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Bulletin 767 - Friday, July 15, 2016

Nueman Aluminium to invest in Jalisco

Austrian Company Nueman Aluminium, specialized in the development and production of high quality aluminum components, will start operations at the Colinas de Lagos Industrial Park, in the Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, this upcoming month of January 2017, with a US$2.5 million investment and 500 direct jobs. This is the first company to become installed in this Industrial Park. Entrepreneurs had a walk-by in the Municipality, as they are considering to set up here and further inject capital to this area. Doctor Grupp, one of these executives, disclosed plans to start building later this year and start producing by the beginning of next year. This will be the first activity in Mexico of the Company, which has been successfully operating in countries such as the U.S., Canada, Germany, Norway, Austria, Slovakia and China.


Source: Cluster Industrial

Germany brings investment from Brazil into Mexico

German companies are going to re-direct their Brazilian investment into Mexico. "Now, Mexico is gaining relevance for German companies, due to its good conditions for foreign investment and its qualified labor force with certifications equivalent to those from any industrialized nation" expressed Gerhart Reuss, coordinator of the Expo Made in Germany. Germany will start exploring sectors such as the pharmaceutical, electric and chemical industry, said Mr. Reuss. According to official data, Germany has invested about US$4.5 billion in Mexico in the last three years, and this amount might be doubled soon, since the projects to be developed within the next three years are valued roughly in US$10 billion.  There is also investment directed to ongoing projects, particularly from the automotive sector, with companies like Audi, BMW, and Daimler-Nissan. According to reports from the Ministry of Economy, Germany invested US$500 million in Mexico during the first three months of this year, compared to the US$59.6 million invested during the same term last year. 

Source: Reforma

Electronic Industry doubles investment goal in Jalisco

The Electronic industry is planning to invest US$300 million in Jalisco this year, twice as much as prospected at the beginning of 2016, with nearly 5,000 new jobs created so far. Investment is aimed at improving machines, equipment and expansion of plants for the various companies of this sector. According to Cesar Castro, President of the Mexican Chamber of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Industry (CANIETI), an important favorable factor is the depreciation of the Mexican Peso compared to the Dollar, and regarding the Electronics sector, Mexican manufacturing companies are more competitive than foreign ones. This amount includes investment by Flextronics, Plexus, HP, IBM, Sanmina and Jabil.

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BMW starts construction of its new plant in San Luis Potosi

The first stone to the new BMW plant in San Luis Potosi has been laid, and investments of nearly US$1 billion are expected by 2019. Oliver Zipse, Production Director with the Firm, announced that Mexico will have the most technological and equipped factory of the Group around the world. The BMW Model 3 Series Sedan will be assembled here, its best-selling vehicle worldwide, which is going to be distributed across the NAFTA region. BMW will produce 150,000 units per year and will employ over 1,500 direct workers, involving 120 local suppliers.

Source: El Economista

Texas investors are looking at Nuevo Leon

The Ministry of Economy and Labor of the State of Nuevo Leon, informed that at least 15 executives from Texas, belonging to different sectors, have expressed interest to invest in future projects within the State. Samuel Peña Guzman, Sub-secretary of Investment and Industrial Promotion, and Hugo Gonzalez, General Director of the Development Corporation for the Border Region (CODEFRONT), disclosed the signing of an agreement to promote exports from Nuevo Leon to Texas and boost local supply chain among companies from different sectors in Austin and San Antonio. The sectors that appeal the most to foreign investors in Nuevo Leon, are: automotive, manufacturing, energy, food, and home appliances.


Source: El Horizonte

Vesta will build a new industrial park in Queretaro

Industrial developers Vesta purchased 102 hectares of land in Queretaro, valued at US$12.4 million, to build a new industrial park under the name of Vesta Park Queretaro I. During its initial phase, the Company will spend US$80.7 million to prepare 167,000 square meters of leasing area. The Company has developed 500,000 square meters of industrial buildings in Queretaro, with a total investment of US$270 million. Vesta will accelerate the process to lease the available spaces with the objective of duplicating these figures, with a positive outlook to increase its baseline offer of industrial buildings in Queretaro by 60% within the next four years.


