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Bulletin 769 - Friday, August 12, 2016

Martech Medical Products 25th anniversary in Mexicali

David F. Markel and S. Tim Schweikert, CEO and President of Martech Medical Products, respectively, visited their Mexicali manufacturing operation at PIMSA to celebrate their 25th anniversary, bringing about the consolidation of new projects. The management team recognized associate Antonia Hernández for her 25 years working in Martech. Melbry García, Human Resources Manager, said this celebration is also to recognize people who have been in the company for decades because thanks to them and the new employees, the company is stable and capable of providing continuous stability for many families. With 15 years in Martech, Ruben Godoy, Logistics Manager, mentioned he started when they were just one hundred and fifty employees. The workforce now accounts for almost one thousand three hundred people and they hope to continue growing from 15 to 20% each year.


Source: PIMSA

The U.S. and Netherlands investing in Baja California

Companies from the U.S. and Netherlands announced investment projects in Baja California, to expand existing collaboration agreements and their operations in the State. Corporations Esterline and Honeywell will expand their business units in the State, while Legado Verde has a plan for forestation. Esterline, that manufactures electronic equipment and sensors used for the aerospace industry, has an expansion project valued at US$35 million that shall create 300 job openings. On the other hand, Honeywell Aerospace will invest US$15 million in air tunnel technology for its Mexicali plant. Legado Verde, from Netherlands is assessing a forestation project for 180 kilometers of drains and gutters in Mexicali, as well as the reforestation of 2,000 hectares in Sierra de Juarez mountains, where over a million trees will be planted, using European technology.


Source: El Financiero

New Delphi plant arriving in Sinaloa

Delphi will build an expansion of its factory located in Ahome, Sinaloa, with a US$65 million expenditure and almost 4,000 new job openings, announced Francisco Labastida Gomez de la Torre, Ministry of Economic Development of the State of Sinaloa. Construction works might start as soon as September and October, he added. The State officer reports that this new building is much larger than the original, with state of the art facilities. Besides, another plant in Guasave will be inaugurated, with a US$10 million investment.


Source: Cluster Industrial

Ford and Jose Cuervo join forces to create bio plastics

Ford Motors Company will start developing bio plastics from agave, to replace petrochemicals in the auto part production of its vehicles (both interiors and exteriors), which will yield more environmentally friendly, sustainable units and better energy savings For this reason, Ford signed an alliance with Tequila manufacturer Jose Cuervo, to further explore the usage of a sub product of the agave plant; agave fibers will be used in Ford's auto parts. This is a very promising material, due to its durability and esthetic qualities, which is why it is going to be used for interior and exterior components of Ford vehicles, such as harnesses, A/C units, and storage compartments.


Source: El Economista

Manufacturing in Durango, Mexico

Manufacturing companies from the U.S., China, and all over the world are establishing business operations in Durango, Mexico in increasing numbers. This newly discovered city is now being revealed as Mexico’s best kept secret.One of the largest states in Mexico, Durango is strategically positioned between the country’s vibrant economic hubs in Mexico City and along the U.S. border. This positioning offers businesses access to the best Mexico has to offer as a manufacturing-for-export destination of choice.

Durango’s economy has blossomed into a vibrant and diversified place of commerce since the ratification of NAFTA in the early 1990s. There are now hundreds of manufacturing and assembly facilities (maquiladoras) located throughout the State. Industries investing in Durango include: Automotive parts, textiles and electronics. Some of the companies investing heavily in manufacturing operations in Durango include: Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Delphi and Honda.


Source: TECMA

Automotive industry will invest in Queretaro

Guillermo Vega Guerrero, Mayor of San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, confirmed that three companies from the automotive sector are interested in investing in the area, since belonging to the Bajio industrial corridor is among their plans. The companies are originally from Asia and might soon apply investment that could further strengthen both Queretaro's economy and regional supply chain. Mr. Vega Guerrero also added that the Municipality of San Juan del Rio shall report entrepreneurial investment worth US$162 million this year, thanks to the arrival of Multipack Corporation, that brought about a US$27 million investment and 700 new openings at three plants that will be located in the new Industrial Park.

