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Bulletin 771 - Friday, August 26, 2016

ITT Motion Technologies invests in Guanajuato

Miguel Marquez Marquez, State Governor, completed the negotiations to establish the Italian company ITT Motion Technologies at Guanajuato Puerto Interior, in Silao. The Company will create 300 new jobs, with a US$60 million investment. ITT is a leading company in the production of brake pads and friction components for both the public and private transport markets, as one of the main automotive OEMs globally. Production is estimated to start in April 2017, with 1.7 million units, with expectations to reach a 20 million piece production by 2020. The production might be double during the second stage of the project, peaking at 40 million components towards 2021. Continental, in San Luis Potosi, as well as TRW and Mando are among its main clients.


Source: Monitor Economico

Guanajuato attracts investment by Volkswagen

Due to the growing demand for engines originated by the three new production lines of Volkswagen in North America and the fact that the Silao factory, in Guanajuato is considered in the expansion plans of the company for future investment, the Governor of Guanajuato, Miguel Marquez Marquez, visited the VW production plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. Back in Silao, the Company has a plant to produce last generation internal combustion gasoline engines, Turbo Stratified Injection (TSI), with a US$840 million investment, and a staff of over 1,200 people, upholding a capacity to produce 330,000 units annually.



Mazda makes car number 400,000 in Guanajuato

After two and a half years of operation, the MMVO Mazda Mexico Vehicle Operation in Salamanca, Guanajuato, reported the production of vehicle number 400,000, which is a Mazda3, destined to the Colombian market. “In Japan there is much talk about this plant and the work carried out here, especially after achieving production goals in record time”, weighed in Chiharu Mizutani, President and CEO of MMVO. He remarked that vehicle number 400,000 is the result of the sustained work from 5,200 Mexican and Japanese staff members that are part of the organizational structure he has been directing since March last year.



Baja California is looking to attract more investment from France

Baja California Government officers received the visit from the ProMexico counselor in France, Jose Guillermo Garza-Garcia, to start negotiations conducting to the arrival of more investment from Europe, looking to increase the number of French companies in the State. Barbara Ruelas Quintero, Director of Investment Promotion of the Ministry of Economic Development of Baja California, informed that there are currently 10 French manufacturing companies from the aerospace, medical products, IT, electric-electronics and chemical products sectors which uphold over 7,500 jobs. On the other hand, Garza-Garcia explained that there is also the possibility of establishing synergy relations to export agro-industrial products, as Mexican wine and traditional beer have much appeal for the French market.


Source: El Economista

Ciudad Juarez will export to Malaysia and Taiwan

The Juarez-based company Seisa, just reached an agreement to start shipping catheters made in this city, out to Taiwan and Malaysia. This was accomplished thanks to a strategy made by ProMexico's counselors visiting Ciudad Juarez from Asian regions who also expressed that there is great a high demand for medical products overseas, thus opening a new market for the Firm. Carlos Alberto Yates, Director of ProMexico Chihuahua, said that a mission to promote products for export is fully planned. Jose Flores, ProMexico's counselor in Malaysia, added that there is high demand for meat products, as well as electronics and auto parts, in this Asian region. The Japan-based officers opened a new scheme to trade auto parts, as this is one of the strongest segments in the zone.


Source: El Diario

Aguascalientes welcomes investment by Donaldson

Aguascalientes Governor, Carlos Lozano de la Torre, presided the ceremony of the First Shipment of Power Core Panel from the Donaldson plant, which has successfully set up a second plant, expanding its Distribution Center and starting operations in the new production line for Power Core filtration systems, with an investment of almost US$39 million, creating 979 formal jobs. On the other hand, Guillermo Briseño Deibert, VP of Donaldson Latin America, underscored that the Power Core product line uses state of the art filtering technology by this global company and this plant manufactures products that are not made anywhere else in the world, which elevates the potential for exporting into Asia and Europe as well as the U.S. and Latin America, from Aguascalientes.