Source: El Financiero

FCA Mexico inaugurates new headquarters in Monterrey

FCA Mexico just re-inaugurated its Car One Santa Lucia Agency, in Monterrey city, with the distinguished presence of Bruno Cattori, President and CEO de FCA Mexico, hence meeting the goals for consolidation and expansion of the Company's Network of Distributors. Car One Santa Lucia is taking on the new concept of multi-brand dealership with FCA Mexico, with integrated sales and post-sale operations of the various brands of the Group, such as Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat y Mitsubishi Motors, in just one location. All the diagnostic equipment, tooling and last generation facilities, will be available in workshops measuring over 6,000 square meters; while the Auto part warehouse will have a surface of over 2,000 square meters.


Source: FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Italian company arriving in Guanajuato

The first Center for Product Research and Development, Training and Production of New Raw Materials belonging to the Italian Company Ferrero Rocher America, has arrived in Guanajuato, announced Miguel Marquez Marquez, Governor of the State, who detailed that "This investment was made to expand the Company's facilities and it is of major importance, since it will benefit not only neighboring communities, but the whole region, with the objective of providing training to suppliers, discovering new possible raw materials, and developing new products". Paolo Cornero, General Director of Ferrero Mexico and Central America, remarks that the Group's strategy is aimed to improve nutrition, freshness and safety of foods, considering the needs of the people that have contributed and are still contributing to the history of the group, mindful of the welfare of the communities where the Group operates.

Source: Monitor Economico

Peruvian SMEs looking to work with Mexican manufacturing

Peru's Government officers are working to have at least 12 companies, mostly SMEs, enter into the Mexican manufacturing value chain for the automotive, touristic, and mining sectors. Blanca Magali Silva Velarde-Alvarez, Foreign Commerce and Tourism Ministry of Peru, held a meeting with entrepreneurs in Mexico, where she discussed in detail how global value chains supported by the Pacific Alliance (PA) within industrial sectors such as automotive, touristic and mining, can be complemented with supplies from SMEs in Peru. The Official Peruvian Business Office in Mexico (OCEX) remarks that the liberation of 92% of import tariffs, with the enforcement of the Pacific Alliance, will drive the growth of the Peruvian automotive industry in Mexico, which is currently receiving US$11 million worth in auto parts from Peru, where government officers are working to increase by 50% this figure over the next two years.


Source: El Empresario

Company from India inaugurates plant expansion in Jalisco

Information Technology Company HCL, based in India, recently inaugurated the premises to its third business expansion in Jalisco. The expansion hosts the Global Center of Operations and it brought about 425 new job openings to provide near shore solutions to the international market and services in different areas of operation for various clients from U.S., thus entering into the Latin American market and increasing its global market participation. HCL currently has over 700 employees, but there are prospects of having a staff of 1,500 people in Jalisco within two years.


Source: Axopolis

Michelin arrives to Guanajuato

Leon Guanajuato's Mayor, Hector Lopez Santillana, stated that the French company Michelin, from the automotive sector, will install a plant at the Industrial Park Leon Bajio (Pilba) in August, with prospects to start operations in 2017, producing 5 million tires a year, for vehicles and light trucks for the North American, European and Asian markets.US$700 million have been allotted to this purpose, and 1,500 new jobs will be created, thus supporting the economic diversification process in the Municipality.  Mr. Lopez Santillana underscored that "The Michelin plant will be installed this year, making this the first company to arrive in the Municipality, out of 10 that have been engaged by this Office to invest in Leon's Industrial parks".

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EMLinQ in Mexicali

EMLinQ, supplier of advanced electronic manufacturing services for OEMs of telecommunications, computer, military and aerospace systems, consumer electronics and medical supplies industries, will expand its operations at Parque Industrial Palaco, over the summer this year, with a 25,000 square feet building. The executives at EMLinQ selected shelter services by Ivemsa, as this firm understands and proposes solutions to specific demands by the Company, said Alfredo Garcia, Ivemsa VP of Operations. EMLinQ is planning to create 80 additional direct jobs in Mexicali during its initial stage. This expansion project has the vision of growing its export market and supply to the local industry.


Source: Siglo 21

Bosch, looking to increase production in Aguascalientes

Bosch Mexico expanded its plant currently operating in Aguascalientes, from 25,000 to 35,000 square meters, to multiply the production of new generation braking systems, as ABS is going to be mandatory for all new cars in Mexico starting 2018. Gerhard Steiger, President of the Chasis Systems Control division in Bosch, said that US$8.5 million were invested in the project and US$33 million total have been invested over the last three years and 250 jobs have been created, adding to a total of 1,000 active jobs. Besides, there are other investment projects pending for approval for US$56.6 million, to be executed between 2017 y 2019, aimed to produce new generations of electric and hydraulic braking systems, also in Aguascalientes.


Source: El Financiero