Source: MexicoXPORT

Japanese companies looking for suppliers in Nuevo Leon

A group of 11 Japanese companies established in Mexico, attended business meetings with  suppliers from Nuevo Leon, with the objective of integrating Mexican companies into their value chain, with prospects of purchases over US$100 million, in turn reducing raw material imports from Japan, said Fernando Turner Davila, head of the Ministry of Economy and Labor (SEyT). According to Mr. Turner, 11 Japanese companies participated in business meetings, including Denso, Toto, Mitsuba, Hamaden, Panasonic Energy, NGK Ceramics and Toyota Tsucho, all of them with presence in Nuevo Leon; besides Mitsubishi Electric, Mikuni Corp, Showa and E&H Precision, with operations in Queretaro, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato and Aguascalientes, respectively. 

Source: El Financiero

Queretaro will attract 40 companies

The opening of 40 new companies from the automotive, aerospace, food and financial services industries, is expected in Queretaro by the end of the year, with an estimated add-up of US$2.7 billion being invested, affirms the head of the Sustainable Development Ministry, (SEDESU), Marco del Prete Tercero. According to the Ministry, the process of attracting new firms into the State has been accelerated, as 28 companies have been welcomed over the first seven months this year. Queretaro has been receiving investment from the U.S. and Europe, while looking to secure other investment projects by Japanese firms. According to the General Direction of Foreign Investment of the State's Ministry of Economy, FDI totaling US$180.5 million was brought into the State, out of which US$65 million are from brand new investment projects.


Source: El Economista

Del Monte will build mega avocado plant

Fresh del Monte Produce is preparing the construction of the largest and most modern avocado packaging plant in Mexico. Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh, President and General Director of this affiliate Del Monte Company, disclosed that the construction will be completed by 2017. The value and location for this investment project have not been announced yet. On the other hand, the Director also announced that total sales of the company reached US$1.08 billion during the second trimester of 2016. Avocado sales added up to US$58 million, 15% more than the same period in 2015.


Source: Reforma

Argentina is looking to invest in Puebla's automotive sector

Argentina's Government seems interested in invest Puebla's automotive sector, informed Michel Chain Carrillo, Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism, who met with potential investors from this country. Besides, the objective of such reunions, that were also attended by Jose Cabalan Macari, head of the Ministry for Competitiveness, Labor and Economic Development (SECOTRADE) in Puebla, have the objective of strengthening commercial bonds with Argentina. This South American country has found potential to invest in Puebla's automotive industry, especially in the supply market, as this country is a gateway to enter into this sector in South America.


Source: Cluster Industrial

Heineken plant moving forward in Chihuahua

The Government of Chihuahua and representatives from the brewing company Heineken, assured that the opening project of the plant in the Municipality of Meoqui, Chihuahua, will start on September 2017. Executives from Heineken-Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma met with different State and Municipal officers in charge of following up the investment project for this plant, which is valued over US$397 million. Eusebio Reynoso Razo, Director for the Heineken Meoqui project, mentions that the beer market is expanding nationally is expanding, which is why they saw the opportunity to make this capital investment without further delay.


Source: El Diario

Guanajuato exports US$8.8 billion

Guanajuato exported merchandise valued at US$8.8 billion during the first five months of this year, and US$6.8 billion out of them, that is 77% of the total amount, was contributed by the auto parts - automotive sector. According to the Coordinator of Promotion to Foreign Commercial Exterior (COFOCE), 226,139 vehicles were exported in that term, reaching a US$4.49 billion worth. There is a total of 128 export companies from the sector, located in 18 municipalities, which maintain 49,405 jobs and manufacture goods that are sent out to 75 different destinations. Out of these exports, General Motors contributed 57.38% of the total value (US$3.9 billion). Whereas GM, together with Mazda and Honda, represent 73% of total international sales within the sector. The second most relevant export activity in Guanajuato is agri-food, which reached foreign sales of US$568.64 million, followed by the metal mechanic industry, with US$420 million.


Source: El Financiero

Strong commercial relation Mexico - Chile

The relation existing between Chile and Mexico is going through a good time, thanks to ongoing processes for regional integration, explained Diana Castaneda, Commercial Counselor of ProMexico in Santiago, Chile. The Pacific Alliance (PA) has further nurtured this relation, as it has eliminated 92% of customs duties between these two parties, besides Peru and Colombia. There are also plans to permit free circulation of people and money. Exports from Mexico to Chile added up to US$828 million within the first half of the year, while imports totaled US$37.9 million. The PA is one of the most relevant regional commerce blocks in a global scale, and considering its potential for commerce and business, the exchange is just taking off.


Source: Reforma