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Bulletin 702, Friday, February 27, 2015

New British investments arriving to Mexico

The British community has set sights on different sectors of the Mexican economy, with upcoming millionary investment announcements during next March’s visit of President Peña Nieto to Britain, revealed Andrew Morris. In Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, the newly appointed consul general affirmed that the interest of British businessmen in Mexico is greater now than it was ten years ago, prompted by the structural reforms and the positive all-around dynamics. This income will benefit several regions in the country with the arrival of new companies, as much as the expansion of existing capacities. These are companies belonging to the energy, automotive, pharmaceutical financial and aerospace sectors. “The British government is exerting an important effort to promote the emergent industries among British companies, aiming to diversify foreign markets, not only in Europe or the US, but also within a wider scope of exports and in that sense, Mexico is a major option” commented the consul. In England, he asserted, Cemex and Gruma are the leading Mexican companies, as well as Metalsa, with its established partnership.


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Tamaulipas steps up to become Mexico’s logistic hub

During a work tour through Altamira, the governor Egidio Torre Cantu and the General Coordinator of Mexico’s Federal Docks and Merchant Marine, Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa, together with Mexican and foreign entrepreneurs, abounded on the relevant investments this municipality is capturing, which is why this is becoming the fastest-growing logistics center in all of Mexico. “The Altamira dock is in an expansion phase, IP and Public instances are investing jointly US$800 million in harbor infrastructure alone, with a commitment to turn Matamoros into a major operation center by 2016, disclosed Ruiz de Teresa, as he laid the first stone to build Altamira’s main motorway, a project valued over US$20million. Afterwards, they attended an inspection of the 8,500 pluvial sewer for Altamira’s industrial dock. The governor Torre Cantu and the general Coordinator of Docks, set the first stone to the Silkimya factory (a silica producer) from Venezuela, investing around US$50 million. They were also recently overseeing the Absormex CMPC Tissue’s factory expansion works, which stand for a US$120 million investment of Chilean capital.


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Kurashiki makes its way into the automotive sector

Over the next five years, the Japanese company Kurashiki Kako, installed in the Queretaro Industrial Park, will increase its staff from 50 to 300 employees. The firm estimates to have revenues of over US$33 million by 2020, considering that Nissan, Hitachi and Mazda México Vehicle Operation are its main clients. Other than Japan, Kurashiki Kako has factories in China and Thailand. Global profits of the company add up to US$350 million, with a labor force of 2,300 people


Source: El Economista

Bosch expanding in Chihuahua

The German auto part manufacturer Robert Bosch announced the expansion of its two plants located in the Rio Bravo Industrial Park, in Ciudad Juarez. Werner Struth, member of the directive board of Bosch Group in Germany, informed in a press release that both Ciudad Juarez’s factories will be expanded, as more production lines will be installed, as part of an expansion plan with investments of US$160 million over the course of four years (2013-2017), which also expects to create 1,600 jobs. Mr. Struth stressed that Ciudad Juarez is an optimal logistics location, with recognized-efficiency labor force and its short distance to the border, to ease their products’ forwarding to the U.S.


Source: El Diario

Auto parts supplier Mikuni expands its plant in Tamaulipas

With a US$9 million investment, officials of the Japanese Mikuni, led by Hisataka Ikuta, President of Mikuni Corporation Japan, announced the expansion of its industrial building located in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. The increase in maquiladora activities will focus on the manufacture and assembly of auto parts for internal combustion engines and injection plastic parts. The production will be directed to the U.S. and Mexico markets and 150 occupations will be created. The inauguration was attended by Monica Gonzalez Garcia, Secretary of Economic Development and State Tourism (SEDET); Takashi Kashihara, President of Mikuni Corporation; Kazuyuki Miyata, President Mikuni in Mexico; Yasuyuki Hirayama, CEO of Aioi Nissay Dow; Satoshi Fujimori, Rinosa Bank representative; and Hideki Kashimoto, President of Mikuni America.


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VW foresees US$1 billion investment in Puebla in 2015

Volkswagen Mexico will spend a billion dollars to expand its plant, located in Puebla, confirmed Juan Pablo Jimenez Concha, Delegate of the Ministry of Economy. The official explained that the resources that the German company will invest in Puebla are oriented to the production of one of the firm’s models, which be introduced by early 2016. "This investment will generate many job openings and will attract more funds from other Volkswagen´s suppliers", explained Mr. Jimenez Concha. He said that the Federal Government has granted facilities to Volkswagen Mexico in order to support its growth, and added that federal resources will also benefit local companies to acquire the latest technologies so they can become suppliers to the automotive business.


Source: El Financiero

BMW will manufacture the 3 Series at its plant in San Luis Potosi

The new plant that BMW Group Mexico will install in Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosi, will assembly the 3 Series line, said Alfredo Monroy, Manager of purchasing, logistics and chain supply. This plant will have an expected installed capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year from 2019 and on, and aims to reach US$5 billion procurement to domestic suppliers. The 3 Series new generation will be manufactured globally to be initially marketed in Germany by 2018 and subsequently introduced into China and South Africa, projecting its introduction to the Mexican market by 2019. This announcement is relevant due to the current sales of this line, a total 476,792 units in 2014, growing over 2% from 2013 annual sales volume of 467,672 units. Alfredo Monroy stressed that the level of purchases from suppliers in Mexico will rise from US$1.9 billion to nearly US$6 billion, escalating from 121 to 250 local supplying companies who met the German VDA standard in order to become part of the BMW value chain. This will represent the creation of between 15,000 and 17,000 additional jobs.