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Bulletin 712 - Friday, May 22, 2015

Japanese company invests in Queretaro

Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation arrived to Queretaro, with a US$40 million investment, to manufacture bearings for the automotive industry. The plant will be located in the Aerotech Industrial Park, on a 70 thousand square meters area, with a building of 10 thousand square meters. It will begin operations by 2016 with 300 workers and by 2018, the bearings production is expected to reach 10 thousand units. Since prefabricated bearings are currently supplied to Mexico from Japan and the U.S., the new Queretaro location was picked in order to provide a better customer service and reduce delivery times, said Tsutomu Kurosawa, Director of the bearings Division.

Source: AMPIP

Energy sector will receive private investment

A total of US$30 billion will be invested in various projects of the Mexican energy sector within the next 3 years. Arturo Henriquez Autrey, Corporate Director of Procurement and Supply for Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) reported to foreign investors that the company's budget for procurement is between US$13 and US$15 billion. Erik Legorreta, President of the Mexican Association of Petroleum Industry (Amipe), said that about 30% of this capital will be invested during 2016, while 40% will be spent during 2017 on various projects, including infrastructure, services, drilling and exploration. The projects will be conducted in industrialized areas and in the States of Mexico that are disconnected from the pipeline infrastructure such as Chiapas and Guerrero. Meanwhile Mr. Henriquez stated that this year, Pemex will require services and supplies amounting US$33 billion and about half of these funds have already been allocated, leaving around US$15 billion available for new projects.

Source: El Financiero

Companies from the Automotive Cluster will invest in Nuevo Leon

The arrival of Kia Motors and other automakers in Mexico has prompted companies from the Automotive Cluster of Nuevo Leon (CLAUT) to make investments of US$3 billion between 2014 and 2016. Manuel Montoya Ortega, Director of the CLAUT, said that the sector has positive prospects for 2015 and 2016. Out of the 80 companies that are part of this cluster, which generates 70 thousand jobs, four are automakers, more than 20 are Tier 1 and the rest are Tier 2. Mr. Montoya said that Kia Motors will also bring benefits to other automakers that are coming into the country, such as Toyota, which is settling in Guanajuato and BMW, which is building a plant in San Luis Potosi, with a US$1 billion investment and a prospected installed capacity of 150 thousand units per year.

Source: Cluster Industrial

Japanese automotive company will invest in Jalisco

The foundation stone of the Stanley Electric Manufacturing plant will soon be set in the Colinas del Lago Industrial Park in Jalisco. A Japanese business group will inject US$45.8 million for this project, beginning its first phase with a 2,500 square meters industrial building and creating 160 direct jobs. Jose Palacios Jimenez, Minister of Economic Development (SEDECO) reported that at the end of 2014, US$28.5 million out of the US$153 million invested in Jalisco, were provided by Japanese businessmen.

Source: El Informador

Cadimex will build a new plant in Chihuahua

The Cadimex Company, Avon Automotive division and part of the MGI Coutier French consortium, will build a new plant in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, in a 15,702-square meters area. This auto-parts factory will be located at the Salvarcar Park on Las Torres Avenue in the East Side. Recently, the foundation stone was laid in the presence of local authorities and entrepreneurs, who remarked in the ceremony that the construction plan establishes a plant construction deadline by October this year.

Source: Norte Digital

New "hybrid park" will be brought to Coahuila

The company Canromex is negotiating to install in Coahuila a hybrid energy park (wind / solar) of 40 megawatts, to serve one of the industrial parks in the State, according to Robert Langlois, Company's Director General, who also commented that such projects require around US$100 million investment and an area of nearly 200 hectares. Robert Langlois said that they intend to develop two hybrid parks in our country, as there is another ongoing negotiation with authorities from a central Mexico State, to build a second energy park with the same characteristics. In the case of Coahuila, negotiations are expected to be concluded this year, to start operations and construction process by 2016, and finish it by 2017.

Source: Vanguardia

Taiwan expects greater investments in auto parts companies in Mexico

Taiwan expects that more companies from the auto parts and car equipment industry will arrive to Mexico. Carlos Liao, Ambassador and General Director of Taiwan's Economic and Cultural Office in Mexico, said that there are currently more than 300 Taiwanese companies operating in Mexico, not only in the automotive sector but also telephony, and high-tech appliances, generate more than 60 thousand direct jobs. Mr. Liao gave the example of the Taiwanese Company Macauto, which will invest approximately US$15 million on its first plant in Leon, Guanajuato and it is expected to generate hundreds of jobs. He said he recently met with the governor of Aguascalientes, Carlos Lozano, to explore the possibility to have new companies settle in this strategic zone of Mexico.

Source: Cluster Industrial