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Bulletin 772- Friday, September 2, 2016

Nuevo Laredo will welcome two new maquiladoras

Two new manufacturing companies will set up in Nuevo Laredo this year. One is about to start operations and the other is about to close a deal.

Guillermo Fernandez de Jauregui, President of the Export Maquiladora Association, Index, mentions that these are companies dedicated to the automotive sector and manufacturing, however, their names are not to be disclosed yet.

"There are new investment projects, new arrivals, but unfortunately it cannot be disclosed yet, until the project is formalized. There are companies from the automotive sector, the manufacturing sector, that are soon to start, but unfortunately we are not yet in conditions to reveal companies' names or investment amounts", he said.


Source: El Tamaulipeco

54 thousand new jobs created in Guanajuato

With a US$9,200 million investment distributed on 191 new companies and with two new investment projects, the State is receiving new job openings that will benefit over 64,000 families.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development (SDES) reported that since the new economic policy of the State has been effective, 64,400 new jobs in total have been created in the State.

Another factor that has favored this growth is the strategic location of the state, having a radius of 400 km. 80% of the Mexican market has gained influence on the decision of investors, to bring in new capital, both national and foreign.

Source: Somos Industria

Investment from US in Queretaro grows 150%

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) that came to Queretaro from the US during the first half of 2016, has peaked at US$292.2 million, which signifies a 153% increase compared to the same period last year, according to records obtained by the Ministry of Economy (SE).

Five investment projects will arrive to Queretaro within the year. FDI in Guanajuato has grown by 92% during the first semester, while FDI for the auto parts sector grew 80% in the Bajio region.

The United States is Queretaro's main commercial partner, according to authorities of from the Ministry of Sustainable Development (SEDESU) of the State. There are companies from the Northern Country participating in the food industry, automotive and auto parts sector, aeronautics, services and tourism sectors, among others, operating in the State.

Foreign Direct Investment in Queretaro amounted US$596.2 million during the first half of 2016, which represents an annual increase of 38.6%.


Source: El Financiero

6 terminals to be built in the Port of Veracruz

The Integral Port Administration (API) of Veracruz will launch tendering offers to build five terminals before 2016 ends, and another one in 2017.

"We will be launching six tendering offers, one for a fluids terminal, one for bulk minerals, one for bulk agricultural products, one for multiple usage, and one for containers; we will be posting the announcement during the second half of the year, so the tendering shall be delivered in 2017 and might be operating in December 2018. We are planning to open another tendering offer in 2017 for vehicles with a static capacity of 6 thousand to 8 thousand vehicles, with a capacity to move up to 400 thousand cars a year, in addition to the current amount of 1.2 million", disclosed in an interview Ignacio Fernandez, General Director of API Veracruz.

The Port of Veracruz is the most important work of transport infrastructure being executed in Mexico during the present administration, after the New International Airport of Mexico City.


Source: El Financiero

Brazil sees opportunity for investment in the Bajio region

The Bajio region represents a potential niche for investment for Brazilian companies, in sectors like the automotive, agro-industry and aerospace activities, and for this reason, the Mexico-Brazil Latin America Council (Comebra) will seek to increase commercial connections among the States from the zone and the Latin American giant, assured Miguel Ruiz, president of the organization.

He stated that some Brazilian companies carry out manufacturing and technology development processes that can be established in the zone.

In this regard, he said that some manufacturing suppliers in the steel products business, as well as the production of components such as fuel pumps, oil pumps, engine mount cap, among others, might be interested.

"We know all components of these types may have a vast market development area here, with all the automotive plants coming to the State; and Brazil has good technology working in the sector, they already supply many of these assemblers, so it would be easy to become established", he added.


Source: El Financiero

Automotive sector is prospecting to speed up

The Mexican Association of Automobile Dealers (AMDA) estimated that the industry will have commercialized around 126,174 units by the end of August, a figure 14,136 vehicles larger than the one recorded in the same month last year.

Guillermo Rosales Zarate, Deputy Director General of the organization, mentions that it is even "very likely that the indicator will be above 130,000 units".

The estimate from the organization, which represents car dealers in all of Mexico, points out that the expected number of vehicles sold in the eighth month of the year, surpasses the 112,38 units that were sold in August 2015.

Source: 24 Horas

Whirlpool increasing production lines next year

Whirlpool Mexico, one of the main home appliances manufacturer globally, has plans to increase its production lines in all five Mexico factories, three of which are located in Nuevo Leon.In an interview with El Financiero news, Sergio Leme, President of the Company in Mexico, said that the home appliances market in this Country has grown 13% from January to July 2016, compared to the same period in 2015, and if this trend continues, this shall be the first or second year with the most growth in the last 13 years.

The Company is also looking to develop new local suppliers for its Mexican plants, he added.


