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Bulletin 785- Friday, December 9, 2016

Keats Manufacturing announces opening of new plant in Queretaro

The Keats companies have opened a new manufacturing plant in El Marques, Queretaro Mexico. The new plant is the 3rd manufacturing plant under the Keats corporate umbrella. It will operate under the name Keats de Mexico and will manufacture Complex Precision Metal Stampings, Wire Forms & Assemblies for the Automotive, Electrical Distribution, Medical, Electronics, Appliance & Home Automation industries. Keats specializes in Custom Metal Clips, Terminals, Brackets, Heat Sinks, Ground Straps, Shields, Springs, Contacts, Covers, Washers, Antennas, Plates, Inserts, Clamps, Bus Bars, Spacers, Bushings, Caps, Pins, Yokes, Disks, Socket Jaws, Sleeves, Lead Frames, Armatures, Collars, Latches & Blades. The new manufacturing facility is located in Business Park Advance Conin just 10 miles east of Santiago de Queretaro. The building is approximately 15,000 square feet and will employ 15-20 people. Total investment will be approximately US$1 million.

Source: Keats de Mexico

Mexico and Boeing confirm their aerospace collaboration

Both Mexican Authorities and Boeing Executives have reasserted their partnership, and their commitment to expand the areas of aerospace cooperation for the upcoming years. Donna Hrinak, President of Boeing Latin America and Caribbean, remarked the arrival of this company into Mexico, 56 years ago. Moreover, the General Director of Civil Aviation in Mexico, Miguel Pelaez, explained that the Mexican Government is looking to make this country a global logistics platform. "Mexico represents 20% of the elements and components manufacture for Boeing Latin America", he stated. But Mexico, in addition to manufacturing elements and components, wants to assemble complete airplanes. Mr. Pelaez asked Boeing executives to expand their business and contemplate the possibility of being the first ones to provide the opportunity of accomplishing this objective.

Source: Actualidad Aeroespacial

Development of the aerospace industry astonishes European investors

Investors from an aerospace company based in Europe, became acquainted with the opportunities and development that the aerospace industry from Chihuahua City is currently experiencing, while looking for an option to invest in the set-up of a turbine machining operation. The head of the National Committee of the Aerospace Cluster at INDEX, Jose Luis Rodriguez Ramos, detailed that the company is exploring the hubs of development for the Mexican aerospace industry, which is why the Aerospace Cluster from INDEX Chihuahua, presided by Rene Espinoza, put on display the logistics, infrastructure, and labor, advantages, as well as the different Shelter firms available to work with for the industry. According to Rodriguez Ramos, the investors were amazed by the development of the cluster, the machining capabilities, the expertise regarding testing, processes, aero structures and the high level technicians the State of Chihuahua has.

Source: Mexico Industry

Mexico could be a world power in astronomy and aeronautics

Mexico is not a synonym of Astronomy or aeronautic development, but there is growing interest in studying the celestial bodies, their impact on us and how to reach them. As many others, Professor Antonio Eduardo Gutierrez Nava, saw an opportunity for development in this area, as he recently attended the International Astronautical Congress, where he presented a plan to get Mexico and the Space Generation Advisory Council to collaborate in the development of aerospace and aeronautic technology. He remarked that Mexico has the necessary potential to become an economic powerhouse in the space sector over the next few years. According to his analysis, in 2011 Mexico had 238 companies from the aeronautical industry, but since then, this number is estimated to have grown by 20% yearly, employing over 30,000 people. Besides, five years ago, this industry generated US$4.33 billion, pertaining to the manufacturing and supply sectors in Mexico.


SEDENA promotes Mexico's Aerospace Fair (FAMEX) 2017

The Mexican Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) was in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, promoting the upcoming Mexico's Aerospace Fair (FAMEX) 2017, which will take place during April in the State of Mexico. SEDENA recognized Nuevo Leon as one of the States with the most relevance to Mexico's aeronautical sector, as he pointed out that Monterrey's Aero Cluster will have a special place at FAMEX 2017. This event is scheduled for the days between April 26 to 29, and it will be hosted at the Military Air Base Number 1, in Santa Lucia, in the State of Mexico. Besides Mexican authorities, commanders of the Air Forces from 29 countries are expected to attend this event. As many as 240 companies participated in the last edition, and announcements for investment projects worth US$200 million were made.

Source: El Norte

Three Mexican airlines to receive over 120 airplanes from Airbus

Airbus prospects to deliver more than 120 airplanes to three Mexican airlines over the next eight years. The airplanes are models A320 and A321, worth a total US$12 billion investment, for the Mexican operators Volaris, Interjet and VivaAerobus. The Vice President of Airbus Latin America sales, Arturo Barreira, has stated that there are over 120 airplanes to be delivered among VivaAerobus, Interjet and Volaris, both directly and through leasing contracts the operators maintain. Airbus has pointed out that this company is the manufacturer of 60% of all airplanes operating in the Mexico region though the air carriers mentioned earlier.

