addition to participating in productive sectors with state-of-the-art assemblies.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Gondi Group will invest in new plant in Coahuila

Grupo Gondi will build an industrial cardboard packaging factory in the municipality of Piedras Negras, with an investment of US$47.4 million, creating over 400 formal jobs. A 54 thousand square meters building area has been assigned, with a 25 thousand square meters main room to accommodate the process production area, warehouses, restrooms, locker rooms, lunchroom and training rooms. Also, service areas, rail yards, parking lots, gardens and recreation areas will be included. According to figures from the Ministry of Economy, during the current administration, 85 new investment projects for a total of US$3.5 billion have been executed.

Source: El Financiero

Michelin will invest in Guanajuato

Michelin will invest US$2.3 billion in Leon, Guanajuato, creating 2,500 direct jobs, said Hector Lopez Santillana, former Secretary of Sustainable Economic Development of Guanajuato. Michelin will be installed in the Santa Ana del Conde Industrial Park, located in the South side and it will occupy 100 hectares.

Source: El Economista