Source: Monitor Economico

Goodyear to start operations in San Luis Potosi in 2017

The Goodyear plant will start production in San Luis Potosi by mid-2017, to cover 30% of Mexico's automotive market, including the assemblers that are getting established into the State, informed the Ministry of Economic Development, Gustavo Puente Orozco. This tire factory is already a supplier to General Motors, BMW and Ford. The company will produce 6 million tires and rubbers per year. Richard J. Kramer, President of the Administration Council and General Director of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, disclosed that the latest technology will be used in order to manufacture high added value tires (HVA), with an investment of US$550 million. This project will generate 1,000 direct jobs, 5,000 indirect jobs, while fostering the uprising automotive industry supply chain in Mexico, and particularly in San Luis Potosi.


Source: El Financiero

Korea wants to invest in Yucatan

The Ambassador of the Korean Republic in Mexico, Chun Beeho, expressed there is interest among businessmen from his nation, to expand the collaboration and investment projects in Yucatan, specifically in the industrial sector, hospital infrastructure and medical equipment. During a reunion with the Governor of Yucatan, Rolando Zapata Bello, the diplomat said he is confident that the Korean company Kogas, will be able to complete project to supply both the industrial and domestic sector in the State with natural gas, and a plant might be opened in the region in the future. Yucatan is undergoing a re-industrialization process with the arrival of important companies that will create thousands of jobs and will improve current infrastructure.


Source: El Economista

Quintana Roo will export organic honey to the U.S. and Europe

The Quintana Roo bee keeping industry will export 864 tons of organic honey to the U.S. and the European Union, rendering the State as the primary producer of this natural sweet in Mexico. Luis Gonzalez Flores, Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (SEDARU) in Quintana Roo, indicated that 351 bee keepers from 41 communities in the municipalities of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and Jose Maria Morelos, are going to export their production, which shall bring about economic out pour of up to US$2.9 million. Apis Alimentaria will be the company to manage this product's exports, strengthening the State's bee keeping industry, thus increasing the product's profitability and getting Quintana Roo to participate directly in the international market of high quality honey exports.


Source: El Financiero

3M invests US$1 million in the automotive sector

Gayle Schueller, General Director of the firm and Paul Madden, VP of the global scale automotive division for 3M, will inaugurate an Automotive Technology Center in Mexico City, which will have a US$1 million investment. The Center is a 160 square meters laboratory with 54 working associates. Here, 1,000 products will be made, with applications ranging from manufacturing and assembly to post production repair and maintenance, such as the blackout film for vehicles' windows. Ms. Schueller also comments that there is a process called Customer Inspired Innovation, which is devoted to developing custom-made solutions for clients. Engineers and designers from 3M Mexico have registered 416 local inventions, out of the 106,000 total all over the world.


Source: Milenio

Israel, the country that is investing the most in Jalisco in 2016

Jalisco obtained FDI for a total amount of US$1.56 billion during the first half of 2016, granting Israel the title of the country that has brought most investment into the State, accounting for 41%, equivalent to US$641 million, disclosed Jose Palacios Jimenez, Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO). 48% of the FDI investment captured, was contributed by new investment projects by companies coming to set up in the region and boost employment. US$647 million will be allocated for the pharmaceutical industry, US$290 million for the automotive sector and US$193 million for the electronic, mainly.


Source: Axopolis

Dendron Aluminum lays the first stone to its Derramadero plant

Dendrum Aluminum Corporation laid the first stone to its new headquarters at the Alianza Derramadero Industrial Park, in Coahuila, with a US$15 million investment which will create 250 new jobs, informed Jose Antonio Gutierrez Jardon, Ministry of Economic Development, Competitiveness and Tourism. Grupo Magna has been responsible of supporting this project, to expand and develop its supply chain, hence helping the firm to substitute its imports and lower its costs. The new plant will be devoted to specialty aluminum forging for the automotive sector.


Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Argentina shows interest in Jalisco

Daniel Chuburu, Ambassador of Argentina, expressed to Aristoteles Sandoval Diaz, Jalisco Governor, that this is an attractive zone to develop technological projects. During the meeting, the Head of State reasserted his commitment to establishing future collaboration between Jalisco and Argentina to innovate in the productive sector, the creative industries and culture. The Argentinian Ambassador expressed its interest to start cooperation in new niches that will contribute to improving networking between States, for example the exchange to collaborate with new technologies in the agave production and elaboration of its derived products.


Source: Axopolis