Source: Notimerica

Tokyo Roki Corporation inaugurates headquarters

Automotive company Tokyo Roki Mexico inaugurated its plant in Guanajuato Puerto Interior, with a US$6 million investment. This company will produce oil and air filters, coolers, catalyzers and internal combustion controllers for cars, thus generating 60 direct jobs. Guillermo Romero Pacheco, Ministry of Sustainable Economic Development, explained that this company is joining a portfolio with other 40 upcoming expansion projects, which will help to maintain economic records above the national average.


Jalisco 2016 exports worth over US$35 billion

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO) in Jalisco, Jose Palacios Jimenez, said that in absolute terms, this increase stands for US$1.94 additional billion, a growth in exports that contrasts with the national behavior, which rates a -3.76% decrease. By sectors, the electronics industry made up 52.1% of the total exports from Jalisco, a US$18.85 billion figure; followed by the material transport industry, with US$6.61 billion, contributing with 18.84%. In third place, we have the food industry products, worth US$2 billion and a 5.81% participation rate, explained the SEDECO officer. Likewise, the main destinations of Jalisco products are: the U.S., The Netherlands, Canada and Germany.

Source: Mexico Informa

Mexican engineer testing satellites from the future

A Mexican engineer is recreating the most hostile aspects of outer space for satellites to survive up there. A constellation of these devices (the size of a tissue box) has the potential of carrying the internet all around the globe and driving giants such as AT&T or Telmex out of the business. Fernando Mier-Hicks, born in Aguascalientes, designed a machine that simulates three conditions from outer space: a zero friction environment, the vacuum (absence of air) and space plasma. The zero friction environment warrants long duration of any movement. It also means that minimal forces produced by the exterior ambient could modify its orientation, explains the Ph.D. candidate, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) aerospace propulsion laboratory. Its vacuum chamber generates nano magnetic levitation (makes satellites float as they would in space). Since the space temperature varies from -10 degrees Celsius (C°) in the dark up to 80 C° in the sunlight, "satellites have to be designed to stand and mitigate these changes", explains Mier-Hicks. In addition, this machine simulates space plasma, that is, particles with electric charge which might be dangerous to satellites' circuits.

Source: Forbes

Celaya expects unprecedented investment in 2017

Celaya, Guanajuato, might capture investment from at least 30 different companies during 2017, with an estimated value of US$500 million, in the metal-mechanics and auto parts sectors, asserted David Orozco, local Director of Economic Development. Orozco informed that most of these companies are coming from Germany and the Basque country. The main attractive of Celaya, said David Orozco, is its strategic location, as it benefits the companies' logistics, since they could ship products anywhere from here.

Source: El Financiero

ODW Elektrik inaugurates plant in Tlaxcala

The newly arrived German Company ODW Elektrik inaugurated its plant, with the presence of executives and the Governor of the State of Tlaxcala, Mariano Gonzalez Zarur. It is located in Xicohtencatl Industrial City, and it was built with an approximate investment of US$325,000 and it will generate 500 jobs once it has reached its full production capacity. The plant will be dedicated to manufacture high quality cable and mechatronics systems for the automotive market. Governor Gonzalez Zarur assured that there is going to be continuity in the incentives, so that more investment comes, with the purpose of generating more jobs, increasing the development and quality of life. He also added that 4 industrial parks have been built, and 59 new companies have become established, from the automotive, construction, food, sectors, among others.

Source: Cluster Industrial

Mexico to receive investment worth US$7 billion after energy reform

The Ministry of Energy, Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, asserted that the Mexican oil sector will receive, starting next year, investment contracts valued at US$7 billion, driven by the reliance on the energy reform. Moreover, this figure is expected to increase significantly, with the tendering for deep waters to be conducted during the month of December, as well as the 2.1 Rounds of shallow waters, Rounds 2.2 and 2.3 of inland fields, which are being conducted now. Coldwell said that it might take from seven to eight years to fully enforce the energy reform. He emphasized that Mexico has a tendering system to grant oil exploration and extraction contracts, comparable to those in the best International practices.

Source: Lopez-Doriga Digital

Hitec inaugurates technology center in Queretaro

Hitec Group inaugurated its new technology center, at the Technology Park Innovacion Queretaro, in the municipality of El Marques, with an investment of over US$250,000. With this actions, the Company is looking to increase its client portfolio and to strengthen the development of equipment and machinery commercialization for the transformation industry, said Luciano Diorio, Director General of Hitec Group. He expressed that the arrival of new automotive and aerospace companies to Mexico has presented entrepreneurs with new challenges, and the products they manufacture today have changed in complexity, precision and quality. This is why he underscores the importance of establishing a work relation with providers that have the technology and the adequate processes to ensure the quality of the equipment.

Source: El Financiero