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Bulletin 776- Friday, October 7, 2016

Yura reinforces employment in Torreon

Ruben Moreira Valdez, Governor of Coahuila, presided over the inauguration of the headquarters of Yura Corporation, with a US$53 million investment and the creation of 4,000 jobs. The State Governor affirmed that this investment was accomplished thanks to the economic promotion tours by the administration, that have resulted in the creation of 130,000 new jobs, surpassing the 100,000 jobs goal for the six year term. Yura Corporation, a supplier of auto parts, harnesses, high voltage connectors and electric components, will be located in a 10 hectare plot of land at the Pyme Park. The coordinated work among the three levels of government has enabled Coahuila to formalize 133 investment projects worth over US$8.8 billion, representing the highest FDI amount captured in the last 25 years.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Coahuila captivates South Korean companies

The Governor of Coahuila, Ruben Moreira Valdez, is presiding over a commercial mission in South Korea, with the objective of formalizing possible investment projects to create more and better jobs in the State. Work meetings with Chair Executives from the automotive sector have been scheduled. These companies are suppliers for Kia Motors, General Motors and Mando. The Coahuila delegation met with the secretary of ProMexico's commercial section in this Asian country, Laura Frias, as well as representatives from two automotive companies that are interested in becoming established in Coahuila, and to such an extent, different areas of the State have been surveyed; moreover, the delegation also met with representatives from a company that produces sustainable energy sources, and who is inquiring about this State.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

4 million vehicles to be produced yearly in Mexico

Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, Head of the Ministry of Economy (SE), declared during the inauguration of the Kia Motors Mexico plant, in the Municipality of Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon, that once Kia has reached its peak production in this plant, 4 million vehicles per year shall be produced nationwide, thus placing the Mexico as the top fifth global automotive producer in 2020. He also reckons that Kia is entering the Mexican market, setting up plant production in a record time in a National market that is currently experiencing rapid growth. Nuevo Leon’s Governor, Jaime Rodriguez, asserted that, with Kia’s arrival, the State has received investment worth over US$1.6 billion in the last six months of the year, earning the State the number one position capturing investment in Mexico.

Source: El Sol de Mxico

Nelson Industrial arriving to Saltillo

Manufacturas Zapaliname (Zapa) just signed a lease with the Canadian firm Nelson Industrial to become established in one of the buildings that are now available at La Angostura Industrial Park. Nelson Industrial is investing nearly US$3 million for its set up, which shall be completed over the nest weeks. Zapa is expected to start sending in equipment by October, to start operations in January 2017 at building 16 in La Angostura Industrial Park, on an area measuring 35,000 square feet. Zapa is part of The Off-shore Group and specializes in shelter services for foreign firms looking to set up operations in Mexico. Nelson Industrial is a firm in the business of design and manufacture of high quality and precision metallic products for clients all over the world, but primarily in North America.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Hirschvogel arriving in Queretaro

The Ministry of Sustainable Development, Marco Antonio del Prete Tercero, confirmed the set-up of Hirschvogel, a Germany-based company from the automotive industry, which will invest US$30 million in the Municipality of San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, and that shall create 200 new jobs. The company recently signed the lease for the construction surface, with an estimated time for completion between 8 to 12 months. Mr. del Prete Tercero mentions that the current trend is to hire superior university technicians, since companies are now looking for profiles of workers that develop certain functions and become more involved in the areas of maintenance, quality control, among other processes.


Source: El Economista

Supplier from Korea now in Coahuila

After reporting the 8,000 new employment positions created in Coahuila during the month of August, in addition to the 136,000 jobs created over time along the current administration, the Governor of the State of Coahuila, Ruben Moreira, just announced the arrival of another capital investment by a Korean automotive company, whose name is not yet to be disclosed, nor the value of the project. Moreira informed that this investment was formalized during the recent work tours of delegations of Coahuila officers from the Ministry of Economic Development, Competitiveness and Tourism (SEDECT) and several mayors, through three Asian countries.

Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Toyota to lay first stone of its Guanajuato plant

The first stone of the Toyota plant in Apaseo el Grande, Guanajuato, will be laid this month of November. This is the complex designed to produce the model Corolla as of 2019, with over 80% of local suppliers. According to the Company, the Apaseo el Grande plant requires a capital investment worth US$1 billion and it will generate 2,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs. Operations will start in 2019 and the first 2020 model will be release around August. The Company's intention is to have a majority of Mexican suppliers. The company decided to become established in Guanajuato thanks to its offer of existing suppliers, even though, suppliers from the U.S. and Japan might also be in order.

Source: Plano Informativo

Hyundae Polytech arriving in Coahuila

The Korean company Hyundae Polytech announced its upcoming opening in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, with an investment valued at US$15 million and 250 new jobs created. The factory shall be set on a 35,000 square meters surface, with the objective of doubling its operations over the first two years. The new factory will start operations next November and will produce 500 tons of rubber components, and an equal number of steel parts for the automotive industry. Governor Ruben Moreira welcomed officially this new investment, along with KS Kim and Kyung Don Choi, Presidents of Hyundae Polytech in Korea and Mexico, respectively, as well as Francisco Son, representative of Mando Corporation Mexico.


Source: Zocalo Saltillo

UMC Electronics arriving in Jalisco

The Japanese corporation from the automotive and information technologies sectors, UMC Electronics Co., Ltd, is arriving into the Municipality of Lagos de Moreno, at the Industrial Park Colinas de Lagos Jalisco, with a US$16.75 million investment and the creation of 1,000 new direct jobs, thanks to the Japan work tour of the State Governor, Aristoteles Sandoval. The President and CEO of the Company, Uchiyama Shigeki, underscored as well, that Jalisco was chosen due to its strategic location, safety and support from the State Government.

Source: Axopolis

Nissan to invest US$21 million in Aguascalientes

NR Finance Mexico, financial partner of the Nissan brand, will invest US$21 million to build new corporate offices in Aguascalientes, which shall contribute to reach the objectives prospected for upcoming years, stated Andres de la Parra, VP, CPO and head of Financial Products at NMAC. This new headquarter construction is expected to bring about nearly 5,000 jobs. The corporation will have two buildings at the Tecnopolo Industrial Park, over a 7,976 square meters surface; besides it will have bio climate design, to reduce energy consumption.

Source: Expansion

Audi Puebla foresees 20,000 units assembled annually

The Audi plant in San Jose Chiapa, Puebla, modified the expected production goal, due to a rebound in the U.S. sales, hence supporting an assemble increase to 20,000 annual units of model Q5, informed Alvaro Lopez Vazquez, leader of the Audi union of workers in Mexico. He also stated that their initial plan was to produce 155,000 units per year, and due to this new set of circumstances, the production is expected to reach 175,000 units, considering to hire a total of 3,700 employees, looking for different level staff, from technicians to managerial positions.


Source: El Financiero

Audi Plant starts operations in Puebla

The first Audi plant for premium vehicles in Mexico, has started operations in Puebla, four years after having announced a US$1.3 billion investment when Mexico was granted exclusivity to manufacture the SUV Q5. Audi is becoming the pioneer manufacturer of luxury vehicles, with an initial assembly of 150,000 units per year from 2017 onwards. According to Walter Hanek, Director for Audi Mexico, a not very favorable point has been the lack of qualified staff for Premium vehicle assembly, situation that prompted the opening of a training center for 3,300 specialized technicians, as well as 136 apprentices of the dual education program, with the purpose of starting up the plant.


Source: El Economista

Cummins is building I+D Re-manufacture Center

Cummins Mexico is getting once again ahead of its competition with the construction of a Global Research and Development Center for innovation of re-manufactured products, which will be ready to start activities next year. The ceremony to lay the first stone to the complex that will shelter robotics, mechatronics and traditional laboratories to develop new systems for cleansing, post-treatment and inverted engineering, gathered several Cummins leaders from all over the world, presided by Jennifer Rumsey, Chief Technical Officer and Todd Wieland, Director of Engineering. "This Center is unique in the world and we will be supporting the development of world-class re-manufacturing. The largest re-manufacturing plant worldwide, as well as the most specialized workers and the most advanced processes, are some of the reasons we had for establishing the Development Center here,” said Luis Acosta, leader of the project.

Source: Magazzine