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Bulletin 704 - Friday-March 13, 2015

Brembo will expand its facilities in Escobedo

The Italian auto brake manufacturer Brembo will invest US$83 million in its Escobedo plant, announced Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz, Governor of Nuevo Leon. According to the state´s administration, after this investment, applicants to the 510 new occupations available will receive training in Apodaca. It is estimated that the plant will begin its initial production by 2016 and it will be fully operational by the end of 2018. The smelter will have a melting capacity of 14,000 tons and the machining will produce 2 million aluminum calipers per year. The plant will cover an area of 31,500 square meters.

Source: El Economista

Texas and Coahuila strengthen business relationship

During the Mexico-Texas Business Forum 2015 held in Austin, Texas, important business relationships were consolidated for Coahuila in the industries of technology, energy, transportation and building. According to Mario Ricardo Hernandez del Bosque, Chairman of Ciudades Hermanas de Saltillo, the synergy with Austin involves significant actions also in the entrepreneurial context. Recently, the Mexican Association of Entrepreneurs in the U.S. held a forum where the positions of the economic scenario of Mexico with Texas border were defined. The event was attended by Senator Ernesto Cordero, and Rogelio Montemayor, President of The Mining and Oil producing Cluster of Coahuila, who spoke about the benefits and challenges the early start of exploration and exploitation of shale gas signifies to Coahuila. Mr. Hernandez del Bosque agreed with exhibitors that property regularization is needed as well as avoiding over regulation, and organization of all the areas comprising the strip of shale gas.


Source: Zocalo Saltillo

Bajio region, main automotive investment destination: Lintel

Due to its geographical location and low cost of land, about 500 international companies are seeking to establish themselves in the Bajio region. These companies are European, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Lebanese, said Lintel, the developer of industrial parks. Ricardo Betancourt, President of Lintel, during his visit to the Puerto Interior Industrial Park in Silao, Guanajuato, said that about 90% of companies operating in the Bajio belong to the automotive industry and the rest is divided into the sectors of electronic parts, consumption and health, among others. Lintel said the Puerto Interior Industrial Park, is at its maximum capacity and within the next two weeks the Colinas de Oriente Park will be launched in the south of the State, and it will host between 30 and 50 companies of the automotive industry. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), Guanajuato is the seventh entity that contributes the most to GDP, with a 4% contribution, while industrial activity of the state recorded last November an annual growth of 11.6%, the eighth highest in Mexico.


Source: Milenio

Queretaro expects the arrival of two firms

The municipality of San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, has recieved two investments this year and there are four more companies interested in settling in the region, announced the mayor Fabian Morales Pineda. "We are pleased to announce that two companies have already acquired a ground. We are waiting to give the announcement of two new investments in San Juan del Río, through the Ministry of Sustainable Development along with the state government", said the Mayor in an interview. The investment amount will be disclosed with the official announcement. Last year, the San Juan del Rio´s industrial sector recorded an 8% growth above the estimated 5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the state average. Mr. Pineda Morales said that in the past two years, private investment in the municipality totaled US$482.7 million.


Source: El Economista

UK recognizes Mexico as an investment destination

During the U.K. work tour of the Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, authorities acknowledged Mexico as a trustworthy destination for business investment, tourism, trade and academic exchange alike, so this year’s activities will focus on improving the existing good bilateral relation and lay a solid foundation for mutual cooperation in the future, to boost economic growth. The issues covered included the promotion of free trade as a catalyst for economic growth and development, as well as agreements to strengthen cooperation in economic, educational, cultural, energy, tourism and environmental matters. Also, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreed to work with the Group of 20, in promoting an open and transparent global economy. In addition, a credit line of up to US$1 billion might be granted to Pemex by the Credit Guarantee Department for Export U.K. to fund the purchase of goods and services provided by companies that do business in the U.K.


Source: El Economista

Mexico will attract Italian investments

The Italian group SACE (credits to ensure exports and investments abroad) is reportedly working on new projects totaling US$93.4 million in Mexico, where it already has a portfolio valued US$1.13 billion. "The best growth opportunities will be in the segment of automotive components, (driven by demand from the United States) of renewable energy and technologies for the exploitation of offshore deposits", established the company. Currently, Italian sales to Mexico have reached a total of nearly US$3.1 billion and are mainly concentrated in the areas of instrumental mechanics, metallurgy and transport. According SACE, the country will offer increased opportunities not only as a productive hub, but also as a target for exports. The Government´s liberalization plan has contributed with the positive picture of the country, in a wide variety of sectors, to diversify the economy and strengthen industrial development, stated the firm.


Source: Manufactura

Investment for Chihuahua, to be announced

The State Governor, Cesar Duarte Jaquez said that the President Enrique Peña Nieto will announce the US$471.6 billion investment for the installation of a company in the State. They reported that the new company will be located in the municipality of Meoqui where, few years ago, the brewer Femsa started operating. The Governor said that current violence issues have to been worked out through better education.


Source: El Diario de Chihuahua

Lear first stone placed in Tlaxcala

Mariano Gonzalez Zarur, Governor of Tlaxcala, accompanied by Lear Corporation executives, laid the foundation stone of this factory, which will be installed in Xicohtencantl II Industrial City, in Huamantla, with a US$25 million investment, and plans to start operations by March 2016 and generate 400 jobs. The company is a car seats and electrical components manufacturer. Lear supplies companies such as Audi and Volkswagen; it has a presence in 36 countries and Mexico has a strong workforce of 49 thousand employees in 12 Mexican states.


Source: Tlaxcala en red