Source: El Financiero

Heineken invests US$ 37.8 million in Jalisco to produce 2,000 cans per minute

Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma/Heineken Brewing Company will invest nearly US$37.8 million to open a new line of cans' production, primarily for its Tecate brand, as well as a new distribution center in their Guadalajara, Jalisco plant.

The new production line will have a surface of 6,200 square meters, with capacity to make 2,000 cans a minute, or 820 million cans a year. This new production will make cans of six different sizes and 43 different packaging presentations.

The Company is also investing US$378.3 million to build a beer brewing plant in Chihuahua, bringing along 500 new permanent jobs and 2,000 temporary positions.


Source: Forbes

Thyssenkrupp ready to invest a hundred millions in Huejotzingo

With capital investment close to US$100 million, the Germany based firm Thyssenkrupp will expand its Huejotzingo facilities, in order to be able to cover the demand of products by Volkswagen and Audi Mexico, a situation that implies as well an increase in staff, going from 800 to 1600 workers in the short term.

Marco Antonio Ceron, Financial Director of the Firm, informed during the works of the International Simposium "Reto Negocios" in Puebla's University UDLAP, that a few months ago, 13 new hectares were purchased in this Municipality to build this expansion, that shall be dedicated to the front axle production for vehicles from the Volkswagen Group.


Source: Diario Cambio

Assemblers boost growth of industrial parks

More than 11 new plants or automotive investment projects that have arrived in Mexico over the last five years, have boosted the growth of industrial parks all across the Country.

Proof of this is the fact that in the term mentioned, about US$60,000 million capital inflow has been captured, (invested mainly in expansion or construction of industrial buildings), reckons Javier de la Macorra Chavez, president of the Forum & Expo Mexico Industrial Parks' Organizing Committee.

Companies that come to operate in this Country, do so because of the facilities offered here, which include availability of integral services and reduced execution times prior to the startup of operations.

Kia Motors, Audi, Ford and Nissan are listed among the most recent investment projects in Mexico.


Source: El Horizonte

Tupperware investing US$ 10 million in Toluca plant

The household containers manufacturer Tupperware will invest US$5 million this year and US$5 million more during 2017, to modernize its Toluca plant and start producing brand new lines of products.

The Toluca plant, which was inaugurated in 1966, nowadays has 58 plastics injection machines, producing nine lines of products, from the traditional food storing containers, to items with more advanced technologies for refrigerating or baking.


Source: Manufactura

First stone for Us Liner factory set in Coahuila

With the creation of 500 new direct jobs, and investment close to US$ 30.8 million, the company Us Liner, supplier for Utility, will start the construction of its Piedras Negras Plant, located in the "Villa de Fuente" community.

The current government office has obtained record numbers in job creation both in Piedras Negras and Coahuila, with over 130,000 new openings across all regions in the State, thus proving that promoting the State in other countries around the world is yielding good results.

On this regard, Claudio Ramon, President of Grupo Global, affirmed that more companies have been arriving into the State over the last six months, bringing about new jobs.


Source: Monitor Economico

Korean entrepreneurs inquire about Monclova

Representatives of two Korean companies from the automotive sector held a reunion with municipal authorities to present a project to build new factories with capital investment of US$15 million and the creation of 150 new jobs during the first year of operation.

The mayor Gerardo Garcia Castillo offered the businessmen bundle incentives including a payment plan for taxes and reduced fees for the establishment of partnerships.

Before the meeting ended, Garcia Castillo reasserted that the buildings could be installed on lands north of the city, like INFAC Corporation did recently, thanks to the support from the Ministry of Economic Development and the security authorities from the State.


Source: Vanguardia

Volkswagen Mexico to open 490 jobs to produce Golf Variant

Volkswagen Mexico will hire 490 temporary technicians starting this October, to produce its Golf Variant model, after the demand for this vehicle increased, as reported by the union leader, Rey David Garcia Avendaño.

The representative of the Volkswagen Independent Union of Workers of the Automotive Industry (SITIAVW) underscored that the hiring process will be gradual after the third shift has been opened.


Source: El Economista

US$731 million invested to modernize the San Ysidro border cross

An investment of US$731 million will serve the purpose of modernizing the world's most used border crossing gate, the San Ysidro international bridge. The Administration of General Services of the US (GSA) recently disclosed a project which already had its first stage completed and the two following stages shall be done by mid-2019.

Engineer Ramon Riesgo, Border Director for GSA affirmed that the first stage has been completed officially, including the construction of El Chaparral (Ped West) pedestrian building, and the second and third stages of the project are being carried out now simultaneously.

He added that stage two consists on demolishing the old pedestrian building and starting the construction of a new one with greater capacity and smart border cross advantages.


Source: El Financiero